Three Factors to Have Lots of Style (that Aren’t Related with What You Wear or Your Image)

Do you know Vanda Miranda?

She’s one of the people who do the morning radio show in one of the best radios in Portugal: Rádio Comercial. To tell you the truth, she’s my favorite :).

And although I don’t know what she wears or how she looks, I’m sure she has lots of style!


Because of the way she is. Because I can “see”, just by the way she talks on the radio, that she’s confident and feels great about herself! And also that she’s kind to other people.

So, here are 3 important factors to have lots of style:

  1. Liking yourself: this is pretty obvious, because if you don’t like yourself, you don’t have the will to “spend” in yourself the time, energy (and money) it takes to look the way you like.
  2. Trusting yourself: to trust yourself you need to listen to yourself, so you know what you want and like. If you don’t trust yourself you’ll probably devalue the way you look as being something unimportant (because you’re following other people’s rules, instead of your own.)
  3. Being kind to other people: This may seem less obvious but have you noticed that “beauty really is in the eye of the beholder” ? When someone doesn’t treat you or others nicely, you don’t like her very much and she also starts looking less cute and interesting.

And there are a lot of other factors who aren’t directly related with what you wear or your image that give you lots of style, like a smile, for example…

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Four Things that Make ALL The Difference in Your Image

Two days ago I saw two photos that amazed me! And I’ve seen a lot of image makeovers ;)

But I know why this transformation is so big…

Have you noticed everything that changes?

Look at the photos and see if you can find the 9 differences: :)


Photos: Mariana Monteiro (VOGUE PT)

Here’s the solution:
1. The hair colour
2. The hair length
3. The hairstyle
4. The eyebrows colour
5. The eyebrows shape
6. The makeup
7. The top style
8. The top colour
9. The skin tone

Here are 4 things that make a huge difference in your appearance!


Your hair is, without a doubt, the most important one. If you want to love your style you need to have a hairstyle that is you and that is the best for your face shape, your type of hair, your lifestyle, etc.


Makeup also makes a big difference. First because it changes your skin tone and the glow and look of your skin. It gives you a healthier and beautiful look. Next because it can change your face and your style: define your eyes and call attention to them, wearing a red lipstick, etc.


This is one of the basics. Your eyebrows make all the difference. They shouldn’t be to thin and if they’re the correct shape, they change everything.


A chicer top in the right colour makes her look more sophisticated.

Now I want to give you some great news!

In my Stylish EveryDay program, I talk about all these things in detail. And I’m offering 3…

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Stylish EveryDay is Open for Enrollment


Stylish EveryDay is live!!!

And you can finally join us!

To check out all the details and see if the program is the right thing for you, click here. After entering, click the “Next Level” image/button.

You deserve to feel fabulous and confident every day! And if you can do it easily, with Stylish EveryDay.

Here’s the page to see all the details and join us (remember to click the “Next Level” image/button after entering):

Everything about Stylish EveryDay

Lots of love,

P.S. Here’s a quote I love from Jim Rohn: “The problem with waiting until tomorrow is that when it finally arrives, it is called today. Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. The question is what did we do with its opportunity? All too often we will waste tomorrow as we wasted yesterday, and as we are wasting today. .. until we inevitably discover that the things that might have been have slipped from our embrace a single, unused day at a time.”

Here’s the link to know more about SE

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Discover Your Favorite Style (and a Different Method to Be Very Stylish)

Do you want to discover your favorite style?

And learn a simple (and a bit controversial) method to have the style you’ve always wanted?

Then you’ll like the third video from the free video series!


In this video I’ll show you the method that helped me change my style and that I still use to learn everything about styling. It’s a method that can change the way you learn about everything ;)!

I’ll also show you a bit of what happens behind the scenes: you’ll see how I use my method to choose an outfit I love to go out at night with my husband.

You’ll also discover what’s your favorite style!

Discovering (and creating) your own style is the fourth of the 7 Steps to a Fantastic Style. You’ll never feel amazing or comfortable with what you wear unless it’s YOUR style!

Here’s something I’d like you to know:

Women who take care of their images and styles have more self-esteem, success and better opportunities.

