7 STEPS TO FANTASTIC STYLE: For the ambitious woman who's ready to embrace her inner fashionista & have more confidence and passion in her life with ease, starting now. 

Discover exactly what your BLOCKS are and how to BUST through them so you can look and feel amazing! Discover 7 simple style steps that you can apply to start looking more stylish and feeling more confident NOW. 

I learn about style easily, there's no more struggling to create an outfit I love, no more feeling inapropriate in certain occasions, no more wishing to feel awesome in my outfit. And no more wasting my time choosing what to wear, or feeling down and losing energy because of my appearance, no more living an unfulfilled life.
Having the right style has allowed me to: 


  • Feel like one of the best dressed women in any event
  • Create outfits that look good on me, that I love and are my style
  • Feel comfortable and at ease wherever I go 
  • Buy only what I like, looks good on me and is really worth it
  • Get dressed in five minutes or less, every morning
  • Have confidence in the way I look
  • Look appropriate for every occasion
  • Stay connected to and honor my desires 
  • Have more energy and passion every day
  • Live my life in style because that's what I love


Warning! I know that this e-book is life-changing. I know that it can take you from struggling to thriving. In the e-book, I'm going to show you how to do this work so that your style is AMAZING and you have no issue looking great, feeling confident and comfortable wherever you go, every single day.  


Here are the 7 Steps:

1. Start with the Beauty Basics
2. Flatter Your Body
3. Create Perfect Outfits
4. Organize Your Closet
5. Shop Like a Pro
6. Discover Your Personal Style
7. Keep Up with the Trends

Plus an ACTIONBOOK: You also get an Actionbook with all the actions for each step, so that it's easy to get real results.

Plus my Style Formula Guide: Get the 5 pillars to change your style from the inside out, including the right mindset you need to have about style and confidence.


"I started looking at fashion from a different perspective. I learned how to value myself more instead of what other people think about me. And it helped me learn more about my style. The tips you give are amazing and the images helped me a lot. For example, seeing how the pieces should fit, the fabric, size, length, the right accessories, the lingerie. I realized they can make or break a look. I started buying only what I like, what looks good on me and what's really worth it. That means I don't buy on impulse, I'm more selective. Your motivating, positive, joyful and fun, which helped me want to keep learning more."

Sara C.

Tourism Technician

This book by @lenapenteado makes style so simple. Thanks Lena.”

Maria T.



I guarantee you’ll find this e-book valuable if you’re trying to improve your image and style. See for yourself by purchasing the e-book and reading it within the next 30 days. If you don’t come away with a better understanding of your image and style, just let me know within 30 days from purchase, and I’ll refund your payment.

Changing my style is the #1 reason I was able to feel beautiful, stylish and comfortable in any situation. It's what took me from totally struggling with the way I looked to loving it.

​I now love the way I look and feel at ease in any situation, because I discovered and created my personal style. But this didn't just happen because I wanted it to. I learned what I needed to do and then I did it.