Ideas for the New School Year

I hope you had a great vacation!

Mine were great because I rested and also had lots of fun :)

When the new school year starts I always feel like buying some cute pieces for my kids (and also for myself ;)).

Don’t you feel the same way?

One of my favourite stores is Zara because it has a lot of basic and trendy pieces and you can find everything there: from accessories to shoes. Yesterday I went to Zara and it had lots of amazing pieces.

Lately I’ve been going a lot to Springfield and Stradivarius also. But if you go shopping, the ideal is to go to lots of stores and see what you like best.

Here are some of the pieces I loved at Zara, for children and women!


ideas for the new school year woman

ideas for the new school year woman 2

ideas for the new school year woman 3

ideas for the new school year woman4

ideas for the new school year woman5

ideas for the new school year woman6

ideas for the new school year woman9

ideas for the new school year woman10

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Great Holidays!!! and How to Pack for the Beach/Pool


I’ll be on vacation in August, can’t hardly wait ;)

Between launching Stylish EveryDay and the life coaching course I’m taking, it was a year with lots of work and also lots of good things.

I loved teaching the style course in Stylish EveryDay, it ended last week. CONGRATS to all the amazing women who did it and invested in themselves :)!

Before going on vacation I wanted to share this article from the blog, because it’s a question I get a lot:

Packing for a Beach Vacation in Style (and Beach Vacation Packing List)

I hope you have lots of fun and do everything you love!

“See” you in September :)

Hugs and kisses


P.S. I’ll share some photos on instagram, of cute places and fashion, of course ;)

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What to Wear to the Beach or Pool

Want to look amazing at the beach or the pool?

In that case, read on!

The first thing you need to do is wearing great looking outfits :)

It’s easy and it gives instant results!

The second thing you need to do is, of course, take care of your health by exercising and eating healthy foods. A healthy body means beautiful and healthy skin.

The third thing is creating a happy life because nothing makes you look more amazing than being happy!

Here are some outfits for the beach or pool:

  • Playsuits
  • Cute dresses
  • Shorts + Short loose tops
  • Mini denim skirts + tank tops
  • Tunics
  • Kaftans
  • Loose knits

And don’t forget the Accessories

They make all the difference.

  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Colorful bracelets
  • A big bag
  • And so on

Here are some suggestions:

what to wear to the beach or pool


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Why You’re Afraid of Being Stylish

why youre afraid of being stylish

If you’re reading this, I know you like fashion and style.

But I bet that deep down, you have some fear of being stylish.


Because of the prejudice our culture has about it.

Although I always loved fashion and clothes, all my life I heard phrases like:

  • “The way you look outside doesn’t matter, what matters is what’s in the inside”
  • “Why do you worry about futile things?”
  • And so on

You get the picture…

For me, that was very negative because I heard a lot of critics to one of the things I like the most, and people saying that what interests me has no value.

It isn’t easy to assume, in this culture we live in, that fashion and style interest you.

It’s not easy to wear what you want to, because you’re probably afraid of the critics.

It’s not easy to express yourself and show who you are without fear, by your choice of clothes, hairstyle, makeup, etc.

But, it’s essential!

If you want to know yourself better, if you want to be free, if you want to respect yourself and if you like fashion and style, don’t give up on being who you are just because of what other people will think.

In the end, the only thing that matters is what YOU think!

In the comments below tell me:

Are you afraid to express your style? Have you been criticized about it? How do you deal with critics to what you wear? I’d love to know!


P.S. I’m…

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Get Inspired: Looks of the Week

Today I’m in one of those days – I’m feeling really sleepy and tired… ;)

Probably because I woke up at 6:30 am to go to a yoga class and I was working until 12:30 pm to finish one part of my style course :)!

So this week I decided to do this simple post, with a selection of cute looks to wear in Summer.

Easy to replicate and to wear!


This is a perfect look to wear to an event during Summer: a flowers dress, leather jacket and high-heeled sandals.


Photo: Devon Rachel


Sneakers are a must have this season and they look great combined with skinny pants and a blazer.


Photo: Collage Vintage


Denim Shorts look great with feminine tops like this one. And you can take some risks and wear a see through top just with a bra. Wearing lots of rings is a very stylish trend right now.


Photo: Lovely Pepa


Photo: Lovely Pepa


Denim + Denim always looks trendy. And it can work if you know how to mix it up. Here’s a great example!


Photo: Man Repeller

What do you think?

Would you like to wear one of this looks? Which one and why?

Lots of love,
Have a great week!

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How to Wear Denim Shorts: Wardrobe Basics

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 11.49.48

Denim shorts are one of those pieces you absolutely need to have in your closet, for Summer.

They’re very stylish and they look great with every top (as long as it isn’t longer than the end of the shorts, of course ;)), so they’re very versatile!

And if you don’t want to show your legs, you can choose knee-length shorts.

I love to wear denim shorts with a chic blouse, like in the photo above, because it makes a very cool contrast. Especially with flat boots ;)

Easy Styling

  • If your shorts are pretty short, wear them with loose tops and flats, so you don’t look too sexy.
  • Very short shorts are great, but reserve them for the beach and weekends.
  • Another option is boyfriend shorts, which are a bit more relaxed and loose. They look great with short loose tops and you can also wear them with tighter tops.


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The Easiest Piece to Wear to a Party

the easiest piece to wear to a party 2Do you usually buy dresses?

If not, why?

Do you think that they won’t look good on you or you don’t even remember that’s an option for you?

I used to think like that, a few years ago…

I mostly wore pants and tops.

And I didn’t know how to choose a dress or how to wear it…

But after discovering that there are LOTS of dresses in stores and that a LOT of them look great on me, I started loving them and now they’re one of my favourite pieces, especially in Summer.

And of course, they’re the easiest piece to wear for a party, because they always give you a feminine look, more chic and sophisticated. You just need to choose some shoes (sandals, pumps, sophisticated ankle boots), a clutch and you’re ready to go!

Last weekend I went to my father’s anniversary, in the country. I was packing my bag and I started thinking about the usual phrase:

“What am I going to wear?”


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