One Thing that May Stop You From Having the Style you Want

11033063_286220384902186_1898044561_nIn my search for my personal style, my perfect job and my perfect life, I found out that following our own dreams isn’t always easy and in fact, it can be very hard.


Well, I think these are the two main reasons:

First, because some of your dreams probably won’t fit into the mold of what others think is best for you (or for them) and of what society established is best for all of us. So you’ll be chasing this dream alone, and you’ll have to deal with being criticized, or sometimes even ridiculed.

Second because you’ll probably be taking the path less traveled, so you won’t have many friends around you to discuss your questions, problems and challenges.

11098692_431659186997974_1247769421_nSince I decided to start following my heart and do what I really desire I had my share of successes and defeats. I should be sure the defeats are temporary because, if I’m following my heart, I must be doing the right thing! And that’s how I think, some of the time…

But the truth is… it’s not that easy. Because of that negative part inside that keeps trying to convince me to give up, making me believe that I’m not good enough to have what I want, I’m not enough to live the life I’ve imagined and it isn’t even the best thing for me. Here are some of the questions I ask myself when I’m “under the influence”…

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Trends: How to Wear Adidas Superstar Sneakers

Don’t you love that name?

Adidas SUPERSTAR sneakers!

I want to buy them just because of the name ;)

I did the article about how to wear sneakers last week, and you can wear these sneakers exactly as the others.

I noticed that people love to combine the adidas superstar sneakers with black, white and grey clothes, and jeans. But as you can see in the pics below, you can wear them with all the colours.

Here are some suggestions to wear them:

adidas superstar sneakers

adidas superstar sneakers 1


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How to Wear Sneakers in Spring

Do you like comfortable shoes?

I bet you do :)

One awesome trend this year is… sneakers! Because they’re probably the most comfortable shoes in the world… especially running sneakers.

I confess that sneakers have been my go-to shoes during the whole winter and I’m going to keep wearing them in Spring because they’re super comfortable, look great with almost everything and I can go for a quick walk whenever I want (without my feet hurting) :)

Easy Sneakers Styling

  1. They’re a sporty piece so combine with at least a classic or chicer piece so you don’t look too casual.
  2. Wear with short socks. If we can’t see them, even better.
  3. Sneakers are flat shoes so avoid wearing them with long tops or tunics, so you don’t look shorter.

How to Wear Sneakers?

This was a question I got from Filipa, a while ago.

Well, it’s very very easy because they look great with skinny jeans, skinny/slim pants and leggings, skirts, dresses and shorts.

Here are some ideas:

Skinny Jeans, Skinny/Slim Pants and Leggings

The combo sneakers + jeans, ripped pants or leggings is very casual so wear it with a more classic piece like a shirt, blazer, feminine blouse, sweater or leather jacket. Other skinny or slim pants look great with t-shirts.

how to wear sneakers for spring 2015 skinny jeans


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How to Look Stylish with Knee-Length Skirts and Dresses

Have you noticed how most bloggers wear super cute MINI skirts and dresses?

And it looks like you can’t look stylish with a knee-length skirt or dress?

That’s why I love this new blog I discovered recently:

Because Merrick usually wears knee-length skirts and dresses and looks awesome!

She also has some great looks with skinny pants, and I love her shoes :).

Here is some inspiration from her blog:

Knee-Length Skirts/Dresses

It turns out that it’s really easy to wear knee-length skirts and dresses with style: you just need to choose a cute skirt or dress and then wear it as you would wear a mini version ;)

See some options below!



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Three Factors to Have Lots of Style (that Aren’t Related with What You Wear or Your Image)

Do you know Vanda Miranda?

She’s one of the people who do the morning radio show in one of the best radios in Portugal: Rádio Comercial. To tell you the truth, she’s my favorite :).

And although I don’t know what she wears or how she looks, I’m sure she has lots of style!


Because of the way she is. Because I can “see”, just by the way she talks on the radio, that she’s confident and feels great about herself! And also that she’s kind to other people.

So, here are 3 important factors to have lots of style:

  1. Liking yourself: this is pretty obvious, because if you don’t like yourself, you don’t have the will to “spend” in yourself the time, energy (and money) it takes to look the way you like.
  2. Trusting yourself: to trust yourself you need to listen to yourself, so you know what you want and like. If you don’t trust yourself you’ll probably devalue the way you look as being something unimportant (because you’re following other people’s rules, instead of your own.)
  3. Being kind to other people: This may seem less obvious but have you noticed that “beauty really is in the eye of the beholder” ? When someone doesn’t treat you or others nicely, you don’t like her very much and she also starts looking less cute and interesting.

And there are a lot of other factors who aren’t directly related with what you wear or your image that give you lots of style, like a smile, for example…

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Four Things that Make ALL The Difference in Your Image

Two days ago I saw two photos that amazed me! And I’ve seen a lot of image makeovers ;)

But I know why this transformation is so big…

Have you noticed everything that changes?

Look at the photos and see if you can find the 9 differences: :)


Photos: Mariana Monteiro (VOGUE PT)

Here’s the solution:
1. The hair colour
2. The hair length
3. The hairstyle
4. The eyebrows colour
5. The eyebrows shape
6. The makeup
7. The top style
8. The top colour
9. The skin tone

Here are 4 things that make a huge difference in your appearance!


Your hair is, without a doubt, the most important one. If you want to love your style you need to have a hairstyle that is you and that is the best for your face shape, your type of hair, your lifestyle, etc.


Makeup also makes a big difference. First because it changes your skin tone and the glow and look of your skin. It gives you a healthier and beautiful look. Next because it can change your face and your style: define your eyes and call attention to them, wearing a red lipstick, etc.


This is one of the basics. Your eyebrows make all the difference. They shouldn’t be to thin and if they’re the correct shape, they change everything.


A chicer top in the right colour makes her look more sophisticated.

Now I want to give you some great news!

In my Stylish EveryDay program, I talk about all these things in detail. And I’m offering 3…

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Stylish EveryDay is Open for Enrollment


Stylish EveryDay is live!!!

And you can finally join us!

To check out all the details and see if the program is the right thing for you, click here. After entering, click the “Next Level” image/button.

You deserve to feel fabulous and confident every day! And if you can do it easily, with Stylish EveryDay.

Here’s the page to see all the details and join us (remember to click the “Next Level” image/button after entering):

Everything about Stylish EveryDay

Lots of love,

P.S. Here’s a quote I love from Jim Rohn: “The problem with waiting until tomorrow is that when it finally arrives, it is called today. Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. The question is what did we do with its opportunity? All too often we will waste tomorrow as we wasted yesterday, and as we are wasting today. .. until we inevitably discover that the things that might have been have slipped from our embrace a single, unused day at a time.”

Here’s the link to know more about SE

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