3 Steps to Choose What to Wear this Summer

I’m gonna show you how to choose some basic outfits to wear this summer!

I usually choose what to wear using my CYOU app and noticing the outfits that make me feel better. You can do the same with outfit pics you like, that you find on the Internet or magazines.

Then I use variations of those outfits.

So here are…

3 Steps to Choose What to Wear This Summer:

  1. For a week or two get  inspired by your favorite photos to recreate some outfits for you.
  2. Notice the outfits you like best – easy to wear, comfortable and make you feel good – and what are the main pieces of each.
  3. Keep wearing your favorite outfits, with different pieces.

I’ll show you how I did it for me:

Step 1: Here are some outfits I’ve chosen lately using the app

3 Steps to choose what to wear this summer


How to Wear a White Dress (Trends)

One of the wardrobe basics is a white dress.

It goes well with everything because… it’s white :)

And it’s also one of the trends of the season, there are lots in stores!

If you buy a lace or embroidered dress, like the one in the photos, you can wear it with sneakers or flats sandals and a denim jacket to make it more casual for day to day.

To make it more sophisticated wear it with high-heeled sandals or metallic flat sandals and a black leather jacket or boyfriend blazer.

You can add a belt to show your waist and make the dress shorter.

They key to making it work is choosing the dress that fits you well, that you love and makes you feel comfortable.

how to wear a white dress trends


Why Giving Up is Proof You’re on the Right Track

hbz-celeb-transformations-ciaraWhy do you give up?

It’s not because what you want is impossible for you, in fact it’s just the opposite…

Today I have a post written by my sister, Rita. She is a talented life coach and I asked her to do some posts for our community. Hope you like it!

On the 1st of January we are determined to change our lives.

On the 3rd, we will start on Sunday.

On the 15th, we acknowledge being unable to follow through any resolution we make, and by the end of the month, we have given up on ourselves.

And this tends to happen year, after year, after year.

Resolutions are triggered by the rare and inspiring moments that show us a glimpse of whom we can become, the very best version of ourselves.

At that overwhelming sight, fear of never becoming wins over faith in fulfillment, and so 3rd quickly crawls in, 15th arrives, and by the 31st we are rapidly released – and relieved – from the overwhelming mountain we must choose to journey through, to become our very best selves.

It takes a brave person to look – eye to eye – the person one is today, and the person one wants to become.

The distance between one and the other is directly linked to how fast we want to give up.

When we have the courage to stare at that distance, we are willing to embrace our responsibility, and free to lead our lives.

Giving up is, in…

How to Wear Black Shorts (Lingerie Style)

Want a comfortable, easy to wear and stylish piece?

Then you’ll love black shorts in a fluid fabric!

And to look a bit trendier, choose ones with lace, lingerie style.

I bought these at Zara and they’re spectacular, super comfortable (check them out in the pics below).

You can wear them with t-shirts, blouses, shirts, loose knits, leather jackets, denim jackets, bombers, etc. They look good with boots, ballet flats, sandals, sneakers, etc.

Here’s a way to use black shorts

(with another of the season’s trends, bomber jackets, that I’ve spoken about here):

I also love the jacket because I love oriental patterns (I lived 4 years in Macau and I think that had a lot of influence;)) and the tank top because it says this sentence:

“Whatever you do, being yourself at last. Trust your instincts and inspire others. Get up 2576 times.” – I think these are some of the keys to be happy!

how to wear black shorts lingerie 2

how to wear black shorts lingerie 4

how to wear black shorts lingerie 5

how to wear black shorts lingerie 6

how to wear black shorts lingerie

All clothes: Zara
Ankle Boots: HotIce
Paste: a gift from my grandparents ;)



P.S. I’m thinking about making a new program, and I’d love to know…

The Essential Brushes for a Gorgeous Makeup

A great makeup can totally change the way you look and feel… and having the right brushes is essential for a good makeup!

Today’s post is from the awesome Natália Costa, who has a blog I love, about makeup, fashion and beauty. It’s called Skin at Heart and you can see it here.

So here are…

The Essential Brushes for a Gorgeous Makeup

Melissarae_z_brushesOne of the things that I am mostly asked is: what brushes do I use and what are the makeup brushes of brushes that every girl should have on her makeup bag? The brushes will depend from person to person and what each one likes to do. I love to enhance the eyes and have discrete lips. I chose my makeup brushes based upon that. You don’t need a full brush set, as long as you can make some magic with the ones that you have.


So for the face I have two brushes:

  • one for powder and/or bronzer and
  • one for blush

When I wear foundation, I apply it with my fingers. I also use the fingers to apply highlighter unless it’s a powder version and in that case I use the powder brush.

The powder brush should be plushy so that it can easily reach the whole face.

Some people use the powder brush as a blush powder as well. I prefer to have another brush for the blush because I use it everyday and I like to make the color…

What to Wear to Exercise in Style

9c2490f505063b49019ae7b822ce8354Do you like sports?

Then this post is for you!

Wearing cute sports clothing gives you more energy and more desire to workout :)

Clothes help with a lot. As a friend of mine says: “Buying new clothes is better than therapy.” ;)

And the truth is it makes us feel better about ourselves, it inspires us and others who see us and makes everything more cute, fun and interesting.

In my Step classes I have some colleagues who always have cute outfits and one of the things I like in the classes is to see how they are dressed ;)

The best sports clothing is comfortable and has good quality. Those very thin leggings let everybody see everything underneath, so they’re not ideal ;) They’re also not so comfortable and last less time.

It is essential to have a good sports bra – and now you can choose several cute models that look good under large tanks. You can wear loose t-shirts or tanks.

Sneakers should have high quality so you can do your best.

I love sports and found out that H&M has a sports collection with cute pieces at a better price than other brands.

Here are some …

Exercise Pieces and Outfits from H&M

what to wear to exercise in style


The Best Piece for the Mid-Season: T-Shirts

What’s the best piece for the mid-season ?

T- shirts!

T-shirts have a lot of advantages:

  • They look great with everything: skirts, pants , more formal or casual clothes
  • You can use then at almost all occasions (except a very formal party or wedding, although some people use them even there…)
  • They are ideal for the cold/hot/cold mid-season weather: in the morning and end of the day, when it’s cold, wear your t-shirts with a light cardigan or jacket (leather, denim, bomber, blazer, etc.) and in the afternoon you can take off your jacket and get comfortable for the warmer weather.

Today I went to Zara Online to search for T- shirts, since I tried going to some Zara stores and I only found one I liked ;)

I looked for simple and basic t-shirts because I know they’re the ones I end up using more – they go well with everything and you don’t get tired of them very easily…

Here are the ones I ordered:

The Best Piece for the Mid-Season t-shirts

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