Be Your Own Personal Stylist with the CYOU app

Get Stylish & Confident (without wasting time)

Hi girl!

If you want to look amazing and be more stylish, you're in the right place!

Do you want to look better? Be more stylish? Without wasting lots of time?

I remember how annoying it was to want to get ready quickly and start trying on outfit after outfit and hating each and everyone! And then going back to the first one and having to run around to make up for the time wasted...

I know you want to look amazing, and you also want to have time to do everything else that's important to you: your family, free time to do what you like, your work, etc.

That's why I like to help in a quick, simple and pratical way. So you don't waste time with fluff. 

It may seem hard to do all the things and look good while doing them ;)

That's why I've created this program, so you get great style in as little time as possible.

You'll be able to maximize the time you have to get dressed, and learn everything about styling, your style, your wardrobe, effortlessly. In just 5 minutes per day.

Sounds to good to be true? Read on to learn more.

You can Create Amazing Outfits and Be Stylish, Easily

This is the quickest way to learn about styling and your style. It was designed to help busy women create amazing outfits and learn everything about their style, without even thinking about it. I've done the hard work and now you can just relax, enjoy and learn 100 times quicker than me ;) 

This program is based on my 10 year experience helping thousands of women with their style.

You'll see your style change since day one, and you won't need a personal stylist. You're going to become your own personal stylist.


  • loving to see your image in the mirror
  • feeling powerful and confident about the way you look
  • creating outfits easily. And looking like you just opened your wardrobe, put something together and got out. 
  • creating original outfits, like the ones that you admire on the street, magazines, bloggs, etc.
  • feeling like you're the expert in your style 
  • getting dressed very quickly (instead of taking lots of time, leaving everything a mess, trying on lots of clothes and not liking what you end up with)
  • going shopping and knowing exactly what to buy. Instead of feeling confused, overwhelmed and like running away ;)
  • feeling excited about getting ready to a party, because you have great ideas and pieces in your closet, that make you feel fantastic.
  • getting ready in 5 minutes or less, for any situation: day to day, wedding, work meeting, plane trip, etc.
  • feeling your style represents who you are (and not someone else)
  • opening your closet and having lots of pieces you love, that look great on you and you know how to combine to create amazing outfits. 
  • feeling confident about your outfit, and cute, instead of feeling that everyone looks better than you

You Can Have the Image and Style You Want

Maybe you think that style is something for other women, that just isn't available to you. 

Do you know that lots of people think that? "It won't work for me..." And that makes a lot of people give up right away, and never create what they desire.

I didn't have a clue about my style. And it took me 20 years to discover it. While feeling frustrated, angry and sad. If I can do it, so can you

And what changed everything for me was learning and acting. 

I learned the basics and then I practiced. Without action, you won't get different results.

And the only practice that worked for me was using the method I show you in the CYOU app.

The CYOU app is about having results quikly and easily. It's about learning without wasting time in a fun and easy way. 

In the process you'll improve your style, learn how to shop and be more confident. And you save time and money by not buying things that aren't right for you.

When you discover how to look stylish, you'll never need to learn it again. It's like learning to swim. Because you don't need to follow trends to be stylish.

 How can I help you?

For more than 20 years, I loved fashion but I didn't know how to dress well. I had no idea about my style, what looked good on me, how to create good looking outfits. 

I read magazines and I just ended up feeling more confused. I tried and tried and nothing worked.

Then I took a styling course and I learned the theory. But even then, when I was going to create my day-to-day outfits, I had lots of doubts. 

Things only changed when I decide that I was going to learn how to look stylish. And then I found a way to learn how to dress well. And I started to have the image and style I had always wanted.

Now I'm a personal stylist and I help thousand of women, all around the world, to create the image and style of their dreams, personally and with online programs. And I know I can help you too!

In this membership I'll show you the most important theory (in a quick version so you don't waste time but have all you need to know). And you'll have access to the method that changed everything for me (and many clients): the CYOU (Choose Your Outfit) app. 

