A Stylish, Beautiful Life 

Receive the Style & Life You Desire

Hi beautiful!

If you're here, I know you long to transform your life and create your dreams!  

You're tired of not having what you want + a style and image you adore.  

If you want to have an amazing life that you're obsessed about, you're in the right place.  

Even if you feel stuck now, feelig that nothing is working, the truth is that everything is available to you. 

And things can change at any moment!  

One of the most important things I learned lately is that we're all the same (made from the same stardust ;)) and what one person can do, anyone can.  

So look around you: Are there people who already have, do or are what you want? Then it's also available to you!  

If you don't believe it, everything will be harder. If you don't know that anything is possible for you, you'll move forward but also backwards.  

But don't worry about it because this is one of the things we create in this program: new beliefs that make you look at the world as a place of infinite possibilities.  

In this program I'll guide you through the heroine's journey. If you haven't heard about it, it's the journey where the heroine begins with a goal or destination, but things are not easy and she has to overcome lots of obstacles along the way. Until in the end she reaches her destination and achieves what she wanted.  

We start with a session where we set your goals, your dreams and you create a clear vision.  

Then ,as you move toward what you want, obstacles will arise and we'll deal with them all. Obstacles are the way because they show you many things: what's stopping you, what you're rejecting in yourself, what's the next step, your stories, etc. And so we walk, step by step, to your ideal life.  

Here are some things we'll see: your vision, your habits, your beliefs, emotions and shadow (good and "bad" feelings), dealing with obstacles, your image and style - how to favor your body, create fantastic outfits, and how to have the confidence to wear what you want without ignoring what others think.  

I'll also be available to help you - every day we'll check up by Voxer, or email, to see how everything is.

Here are some results you can expect:

  • Be confident, powerful and energetic
  • Knowing how to deal with any obstacle that comes your way
  • Stop caring about what others think of you
  • Be at your best every day
  • Love your image and style
  • Go to the next level and make successive upgrades in your life
  • Love yourself and accept yourself as you are
  • Have more positive thoughts than negative ones
  • Make decisions more easily
  • Listening to your intuition and being guided by your higher self
  • Stop feeling lost or stuck or that you don't know what to do
  • Feeling supported and calm
  • Knowing that you're on the right track
  • Have the life of your dreams

We'll work together for 3 months

What You Receive in This Program  

1. 1:1Coaching for 3 months to receive what you desire

I'll support you for 3 months as you transform your image, style and lifestyle.  

Know the best techniques that work and will help you create the life you want. Just as you desire it.  

Over the course of 3 months we'll find out what's stopping you and how to keep moving forward. In your own unique way. 

We'll also follow up every day by Voxer or email.

2. Style and Image Transformation

We'll look at everything: your body, likes, how to create ideal outfits for you, your style, and so on.

Why I Can Help You

I have a one-year life coach training at Mentor Masterclass. It's based on various methods and tools, in addition to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the methods most used by Tony Robbins.  

In addition to this course, I have invested in continuing education with several of the best coaches, with whom I learn in courses and with 1: 1 coaching.  

Then I have my personal experience since I had a very negative phase in my life, where I blamed everything and everyone for my results. I felt trapped and with way out. And I also felt really down so I didn't even have the energy for anything. All of this forced me to change completely and look for tools and ways of thinking that helped me get out of the prison I felt I was in.

Why this investment for the program?  

I came to this value for the program because I wanted to make it accessible. Normally I'd charge a lot more for a program like this. Not only it shows you how to receive what you want for your life, it also helps you:  

  • create new positive habits (your habits define your results)
  • discover your true desires to live an authentic life with all that is important to you
  • how to deal with all the "obstacles" that come up in your life (everything happens for us)
  • to change your negative beliefs and thoughts
  • transform your style and image
  • and much more  

This program can change your image and style, your relationships, your career, your satisfaction and level of achievement, whatever you want in your life, as long as you act in your life.  

You'll feel inspired, grateful and capable of everything.  

Just show up and act.  

And I'll be there each step of the way.

What if I don't have time to act?  

Lack of time is an excuse. We all have the same time. Also thinking that you don't have time is already a limiting belief because we always have time for what we like best and our priorities. And the belief that is limitless is, "I always have time for everything I need and desire."

But I never worked with a coach...  

Coaching may seem scary or weird, but it's very simple really.  

In coaching we focus on helping you create your vision. Going from point A (situation you're in now) to point B (situation you want). You learn tools that help you. It's also essential to ACT. And you have me to help you act because every week we'll check out your progress. Having someone to report to is often essential to moving forward.  

Every session is totally confidential. 

I want this to be risk free, so here's my guarantee

If after 1 month you think you're not getting enough value, we can stop the program. I just want you to do what makes sense to you. 

How the Program Works  

We begin with a longer session to decide on your vision and goals. Then we move forward on creating your vision over the next 3 months with sessions every other week. You'll also have access to the Stylish EveryDay course and Chose Your Outfit app. You can renew for 3 more months.  


BONUS 1: Stylish EveryDay Course (Unlimited Access)

This is the most complete style and styling course I have. Here you will learn everything you need to know to create the style you want. It's 6 weeks. We talk about beauty, styling, style, from the most basic to the most advanced tips.  

BONUS 2: Choose Your Outfit App (One Year Access)  

With the app you'll learn how to create spectacular outfits as you choose the perfect look to wear each day. Learn in an easy and intuitive way. The app also gives you a shopping list, with the basics and trendy pieces you need, that are your style. And you can create an outfit list to use on special occasions and events.


When you invest in the program "A Stylish Beautiful Life" you get:  

* Coaching 1:1 for 3 months (6 sessions)  

* Unlimited email and voxer support for 3 months: Ask me your questions and make sure you get the best results.  

* BONUS: Stylish EveryDay Style Course ($197 value)

* BONUS: One year access to the CYOU app ($97 value) 

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Lots of love,  



One Payment: €500