What to Buy in Sales (and what I Bought)

Sales are a bit irresistible to me… ;) It’s a good time to buy clothes because you can get pieces at a much better price, but sometimes it takes courage because of all the confusion going on in stores. The best time is right in the morning because everything is more organised and there’s less people. I like to go to sales in the beginning because there are more pieces. And then in the end because there are super cheap things and sometimes you find a cute piece. On the flip side, at that time you won’t find a lot of pieces. To help you choose in the middle of all the confusion, here are some ideas, from pieces I bought and others I wouldn’t mind buying (and I might still buy some ;)). I chose simpler and more basic pieces but sales are a great time to buy trendier…

What to Wear to Christmas and New Year’s

Here are some ideas for Christmas and New Year’s parties! Before I wanted to say… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I hope you enjoy yourself this Christmas and New Year. Every second! I’ve been busy in my house move and everything’s a little chaotic, but it’s good to get away of Lisbon’s confusion in a calmer place and a much bigger house ;) I’ve come to the conclusion that I need Space :) Here are the ideas, they’re simple so you look gorgeous without needing to think too much about it! Pants or Cullotes Jeans with tee and fur coat. Cultores + knit. Wear it with lace ankle boots. A-Line Mini Skirt Wear it with a cardigan and belt or sweater. Tights and sandals or over the knee boots. A coat or jacket. Flowy Long Skirt Wear it with a knit and boots. Dress Mini or long, combine with fur, a clutch and black…

How to Wear a Lace Skirt (and Change an Outfit Easily)

Do you like lace skirts?

I love them!

When I saw this skirt in Zara, it was love at first sight ;)

It was near a black t-shirt I also bought. But when I tried the skirt with that t-shirt I didn’t like it at all because it was too long. I remembered this Mickey t-shirt and also the sweatshirt that says “There is Nothing but Fashion”.

As for the sneakers, I had already decided to wear the lace skirt with them, when I bought it, because I love to see chic skirts with sneakers (of all kinds).

When Life Gets In The Way (and How to Reframe It)

a1eb9762088d87e7c1d40c871d2cfe53You know when you plan everything and then… it all falls apart?

That’s how it’s been for me the past years.

Or come to think of it, forever probably ;)

Life keeps getting in the way.

How Life Gets in The Way

This time I had everything scheduled – I was going to do one more post each week, post more on social media besides doing the other work I need to do for my business.

But then I realised that my kids are having bad grades. And it’s because I never taught them how to study…

I need to do it now, so things don’t get worse. And start getting better….

So there it is, life getting in the way.

4 Ways to Be Confident (From Last Year’s Struggle)

4-ways-be-confident-2You probably noticed that last year I was a bit MIA.

It was a complicated year for me, with several challenges, not only professional but also personal.

Along the way I discovered this:

We have several life areas, and some are more important to us than others.

When one of your main areas is unbalanced, it’s hard to focus on the others…

And that’s what happened to me. Until I realised that I couldn’t stop caring about my career and work because of my personal life… especially because they are also important areas to me.

You can see more about the life areas (and life’s wheel) on this post.

Now I made this tattoo, inspired by Alexandra from Lovely Pepa who is my favorite fashion blogger.


Note: I love how it turned out and I did it with Vasco at MadFace Art.

You probably already know that one way to get what you want in life is to think like the people you admire and who already do what you’d like to do, so I thought it was a good idea ;)

And when I read this phrase, I thought it’s exactly what I need to remember:

“Change your luck”

Because more and more I noticed that I have to take full responsibility for the current situation of my life, in each moment.

Only I can change my luck, no one else.

And I can change it. I just need to decide, make a plan and act.