Here's What You Receive

Ilimited access to the CYOU app

6000+ Looks & New Looks Every Month  

This is where the magic happens and where you'll learn to create amazing outfits that you love and look great on you. Very quickly. 

What You Receive with the CYOU app

  • Learn in an easy, efficient and fun way! You'll be ready to go in a few minutes, and looking more stylish than ever.
  • It's like having your own personal stylist: answer all your styling doubts and learn at the same time.
  • 6000+ outfits: you can see how to combine any piece in your wardrobe very quickly, so you create an great look
  • You think there are specific formulas to create outfits right? Wrong... almost everything looks good with everything and the app will show you how.
  • New looks every month. So you only need to use the app to know the new trends and ways of creating outfits. 
  • Say goodbye to the "I have nothing to wear" thought: You'll always find lots of things to wear, in your wardrobe
  • To look good you always need to buy new clothes right? No! You can look amazing with just a few key basics. The app shows you the best for you (Hint: you're the only one who can find them)
  • All outfits are selected by me: I've spent (and still do) hours and hours searching for the best outfits. So you know you're learning from the best looks
  • Where to find amazing, breathtaking pieces  
  • Learn while having fun: the app inspires you and gives you new ideas. 
  • Say goodbye to feeling lost in stores. You'll know how to choose the pieces you need, and how to combine them. 
  • Install the app in your smartphone or tablet so you can use it anywhere

What if the Outfits Don't Work For Me? 


Do you know that almost everybody think that things can work for every person, but not for themselves?

Maybe you think that the outfits won't work for you cause you're not young / cute / thin / <insert other excuse here> enough.

Style has nothing to do with how much you weigh, or with you age. And the outfits in the app are good for all adult women: from 21 to 120+. 

Anyway, thinking like this won't take you anywhere... If things happen for a person, they can happen for you, 100%! 

Are there stylish people? Yes. Then, you can be stylish also. 

You Can Cancel Anytime!

I want this to be a risk free program, so you can cancel anytime. Just send an email to and we'll cancel in one or two days.


BONUS: "20 Tips to Look & Feel Amazing"  

These are the best image, beauty and style tips I learned.

BONUS: "Think & Act Like a Stylish Woman"

There is a mindset to looking great and I'll show it here. This will help you get better and quicker results because you'll be changing also in a deeper way. You'll see what's stopping you from improving your image and style.

This is a Limited Offer & Only for Women that invested in the e-book "7 Steps to Fantastic Style" so Enter Now

What you receive:

  • A style course
  • Access to the CYOU style app (24/7)
  • New looks every month
  • BONUS: 20 Tips to Look and Feel Amazing
  • BONUS: Think & Act Like a Stylish Person

Here's What Happens Next

As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated receipt. And after that, here's what you'll get:

  • You'll get a welcome email, with all the information to enter the CYOU app and access the style course.  
  • You'll get a quick training for using the app: it's super easy, in 5 steps. 
  • I'll be adding new photos to the app every month, so you'll always have new looks to get inspired and learn. 

"Now that I use the CYOU app, I choose what looks better on me, I have the best basics and I get dressed quicker.  

Shopping is easier because I always have fantastic ideas. I save time and money. I don't buy pieces I never wear. I've learned how to look great.” 

- Marlene M., Pharmacist, Lisboa

"Now that I use the CYOU app, I've elevated my style and I feel more confident about creating outfits. 

I'm more focused when I go shopping: I know what I need to buy, what looks good on me and what will look great with everything else. 

I also feel more comfortable giving away something that doesn't bring me joy! And I'm wearing LESS black! Hooray!” 

- Fiona S., Project Manager, Australia

This is a Limited Offer and Only for Women that invested in the e-book "7 Steps to Fantastic Style" so Enter Now

Here's what you receive:

  • A quick style course
  • Access to the CYOU style app (24/7)
  • New looks every month
  • BONUS: 20 Tips to Look and Feel Amazing
  • BONUS: Think & Act Like a Stylish Person