Say Goodbye to Diets: How to Lose Weight Once and For All

d1ace4151ea20d16a2daad4b6c6753a8Are you overweight?

Are you tired of diets?

Would you like to know how to lose weight once and for all, and never gain it again?

Then read on…

There is only one way to lose weight forever.

And it isn’t with a diet …

The only way to lose weight and never gain it back again is to start eating in a healthy way, in the amount you need to be at your ideal weight.

There are two main mistakes I see in people who are overweight:

  • They eat the wrong way and unhealthily
  • They eat more than what they need

You can listen to the podcast below (or continue reading if you prefer):


Eating more than what you need

I often tell this story because it’s a good example of how what we think is normal may be very different from one person to another. Once we invited a friend (who always was thin;)) for a holiday with us and at breakfast she ate a slice of bread with ham and a glass of milk while I ate three loaves of bread with butter and ham and two or three glasses of milk … so of course it wasn’t possible for us to weight the same ;)

But my body was used to eating that way and I thought that was a normal dose for breakfast when in fact it was a lot.

Another thing that makes us eat more than what we need is when we eat…

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How to Wear a Lace Skirt (12 Different Ways)

skirtLace skirts are very cute, feminine and versatile!

They are a wardrobe basic, especially if they have a neutral tone.

I received this question from Fatima:

“I bought this skirt at La Redoute. It is a bit above the knee, and I was thinking to use it with a top or t-shirt, outside the skirt with a belt over it… but I don’t know what kind of top or what color? Is it possible to give me some tips on how to combine this skirt? And also with what accessories / shoes. Thank you and kisses! Fatima”

Fatima, thanks for the question, which I’m sure also helps other women :)

  • I think using the lace skirt with a t-shirt is a great idea for every day, because the t-shirt cuts the fancier vibe of the skirt. Wear it with a loose tee.
  • As for using it with the belt over the top, it also works but with a loose t-shirt since the skirt has volume. In this case also it should not be too long but it has to have enough length to wear the belt and look fine. I think it looks good with a thin or medium belt, in brown or camel leather, which also cuts the chicer vibe of the skirt.
  • Finally in terms of shoes, you can wear sandals (flat or high-heeled), boots, pumps, ballerinas. Neutral tones always work: beige, black, taupe, silver, gold. And the accessories can be either silver or gold but…
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10 Healthy Drinks for Summer (that Help You Lose Weight)

shakeI don’t know if you’re like me but in summer (and winter too) I love drinks!

They taste good and are refreshing, and they also keep you hydrated which is essential for your body to function well and to have a beautiful skin. And often, drinking something is enough to stop feeling hungry because thirst can make you feel hungry.

So here are my favorite drinks from the easiest to the most difficult to prepare…

You can listen to the podcast below and / or read the post!


1. Water

I know this is really basic but a large glass of natural water, or with some ice cubes, is one of the healthiest drinks ever, and it helps you stop that feeling of hunger when what you really need is water.

2. Flavoured Water

cold Drinks With Fruits

To make your water more interesting, or if you don’t like plain water, you can add fruits and herbs: lemon slices, mint, pineapple chunks, strawberries or berries. You can make a whole jar and store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

3. Iced Tea (lemon grass, ginger, etc.)

Tea is also a super healthy drink. You have a lot of different flavors to choose from at the supermarket but you can also make tea with ingredients you have in the refrigerator or garden / balcony. I have lemon grass in the garden, which you…

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How to Feel Comfortable Showing Your Style

How to Feel Comfortable Showing Your Style 2Some of my clients have this doubt:

“How can I feel good using different and fashionable things near my colleagues, friends or family when they don’t care about fashion and sometimes criticize me for paying attention to my style and liking to take care of the way I look?”

In a conversation with my new coach she told me that I had to forgive all the people in my life who made me feel wrong and even inferior for liking fashion, clothing and everything that has to do with it.

And I also realized that this is something that prevents many women from expressing their style, using their creativity and feeling good with the time, attention and money they spend invest in taking care of their appearance.

I’m tired of hearing that fashion and style don’t matter when everyone knows that … IT’S. NOT. TRUE.

I understand that there are also people who take fashion to the opposite level and ridicule those who don’t dress well or take one hour a day to do their make-up and hairstyling. But as my grandfather used to say: “The virtue is in the middle.” And I agree 100%.

You don’t need to go to the extreme of “I have to be perfect” nor to the extreme of “My appearance doesn’t matter”: You don’t need to want to be perfect every day (not even one). On the other hand, to avoid being criticized,…

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New Beginnings… News about the Blog & Newsletter

I have some news to tell you about!!!

I’m working behind the scenes with a new coach and I’m going to make some changes that I think you’ll like:



The first one is that I’m going to start talking also about maintaining the ideal weight and a healthy diet and lifestyle – because this is one of my favorite subjects and with the life coaching course I’ve done over the past year, I understood that this was the right direction for me and where I could help more people.


The second change is that I’m going to start sending two newsletters a week, one on Tuesday and another on Thursday. So, I’m going to keep the usual fashion and style newsletter and do another one about food, health, and also confidence, self-love, etc.

What I realized in recent years is that we can’t change just a part of our lives and think that it solves everything. Because the body is connected to the mind and emotions. And the profound changes come from the inside out. To help you better, because I felt I wasn’t able to help my clients make this deeper transformation, was one of the reasons I decided to take the coaching course.


Some of the most important things I learned were: being true to myself, take care of myself first…

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Q&A: How to Personalize Your Outfits (Without Being “Out”)

This was a Q I received : “How can I put my personal touch in outfits, without being out of fashion?”

To put your personal touch in outfits, first of all you need to know yourself! And know your style.

As for not looking out of fashion, it also involves knowing your style and knowing some basic rules of styling – if you wear what you like and suits you well, and you know how to how to make outfits that work, you’re never “out” :)

2 Steps to Personalize Your Outfits

STEP 1. Know Your Style

how to personalize your outfits 3If you don’t know your style and what pieces are your style , your outfits will make you feel bad, strange or uncomfortable.

You won’t feel at ease or spectacular …

When you know your style all the outfits have your personal touch because they show who you are!

And you only wear pieces that are your style so all have to do with you.

For example:

* If you like the bohemian style, with patterns, loose pieces, fringes, and so on, when you use a piece of this style you are putting your personality in your outfits.

* If you don’t like the classic style and still wear it, you don’t feel yourself.

In the photo above you have a boho set and you can see a classic one in the picture below:


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Q&A: How to Wear a Classic Blazer & Is a Blazer Right For You?

How to wear a classic blazer 0Do you like blazers?

Are they right for YOU?

Blazers make every outfit look more chic and sophisticated, but they may be the wrong piece for you… at least for now!

Here’s the Q I got from Helena:
“I wanted to ask if you could do a post about blazers. I like to see them on other people and I bought a beautiful one in Zara, simple and classic, but I can’t wear it without looking too formal. Can you help me?”

Thanks so much Helena, this is a great questions and the answer has two important parts.

1. Is a Blazer Right For You?

The first part is figuring out if a classic blazer is a good piece for Helena! Because Helena says she likes to see blazers on other people.

I can say from my own experience: I love to see blazers on other people because they create great outfits, and I bought a lot of blazers. But with time I noticed that I don’t feel very comfortable with a blazer (at least if it’s not an event). I think that’s because I like a more relaxed style, with very comfortable pieces, and blazers don’t make me feel that comfortable. The other thing is that I prefer more sporty types of jackets like aviator jackets or bombers, they’re more me.

So the truth is that you may like to see one thing in other people, and not like…

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