How to Have the Best Holidays Ever

ddffe789125533faf77bf94a25ef7321This was my problem with the holidays:

I kept saying yes to things I didn’t want to do because:

  • It seemed like the “right” thing to do,
  • People could be disappointed or angry if I didn’t do what they asked,
  • I should be kind and sympathetic to people (even if that meant being unkind and disrespectful to myself)
  • I should think of others before I think of myself.

And that was supposed to make me feel great because I was this perfect and good person who always thinks about other people first. The problem is… there aren’t perfect, always good persons, for obvious reasons ;)

This is called lack of boundaries, the inability to say NO.

And this only leads to one thing: you feeling completely depleted, tired, overwhelmed, desperate, angry, resentful, and so on.

Once upon a time I was this YES woman who always said yes first and thought about it later…

It always seemed like the correct thing to do and I didn’t even check my calendar. Sometimes I tried to think about it for a while (can I really do it?), but my answer was: “I probably can but if I can’t I’ll call you later”.

So I started feeling “abused” because of this. But the truth is I was the one abusing myself. If you know someone who will always say yes, who will you turn to when you need some help or something done? Yeah, you guessed it :)

Now I’m not the YES woman anymore, and I’m…

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What to Wear This Winter: Shopping Ideas + Looks of The Month

Is it cold already where you live?

Here in Portugal it’s getting really cold!

So I’m sharing 5 looks for different occasions, with great pieces to wear (and buy, if you don’t have them yet ;)) in Winter.

Casual (Weekend)

Over-the-knee boots are super warm and very stylish. They’re really trendy this winter. Buy them in black, camel or grey.

what to wear this winter weekend shopping ideas sincerely jules

See the original post to buy these pieces


In this look you can replace the sandals for black ankle boots or sneakers and the blazer for a warmer cardi-coat, heavy cardigan or coat.

Leather pants are a Winter must-have because they’re warm, chic and stylish. They go well with different fabrics, just avoid wearing leather + leather. They’re also a bit sexy so they look great with loose, casual tops.

what to wear this winter casual chic

See the original post to buy these pieces


Sneakers are a really easy and comfortable piece, so it’s great that they’re in fashion for real. And they look great with everything!

what to wear this winter easy sincerely jules

See the original post to buy these pieces


A black leather skirt is a great winter basic. You can wear this with black opaque tights too.

what to wear for winter chic

See the…

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What to Wear for Christmas and New Year 2014

What are you going to wear this Christmas and New Year?

I love dresses because they always look great and feminine.

The holidays are a great opportunity to wear them. You only need one piece to look awesome :)

I have a lot of suggestions below and the great part is that they all look amazing with black opaque tights and black ankle boots (with flat or high-heels). Just add a fine cardigan and leather jacket or fur coat, and you’re ready to go! If you don’t have some of these pieces to combine with the dresses, take this opportunity to buy them because they’re essential wardrobe basics, which you can wear for every occasion.

Here are the dresses, most of them are classic pieces that won’t go out of fashion.

Designer Dresses (Net-a-Porter)

If you can’t afford these dresses (YET ;)), get inspired and look for similar ones in other stores.

what to wear for christmas and new year 2014 5

M Missoni Stretch-jersey mini dress: €205


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How to Buy a Gorgeous New Bag

Wanna know how to buy a bag you adore?

There’s only one secret really…

If you can’t afford the real thing (and who can?), get inspired with the cutest designer bags, and search for a similar one.

There’s a lot to choose from, and you can get inspired in blogs (PurseBlog) or designer sites (Louis Vuitton).

Here’s an example:

I love the “Magnolia Lockit” from Louis Vuitton. But because it costs approximately $4000, the best solution is buying a good leather bag, similar to this one ;)

Magnolia Lockit pics





Vuitton New Lockit 1 Jessica Alba

Lots of love!

P.S. Did you like this post? Don’t forget to share it!

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How to Always Have Time to Look Amazing

Lately some of my amazing clients have been telling me how they feel like they don’t have time to invest in their image and style because they have so much going on in their lives right now.

And I can totally resonate with them, because that’s exactly how I felt a few years ago… like I didn’t have time for anything.

Now I feel like I have time for everything because, as odd as it may seem, the real issue isn’t time at all. We all have the same amount of time in our lives and it’s only how you choose to spend it that makes the difference between living the life of your dreams… or not.

You actually “create” time in your life by setting your goals and priorities, and if one of your goals and priorities is your image and style, and you really realize the value of spending time on that, you’ll make time for it, I can assure you ;)

So, what’s the value of investing your time on looking great?

You should definitely ask this question to yourself and write what comes up for you but here are…

Three Benefits of Taking Time to Look Great

  1. If you’re here, you obviously love fashion and style and when you’re spending time doing something you love, you feel valued, respected and happy.
  2. Investing time in your image and style is a part of self-care and extreme self-care builds extreme self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence.
  3. If you love fashion and style I bet you also love art…
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Mid-Season Outfits for Several Occasions (with Changes for Winter)

It’s getting a bit colder here in Portugal, but it’s mid-season and the temperature is still quite good…

But I know that in other parts of the world, like in New York, the weather is really cold already (a friend of mine lives in NY and, a few days ago, told me that it was 5ºC there, and it will start snowing soon ;)).

So I’m gonna give some tips to change these outfits from mid-season to winter. It’s quite simple and you can see more tips in this post: How to Dress Warm and Fashionable.

So here are this month looks:

5 Mid-Season Looks


This is a very simple look: skinny pants with knee-high boots and a knit. Instead of a trench coat you can wear a warmer coat, parka or fur coat. A scarf is also great to warm your neck and great to avoid colds ;)

mid-season outfits 4


A very simple outfit with jeans and a large crew neck knit in a great neutral tone – beige. If the weather is cold wear ankle boots instead of pumps.

mid-season outfits 2


One of this season’s street style trends are COMPLETELY ripped jeans like the ones in the photo. They’re ideal for the weekend – not for work for obvious reasons :)

Even for the weekend you should combine these jeans with chicer pieces like pumps or high-heeled ankle boots or with embellishments so it doesn’t look too…

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How Confidence Improves Your Style

how to improve your style by being more confidentDo you feel confident ;)?

You probably already know that confidence is one of the most important qualities to be stylish.

And that’s true for several reasons!

If you have confidence in yourself, you naturally do certain stuff that improves your image and style, like:

  • You only wear an outfit if you feel really good in it.
  • Even if you wear something different (and not even trendy), if you wear it with confidence because you’re certain you like it and it looks good on you, you look cute.
  • You’ll have more courage to take risks and experiment new things (including outfits, makeup, hairstyles, etc.) and eventually find out what looks better on you.
  • You’re able to know yourself better and you pay attention to your intuition, which makes you personalize your style more and more, taking into consideration what you love.
  • Confidence gives you good posture which not only makes you feel better but also look cuter and more interesting.

How can you improve your confidence?

Here are 3 ways:

1. Improve your self-esteem

If you don’t like yourself, it’ll be very hard to feel confident. A great way to improve your self-esteem is to start listening more to your intuition, understand what you really want in your life and act to start doing that. You can make small or big changes. For example: you always wanted to learn how to surf? That’s easy, just find a place where they teach it and enrol to learn. You don’t like leaving…

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