An Easy Way to Choose What to Wear

An easy way to choose what to wear is to ask yourself: “What will I wear today?” And then follow the first image or suggestion that comes to your mind. That’s what I did with this outfit I’m wearing on the post and what I do for practically every outfit I wear. It’s not infallible but it works almost every time :) The audio is in Portuguese but I promise I’ll start making the audios in English soon :). Basically I talk about how, when you really know your style, what you love and the basic rules of styling, you create outfits you love to see on you, and you feel so comfortable and happy about your style that you stop worrying about what other people think. Uma maneira fácil de escolheres o que usar é perguntares a ti própria: “O que vou usar hoje?” E seguires a primeira imagem ou sugestão que te…


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