And all women can look fantastic!

To know how to have the image and style you’ve always wanted, watch the third video of the free style course.

Lots of love :)


P.S. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the video, I’d love to know your opinion!

P.P.S. To learn the other three of the 7 Steps to a Fantastic Style join the free style course here.

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How to Create a Perfect Wardrobe (and Look Fashionable, Easily)

Today I’m gonna talk more about….

The 7 Steps to a Fantastic Style

Here are the next two steps:

Step 2: Create a Perfect Wardrobe

A perfect wardrobe is magical because it helps you create amazing outfits easily. Instead of making you think, each time you open it: “I’ve got nothing to wear.”

How is this kind of wardrobe?

  1. It has all the basic pieces (appropriate for your lifestyle, work environment, etc.)
  2. It only has pieces that you love and look great on you
  3. It’s organized so you can see what you actually have

If your wardrobe is a mess, full of pieces that don’t interest you and you don’t have the basics, making cute outfits becomes a difficult, frustrating and to be sincere, pratically impossible experience ;).

Step 3. Keep Looking Fashionable, Easily

To look fashionable you need to know what are the fashionable basics and which ones are ideal for you!

In the second video of the quick style course you’ll learn the…

Second and Third Steps to a Fantastic Style: Create a Perfect Wardrobe and Look Fashionable


You’ll learn which are the 20 essential basics (classic and fashionable) and also how to look fashionable easily and without spending hardly anything (if you don’t want to ;)), every season.

Yes, it’s possible!

Here’s the link to watch the video: How to Rock Your Wardrobe

Lots of love,

P.S. If you haven’t watched the first step to a Fantastic Style (Dressing to Flatter Your Body), you can watch it here.

P.S.S. In the…

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Improve Your Style with 7 Easy Steps (Quick Free Style Course)

post 1 en 2For many years I thought that I wasn’t meant to look stylish…

“Because I wasn’t born stylish…” and some other wrong ideas ;)

But now I know that nobody is born stylish and all women can learn how to have it!

Here are some problems that may be stopping you:

  • You think you should know how to dress well by yourself and when you can’t you feel frustrated…
  • When you’re getting dressed (or when you go shopping), you don’t know what clothes suit your body or the ones that make you feel comfortable and cute.
  • There are some pieces that are timeless classics (certain types of patterns, fabrics and cuts that will always be in style). But you don’t know them (or how to find them).
  • You can feel like fashion moves very fast, which makes you feel insecure about what to buy and wear.
  • You know as well as i do that the celebrities we see in magazines like glamour or vogue wear expensive brands. Sometimes they’re clothing is made or tailored specifically for their bodies. And many times they have stylists who dress them. But you’re probably working within a budget and you feel it isn’t enough.

That’s why I bet you would love to know that there is a way to have amazing style no matter where you purchase your clothes and without the help of a stylist!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if:

  • You could always be stylish without having to always be updating your wardrobe?
  • You knew…
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How Your Style Improves Your Life

how your style improves your life lena penteadoDo you love luxurious things?

Well, who doesn’t right?

For me, luxury is part of comfort, and feeling comfortable is part of one of the most basic human needs – certainty. To feel certainty we need to feel safe and it’s hard to feel safe if you feel uncomfortable, right?

Well, now you may be thinking that you don’t need to feel luxurious to feel comfortable, but it really takes it to a whole other level.

My mother remodelled her living room recently with Filu, an interiors architect, and it’s so comfortable and luxurious that the first time I entered the room I didn’t even feel at ease. I felt like… This room is too good for me, I don’t belong in such a beautiful place… Weird right?

But then I got used to it, and now when I enter that room I love it so much that I feel like a queen :) I can stay there all day feeling amazing just by being so comfortable and seeing so much beautiful things all around me.

The other day I was listening to Gina DeVee speaking about how she would deny her love of style, clothes and a luxurious lifestyle just because she thought that wasn’t important enough… that she felt great spending money with self-development products, books, and other “important” stuff but she felt guilty about spending money in clothes or accessories. But then she realised that she needed to…

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