Get Inspired with Julianne Moore’s Style: Red Carpet & Day to Day

Julianne Moore shows us how we can look fantastic at any age!

She is 54 years old and has great style. She’s always gorgeous, in events and every day.

I love how she wears bold colours that look amazing on her, and how she uses eyeliner to really define her eyes.

She also wears a lot of black and white which are colours that usually look marvellous on every skin tone.

Here’s a bit of her best actress oscar acceptance speech:

“There’s no such thing as best actress, as is evidenced by the performances of my fellow nominees. I’ve been honored to be among you every step of the way. I am grateful for this and grateful for the opportunity to stand up here and thank people that I love…

My mother and father who told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be if I got an education.

Although, I didn’t think they meant being an actress. And I thank my dad for showing me the world.


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What to Wear on Valentine’s Day: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve!

what to wear for valentines dayDo you like Valentine’s Day?

I like it! That’s because I’m a romantic and I love the cute hearts all around, the special dinners and massages for two, and so on :)

I also have a friend that doesn’t like it at all!

Anyway, I have a different option for this Valentine’s Day, that suits both who likes it and who doesn’t :)

Instead of a (mini) dress or other sexier options, why not go for some hot lingerie and wear a casual-chic outfit with a statement LOVE tee?

I recently found an awesome online store: SuperLoveTees! What can be better for Valentine’s Day?

Combine with extra large earrings or bib necklace, skinny pants or leggings (leather is also a good idea), high-heels or flats (pumps or ankle boots), a medium cardigan and any coat or jacket and you’re ready to go.

Here are some Valentine’s Day Tee suggestions:

what to wear on valentines day 6

what to wear on valentines day 7

what to wear on valentines day 8

what to wear on valentines day 3

Combine your Valentine’s Day Tee with:

what to wear on valentines day 7

what to wear on valentines day 6

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How to Get the Perfect Home (4 Rules)

how to get the perfect homeDo you like interior design?

If you love fashion, you probably love beauty, so I bet you want to have a fabulous home that you adore.

One of my goals this year is to get a beautiful and comfortable home, full of luxurious items that I love.

That’s why I’m so excited about the new video series that Alexandra (from one of my favorite style blogs – Lovely Pepa) is doing with IKEA (one of my favorite stores).

In the first video Lorenzo Meazza, the interior designer from IKEA Spain, gives Alexandra a camera so she can take pictures of all her interior world.

He explains that there’s something in her home that doesn’t reflect how she lives, and that’s why she isn’t happy about it.

And he shares…

The First 2 Rules to Get the Perfect Home:

1. Listen to your home

2. Collect all the elements that inspire you

Here’s the first video:

In the second video Alexandra and Lorenzo go around Madrid looking for inspiration for Alexandra’s new home.

It turns out that decorating your house is a creative project :)

So here the other two rules to start your project the right way.

Two More Rules to Get the Perfect Home:

1. Create a vision board, it will be your emotional and aesthetic reference.
Think about what inspires you, take photographs. It can be a fabric, a color… it’s like creating the soul of your house.

Then create a collage with everything you saw: photos, fabrics,…

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How to Lose Weight For Good (and Eat Dessert)

How to Lose Weight Forever and Still Eat Dessert 4

I have a confession to make:

I’ve been fighting with my body since I was 14 years old.


Because I felt like she (my body) was the enemy, because it made me hungry and stored fat when all I wanted was to be able to eat less and lose weight.

You see, I’m not one of those lucky (and may I say sometimes irritating ;)) persons who can eat all they want without putting on an ounce.

No, that’s not my case… AT ALL.

The truth is, there were times when I felt I would put on weight just by thinking of eating dessert ;) (actually maybe I did because I felt stressed when I “couldn’t” eat it and stress makes your body store fat…).

The problem is:

I love to eat, I like to eat a lot and I feel like eating when I’m anxious which in my case, happens a lot of times.

Another problem is I hate diets and feeling hungry (I get really angry).

And I adore desserts (well, no so much nowadays unless it’s chocolate something…).


Here’s a bit of my weight story:


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5 Easy Ways to Wear Scarves

Do you wear scarves in Winter?

If you don’t, you should ;)


Because they add style to your outfit, they warm you up and they’re super comfortable!

This time I made a video because it’s the easiest way to show you the 5 ways I usually wear my scarves.

Here’s the video:

In the comments below tell me:

Do you usually wear scarves? How do you wear them?



P.S. If you noticed the christmas tree, I didn’t forget to take it down, it’s just that I like to keep it until the end of January ;) xxx

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How to Wear a Black Leather Skirt (and Shopping Ideas)

how to wear a black leather skirt leopard shoesDo you have a black leather skirt?

It’s a very stylish, easy to wear wardrobe basic, ideal for Winter and the Mid-season (because it’s too hot for summer)!

The thing I love the most about a black leather skirt in Winter is that it looks amazing with black opaque tights and black ankle boots, and with this base you can wear anything on top.

It’s also a great idea for parties. Wear it with a sequinned top or sweater and you instantly have a comfortable, easy to wear, very cute look.

Besides it’s super versatile because it looks great without tights and with a lot of mid-season shoes.

You can choose a mini or knee-length skirt, straight or with some volume (but straight skirts are easier to combine).

Here are some photos to get inspiration and also some shopping suggestions, from a new online store that has a lot of great brands: EscapeShoes. They deliver for 35 countries.

If it’s really cold, always wear opaque tights instead of the socks or tights on the photo.

Get Inspired: How to Wear a Black Leather Skirt

1. With Sneakers

Choose sneakers in a different color for a more trendy and original look, and a neutral tone if you don’t have sneakers yet.

how to wear a black leather skirt


Nike Pink Sneakers


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How to Have the Best Holidays Ever

ddffe789125533faf77bf94a25ef7321This was my problem with the holidays:

I kept saying yes to things I didn’t want to do because:

  • It seemed like the “right” thing to do,
  • People could be disappointed or angry if I didn’t do what they asked,
  • I should be kind and sympathetic to people (even if that meant being unkind and disrespectful to myself)
  • I should think of others before I think of myself.

And that was supposed to make me feel great because I was this perfect and good person who always thinks about other people first. The problem is… there aren’t perfect, always good persons, for obvious reasons ;)

This is called lack of boundaries, the inability to say NO.

And this only leads to one thing: you feeling completely depleted, tired, overwhelmed, desperate, angry, resentful, and so on.

Once upon a time I was this YES woman who always said yes first and thought about it later…

It always seemed like the correct thing to do and I didn’t even check my calendar. Sometimes I tried to think about it for a while (can I really do it?), but my answer was: “I probably can but if I can’t I’ll call you later”.

So I started feeling “abused” because of this. But the truth is I was the one abusing myself. If you know someone who will always say yes, who will you turn to when you need some help or something done? Yeah, you guessed it :)

Now I’m not the YES woman anymore, and I’m…

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