The Essential Brushes for a Gorgeous Makeup

A great makeup can totally change the way you look and feel… and having the right brushes is essential for a good makeup!

Today’s post is from the awesome Natália Costa, who has a blog I love, about makeup, fashion and beauty. It’s called Skin at Heart and you can see it here.

So here are…

The Essential Brushes for a Gorgeous Makeup

Melissarae_z_brushesOne of the things that I am mostly asked is: what brushes do I use and what are the makeup brushes of brushes that every girl should have on her makeup bag? The brushes will depend from person to person and what each one likes to do. I love to enhance the eyes and have discrete lips. I chose my makeup brushes based upon that. You don’t need a full brush set, as long as you can make some magic with the ones that you have.


So for the face I have two brushes:

  • one for powder and/or bronzer and
  • one for blush

When I wear foundation, I apply it with my fingers. I also use the fingers to apply highlighter unless it’s a powder version and in that case I use the powder brush.

The powder brush should be plushy so that it can easily reach the whole face.

Some people use the powder brush as a blush powder as well. I prefer to have another brush for the blush because I use it everyday and I like to make the color…

What to Wear to Exercise in Style

9c2490f505063b49019ae7b822ce8354Do you like sports?

Then this post is for you!

Wearing cute sports clothing gives you more energy and more desire to workout :)

Clothes help with a lot. As a friend of mine says: “Buying new clothes is better than therapy.” ;)

And the truth is it makes us feel better about ourselves, it inspires us and others who see us and makes everything more cute, fun and interesting.

In my Step classes I have some colleagues who always have cute outfits and one of the things I like in the classes is to see how they are dressed ;)

The best sports clothing is comfortable and has good quality. Those very thin leggings let everybody see everything underneath, so they’re not ideal ;) They’re also not so comfortable and last less time.

It is essential to have a good sports bra – and now you can choose several cute models that look good under large tanks. You can wear loose t-shirts or tanks.

Sneakers should have high quality so you can do your best.

I love sports and found out that H&M has a sports collection with cute pieces at a better price than other brands.

Here are some …

Exercise Pieces and Outfits from H&M

what to wear to exercise in style


The Best Piece for the Mid-Season: T-Shirts

What’s the best piece for the mid-season ?

T- shirts!

T-shirts have a lot of advantages:

  • They look great with everything: skirts, pants , more formal or casual clothes
  • You can use then at almost all occasions (except a very formal party or wedding, although some people use them even there…)
  • They are ideal for the cold/hot/cold mid-season weather: in the morning and end of the day, when it’s cold, wear your t-shirts with a light cardigan or jacket (leather, denim, bomber, blazer, etc.) and in the afternoon you can take off your jacket and get comfortable for the warmer weather.

Today I went to Zara Online to search for T- shirts, since I tried going to some Zara stores and I only found one I liked ;)

I looked for simple and basic t-shirts because I know they’re the ones I end up using more – they go well with everything and you don’t get tired of them very easily…

Here are the ones I ordered:

The Best Piece for the Mid-Season t-shirts

TEXT TOP Ref. 0264/025


5 Ways (You’re Not Expecting) be Be More Stylish

lestripeI wanted to talk to you about an essential thing to be more stylish, that has nothing to do with cute pieces, knowing what suits you well, or the season trends.

Wanna know what it is?

Knowing yourself!

That’s right, to have more style you need to know yourself. Without that… it’s impossible!

Because when you know yourself and what you like, what makes you feel good and at ease, you can choose the pieces and outfits that give you style.

And your confident attitude will also give you style. This confidence comes being true to yourself.

So here they are …

5 Ways To Be More Stylish (through Knowing Yourself Better)

Write in a notebook the answer to these questions:

  1. What kind of pieces make me feel better? Why?
  2. What pieces make me feel less comfortable? Why?
  3. What pieces make me feel more at ease? Why?
  4. What prevents me from having the style I want? Why?
  5. What I like most about fashion? Why?

To go “deeper”, continue to ask “Why” to every “why” you answer to (5 levels is good) – I don’t know if that’s clear ;)

Good luck to find out more about your style!

In the comments below share your response to one of the questions, I’d love to know your answer :)


How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

how to wear a bomber jacketDo you like the sporty style?

Then you’ll love bomber jackets!

If you don’t know what they are, you can see on the picture on the right.

They’re a sporty style jacket with a round neckline.

They’re a typically masculine piece that was used by airline pilots.

I love the sporty style, and that’s why the trendy piece I want to buy this season is a bomber with embroidery/applications!

Here are some tips about how to wear a bomber.

3 Styling Rules for a Bomber Jacket

  1. It’s a sporty/masculine piece so balance it with more chic and feminine pieces.
  2. If it’s a bulkier bomber use with tighter bottoms.
  3. Try rolling up your sleeves and let the the sleeves of the top show underneath.

Where to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Though it’s a sportier style jacket, some models have a chicer air because of the fabric or the cut, so you can wear it both to an event and day-to-day. For work wear it with classic pieces like slim pants.

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

1. With slim/skinny pants + tee + boots/pumps/ballet flats

how to wear a bomber jacket 7


Two Essential Looks for the Mid-Season

It’s still cold, but the weather is getting better! YES :)

Mid-Season is one of my favorite times because you can wear different outfits by layering that help you be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Here are two essential looks for the mid-season:

1. Dress + Ankle Boots + Leather Jacket

Knee-length or mini dress with black opaque tights (or no tights), ankle boots and a leather jacket .



Trends & Shopping: Big Silver Rings Inspiration

Do you want an easy to wear statement accessory?

Then big rings are ideal because they go well with everything. As you wear them on your fingers and it’s a piece you only see when you’re pretty close, you don’t need to worry much about combining with other accessories, clothing, etc.

I’ve been looking for big silver rings for a while now, those giant ones, which we can see from a distance ;)

They give a boho vibe to your look and make you feel pretty powerful!

My husband’s comment when I bought them:
“- But aren’t they a bit too big?”

“- They’re supposed to be big, you know nothing about this :) ”

Here are the rings I bought at H&M

The photos aren’t the best in the world, I used the sun when I was traveling ;)