How Your Style Improves Your Life

how your style improves your life lena penteadoDo you love luxurious things?

Well, who doesn’t right?

For me, luxury is part of comfort, and feeling comfortable is part of one of the most basic human needs – certainty. To feel certainty we need to feel safe and it’s hard to feel safe if you feel uncomfortable, right?

Well, now you may be thinking that you don’t need to feel luxurious to feel comfortable, but it really takes it to a whole other level.

My mother remodelled her living room recently with Filu, an interiors architect, and it’s so comfortable and luxurious that the first time I entered the room I didn’t even feel at ease. I felt like… This room is too good for me, I don’t belong in such a beautiful place… Weird right?

But then I got used to it, and now when I enter that room I love it so much that I feel like a queen :) I can stay there all day feeling amazing just by being so comfortable and seeing so much beautiful things all around me.

The other day I was listening to Gina DeVee speaking about how she would deny her love of style, clothes and a luxurious lifestyle just because she thought that wasn’t important enough… that she felt great spending money with self-development products, books, and other “important” stuff but she felt guilty about spending money in clothes or accessories. But then she realised that she needed to…

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Free Style Challenge: Get More Gorgeous and Confident in 21 Days

LOVELY-PEPADo you like Spring?

I bet you do because… who doesn’t, really?

We can go out more, walk outside, catch some sun and go to the pool or beach. Besides we can wear light and super colorful clothes, crazy patterns, flat sandals, and so on. On top of it all we don’t even need
to wear makeup because a tan gives us that healthy cute look ;)

So you start Spring feeling super cute and confident, I’m doing a 21-day style challenge that will help you change your image and style for good!

The challenge is completely free and starts Monday, March 30.

In the first week you’ll get daily challenges, in the other two you’ll get only two per week. The challenges are very simple and you’ll have a lot of fun.

The idea is to give you the maximum impact with the least effort :)

Nevertheless you’ll need motivation to do them because I bet you’re really busy (which woman isn’t?) and one of the things that motivates us the most is sharing our goals with other people and having a simple way to know we reached them.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get some friends to do this challenge with you and share photos of what you do in my facebook and instagram, where other amazing women can support you and cheer you on. And I’ll also be there to motivate and see your progress :)

I know this challenge can be the first…

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3 Details to Create Cool Outfits Easily

There are 3 pieces in your outfit that can transform it completely.

If you know how to choose them, it’s easy to make spectacular outfits. If you don’t it’s easy to look outdated and unstylish ;)

Let’s start with a very simple outfit with two basic pieces: Skinny jeans and a white tee. Depending on these 3 details with add to your look, you get a very different result.

Here are the 3 Details to Create Cool Outfits Easily

1. Shoes

I love shoes because they completely change your style and the way you look. If you wear pumps with this simple outfit, it becomes casual chic. With sneakers, it’s a casual outfit. With out of fashion shoes, you get an out of fashion outfit. It’s as simple as that!

3 details to create cool outfits acessories


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How to Wear Black Slim Leg Pants: Wardrobe Basics

2702e834b6765fa37c8f6e3db4f8053bWant to know how to create formal/chic outfits that also look fashionable?

Then you need to learn more about slim leg pants which are the new classic pants :)

Traditional classic black pants are straight, but in this post I’m talking about slim pants (a bit larger than skinny) which are a fashionable basic.

And you don’t need to wear these pants only for work or combine them just with classic pieces. They’re a basic piece in a neutral tone (black) so you can combine them with almost everything. If you wear them with casual or sporty pieces, you create a different and stylish outfit.

Do you work in a formal environment? Then they’re a great investment because they look chic and fashionable. Can you wear whatever you want to work? Then they’re also a great option as you’ll see below.

Where to Wear Black Slim Pants?

Because they’re a more formal piece that also looks good with casual ones, you can wear them for every situation, from an important meeting with clients, to a wedding or the weekend. You just need to pay attention to the fabric – choose a fabric that looks good and classic.

Who can Wear Black Slim Leg Pants?

They look great on everybody. If you have large hips or large legs they’re ideal because they visually reduce those areas. If your shoulders are larger than your hips, wear them with a dark top so you still look proportional.

How to Style Slim Leg Pants

Here are…

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Get Inspired with Julianne Moore’s Style: Red Carpet & Day to Day

Julianne Moore shows us how we can look fantastic at any age!

She is 54 years old and has great style. She’s always gorgeous, in events and every day.

I love how she wears bold colours that look amazing on her, and how she uses eyeliner to really define her eyes.

She also wears a lot of black and white which are colours that usually look marvellous on every skin tone.

Here’s a bit of her best actress oscar acceptance speech:

“There’s no such thing as best actress, as is evidenced by the performances of my fellow nominees. I’ve been honored to be among you every step of the way. I am grateful for this and grateful for the opportunity to stand up here and thank people that I love…

My mother and father who told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be if I got an education.

Although, I didn’t think they meant being an actress. And I thank my dad for showing me the world.


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What to Wear on Valentine’s Day: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve!

what to wear for valentines dayDo you like Valentine’s Day?

I like it! That’s because I’m a romantic and I love the cute hearts all around, the special dinners and massages for two, and so on :)

I also have a friend that doesn’t like it at all!

Anyway, I have a different option for this Valentine’s Day, that suits both who likes it and who doesn’t :)

Instead of a (mini) dress or other sexier options, why not go for some hot lingerie and wear a casual-chic outfit with a statement LOVE tee?

I recently found an awesome online store: SuperLoveTees! What can be better for Valentine’s Day?

Combine with extra large earrings or bib necklace, skinny pants or leggings (leather is also a good idea), high-heels or flats (pumps or ankle boots), a medium cardigan and any coat or jacket and you’re ready to go.

Here are some Valentine’s Day Tee suggestions:

what to wear on valentines day 6

what to wear on valentines day 7

what to wear on valentines day 8

what to wear on valentines day 3

Combine your Valentine’s Day Tee with:

what to wear on valentines day 7

what to wear on valentines day 6

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How to Get the Perfect Home (4 Rules)

how to get the perfect homeDo you like interior design?

If you love fashion, you probably love beauty, so I bet you want to have a fabulous home that you adore.

One of my goals this year is to get a beautiful and comfortable home, full of luxurious items that I love.

That’s why I’m so excited about the new video series that Alexandra (from one of my favorite style blogs – Lovely Pepa) is doing with IKEA (one of my favorite stores).

In the first video Lorenzo Meazza, the interior designer from IKEA Spain, gives Alexandra a camera so she can take pictures of all her interior world.

He explains that there’s something in her home that doesn’t reflect how she lives, and that’s why she isn’t happy about it.

And he shares…

The First 2 Rules to Get the Perfect Home:

1. Listen to your home

2. Collect all the elements that inspire you

Here’s the first video:

In the second video Alexandra and Lorenzo go around Madrid looking for inspiration for Alexandra’s new home.

It turns out that decorating your house is a creative project :)

So here the other two rules to start your project the right way.

Two More Rules to Get the Perfect Home:

1. Create a vision board, it will be your emotional and aesthetic reference.
Think about what inspires you, take photographs. It can be a fabric, a color… it’s like creating the soul of your house.

Then create a collage with everything you saw: photos, fabrics,…

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