An Easy Way to Choose What to Wear

An easy way to choose what to wear is to ask yourself: “What will I wear today?” And then follow the first image or suggestion that comes to your mind. That’s what I did with this outfit I’m wearing on the post and what I do for practically every outfit I wear. It’s not infallible but it works almost every time :) The audio is in Portuguese but I promise I’ll start making the audios in English soon :). Basically I talk about how, when you really know your style, what you love and the basic rules of styling, you create outfits you love to see on you, and you feel so comfortable and happy about your style that you stop worrying about what other people think. Uma maneira fácil de escolheres o que usar é perguntares a ti própria: “O que vou usar hoje?” E seguires a primeira imagem ou sugestão que te…

Nothing Goes Out of Fashion & Old Fashionable Look

Do you think you can’t wear certain pieces because they’re out of fashion? What I realised over the many years in which I like my style is that almost nothing goes out of fashion, in the sense that we can’t wear it because it doesn’t look good. There are season’s trends, that we can choose to wear or not. But we can also were all the pieces that aren’t a trend. Today I have some photos of an old look (because I didn’t have time for a photoshoot for this week ;)), and as you can see I could wear it today. I also did a video but it’s in Portuguese. I’m going to do more videos (in English too), and I decided that I don’t need to wear makeup or look very put together, or I won’t do anything at all. Goodbye to perfectionism once and for all :)…

Mini Vacay to Recharge Batteries

By the end of last week I was feeling super tired, worried and in need of a vacation. Why? Well, because there’s been so many changes in my life lately that I can’t even stop to breathe. In one year I changed homes twice. I rented my house for a year and that ended in 6 months (it didn’t go very well) and then in Airbnb all Summer. My kids changed school to a completely different area. We sold two cars and bought one. I had a housekeeper and then I hadn’t, I had another one and then I hand’t again, and now I’m hiring someone new (for someone who has 3 kids a housekeeper is REALLY important ;)). And now I have another thousand decisions to make! So I decided to take a vacation. Ideally I’d go for one or two weeks ;) But because we need to work,…

What to Buy in Sales (and what I Bought)

Sales are a bit irresistible to me… ;) It’s a good time to buy clothes because you can get pieces at a much better price, but sometimes it takes courage because of all the confusion going on in stores. The best time is right in the morning because everything is more organised and there’s less people. I like to go to sales in the beginning because there are more pieces. And then in the end because there are super cheap things and sometimes you find a cute piece. On the flip side, at that time you won’t find a lot of pieces. To help you choose in the middle of all the confusion, here are some ideas, from pieces I bought and others I wouldn’t mind buying (and I might still buy some ;)). I chose simpler and more basic pieces but sales are a great time to buy trendier…

What to Wear to Christmas and New Year’s

Here are some ideas for Christmas and New Year’s parties! Before I wanted to say… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I hope you enjoy yourself this Christmas and New Year. Every second! I’ve been busy in my house move and everything’s a little chaotic, but it’s good to get away of Lisbon’s confusion in a calmer place and a much bigger house ;) I’ve come to the conclusion that I need Space :) Here are the ideas, they’re simple so you look gorgeous without needing to think too much about it! Pants or Cullotes Jeans with tee and fur coat. Cultores + knit. Wear it with lace ankle boots. A-Line Mini Skirt Wear it with a cardigan and belt or sweater. Tights and sandals or over the knee boots. A coat or jacket. Flowy Long Skirt Wear it with a knit and boots. Dress Mini or long, combine with fur, a clutch and black…


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