How to Have Beautiful Skin

There are lots of ways to learn how to have beautiful skin. The last time I went to the dermatologist, he told me: “- Your skin looks very dull, let’s start by taking care of your skin.” He gave me a lot of very good creams and I noticed the difference. This time I was going to go there again but instead I decided to follow Sofia Vergara’s advice. She’s an actress in the “Modern Family” series, that I love to see with my kids. She’s my age and has great skin (at least it looks like she has ;))! She says that she always used Creme de La Mer (and started many years ago) so I decided to give it a try. You probably already heard about it because the cream is pretty famous. Because it’s expensive and because it makes a difference ;) I only started using it…

5 Easy Ways to Look More Beautiful

Looking great can be difficult. Why? Well, for starters, because people say that it’s futile (useless), superficial (trivial) and superfluous (nonessential). So, although I’m sure you don’t care (a lot) about what other people think ;), I bet you can’t help but ask: “Am I doing the right thing with my time and money?” I’d like to help you respond that yes, you are. Spending time (and money) on your appearance makes you feel important and worthy. {tweet it} Isn’t that useful, meaningful and even essential ;)? It shows (to you and everybody else) that you take care and love yourself. On the other side, when you don’t spend that time making yourself look cute, you feel neglected, tired and even depressed. I learned this the hard way, when I was home looking after my 3 amazing kids, but I keep learning, even now… That’s why I want you to…

Smoky Eye: The Makeup that Makes You Look Fabulous

Smoky eyes look great on every woman. They define and call attention to your eyes. And they add a rock chic vibe to your look. Smoky eyes are ideal for night events because they’re pretty dramatic but you can also wear this makeup during the day (just choose lighter shadows). Although this makeup may look complicated, it’s pretty easy to do. That’s why every woman should know how to get smoky eyes! You can learn all about it with a great makeup artist – Charlotte Tilbury – on the video below. Style Challenge This week I have a style challenge for you: Try the smoky eyes look and then let me know how it went. If you think it’s too much, try it on the weekend! Just Do It :) xoxo, Lena*

How to Exercise Every Week and Love It

What’s the matter with exercising? Everybody knows the benefits, the list is endless… So why is it so hard to exercise consistently? The truth is exercising consistently can be easy. There are 4 Challenges to Conquer. Read on to do it! Challenge 1 – You “Don’t Like” to Exercise The first challenge you have to face is when you think you don’t like to exercise. In fact it goes deeper than that – you believe you don’t like to exercise. And if you really believe that, how on earth will you ever gather the motivation to exercise? Well, I have news for you: Your body is made to move, that’s why you need to exercise. And you have the ability to exercise – it’s how your body is built! If you spend some time thinking about it you’ll realize that there are exercises you like to do, for sure. It…

Beautiful Skin 101 – 4 Steps to Natural Glowing Skin

Do you look tired? Is your skin a little dull? There are many ways to get beautiful skin. And the best one is starting from the inside out. Because if you’re skin is glowing naturally, you don’t need much of the alternatives! What can you do to have natural glowing skin? Step 1 – Sleep! Getting enough sleep is essential for great looking skin. Not getting enough sleep will make your look tired and your skin will look dull and lifeless. And if you’re able to go to sleep around 10 or 11pm you’ll get even better results because your skin repairs itself better around that hour. Step 2 – Drink 8 glasses of water a day! You already know this is great for your health and it’s great for your skin also. It moisturizes your skin and diminishes wrinkles and lines! Three tips for drinking enough water – Drink…


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