Create Your Dreams

 Live the Life You've Imagine

(Even if you Don't Know What You Really Want)


Imagine ...  

  • Having the life you've always desired, exactly as you imagine it: the body, soul mate, money, career, relationships, home, ...
  • Feeling in flow, alive and in love with your life
  • Being confident, relaxed and at ease
  • Having confidence in you, in your ability of facing anything that gets in your path
  • Stop caring about people's opinion of you
  • Looking and feeling your best every day
  • Loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are and living in your best version
  • Letting go of Negative Thoughts
  • Making important decisions easily
  • Hearing your intuition easily
  • Stop feeling lost or stuck or that you don't know what to do next
  • Feeling supported and calm. Being there for yourself.
  • Being sure you're on the right path
  • Having an amazing life, just like a movie, much better even than what you have ever imagined
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling beautiful, sexy and a powerful woman
  • And improving all areas of your life to what you want (or very close)  

For 21 Days, You'll Be Guided Every Step of the Way

During many years, I felt discouraged about many things in my life. I started to see everything in a negative way and I started to think that things were never going to improve.

I felt like a victim. I felt trapped. But I was in my own personal cage. I just didn't know that the cage had been created by me. And that I was the only one that could open the door, and get out.

Then I started journaling every day. And it was through journaling that I started to change things. That I discovered the next steps, to change my life.  

When I started to focus on mindset, I changed everything.

I learned more and more and now I use journaling for everything, from knowing myself better to having more clarity in my life. I use it to unlock complicated situations, change the perspective from fear to love / calm, find what's stopping me from going to the next level. And much more.  

Above everything else, I journal to create the life I've always imagined for myself.  

What you receive in this program  

1. 21-Day journaling course  

I'll be there with you every step of the way, for 21 days, as you journal.  

Discover the best techniques, that give better results and that will help you create the life that you want. Exactly as you desire it.

You'll be guided every day to the life you desire. Bit by bit but consistently.  

2. Support during one more week - ask all your questions  

Which means I'll help you get results for your specific situation. You can have more personalized guidance and you can also use it has an implementation week.  

How can I help you?  

I've been journaling for some years now, to create the life I desire. I improved all areas of my life, especially those in which I was struggling more: mindset / emotional state, career, money (I used to spend all that I received), love relationship. And I also improved the other areas I care about: body / feel beautiful, home and environment, relationship with my children, family and friends.  

I invest a lot in my personal development and I have learned from the best people in the field. I took lots of journaling courses, read the books and I learned several techniques that I now use to journal.  

Although it sounds simple, journaling can be much more effective if we know:  

  • how to make journaling a habit
  • how much time to journal
  • when to journal
  • how to journal
  • what strategies to use
  • the best questions to ask and prompts to use
  • how to discover limiting beliefs and blocks
  • etc.  

In this program I'll show you all the strategies I've learned, how and when to use them. How to journal and when, how to create the habit, etc.  

Why is journaling going to help you?  

Because with journaling, you're accessing your subconscious, discovering your truth and creating a life of alignment (not based on outside influences).  

So you won't spend your time running after something only to find out, when you get there, that it really wasn't what you wanted.  

  • You're going to know yourself better and that's a basis of self-esteem and feeling more and more confident. 
  • You'll be able to easily solve different situations. For example, when you give your power away to others, over your life and your thoughts. You can give that power to yourself, see how you contributed to the situation you are in, and change your actions and feelings in one moment. 
  • You'll discover and define your boundaries (so you can balance work and personal life and have more time for yourself and your family, feel better about your choices, etc.). 
  • You'll define your perfect life and know how to create it step by step. As you write what you desire in your jounal, you'll be closer and closer to getting it. Writing is powerful.  

Journaling is the easiest and fun way I know (as well as inspiring and empowering) to change your life. To find out what you really want. And start upgrading your standards, without settling for less than you deserve.  

You will feel that you deserve more and that your desires can come true, you just have to go get them.  

Is the program worth this value?  

I came to this value for the program because, besides leading you to having what you REALLY desire for your life (and starting the first day), it will also help you:  

  • to create new positive habits (your habits define your results)
  • to discover your true desires, so you live an authentic life, with everything that is important to you
  • to find out what is missing so you can have the life you want  
  • and so much more

This program can change your relationships, your career, your satisfaction and level of achievement, whatever you want in your life, as long as you do the "work" that I'll give you every day.  

The advantage is that this work is fun, maybe it's the best part of every day. You'll feel inspired, grateful and capable of everything.  

You just need to show up and write. And then show up for what you want.

I'll also be with you with every step of the way. And you'll have a full week at the end to ask your questions and receive 1: 1 support, which is something I don't usually do.  

What if I don't have time to do it?  

You don't need a lot of time to journal. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes a day to get results and then you can do it more time if you want. I'll also give you the option to write n 3-minute blocks if you want to be even faster.  

As for the program, If you can't follow everything right away, don't worry because you'll always have access to this program. It's always available and you can use it at any time. 

But I never journal / I don't usually write ...  

Journaling may seem scary or strange, but it's really very simple.  

It isn't just for people who like to write. You don't need to write a lot. You just need to answer the right questions and/or write quickly and without thinking. That's the best way to journal - writing quickly so the writing is more authentic.

But now isn't the right time ...  

The truth is that it's never the right time, for anything. Waiting for the right time is the quickest way to never do anything at all. And to never create the change we really want.  

This is your chance so if you feel it's the right thing for you, don't wait for what will never happen - the right time.  

I want you to have no risk, so here's my guarantee  

You have 15 days to try the course. If you've done all the exercises that I requested and you don't get the value you expected from this program, I'll give you the amount you paid in full.  

I just want you to do the program if it makes sense to you. I just ask you to show me the exercises I asked you to do. If you did the exercises and didn't get results, I give you back the total amount.  

How will the course work?  

We start the course on September 20. Each day I'll send you an email with a link to the class for that day. Then you just do the journaling exercise and act on your life as well (using the insights you get).  

You can ask your questions and in the end you'll have more 7 days of implementation and questions.  

To get the most out of this experience, don't stress. Do the exercises calmly because you'll never be late - whatever you do will be perfect for you.


BONUS 1: How to Be Disciplined and Productive 

A training that shows you how to implement the habit of journaling (or others)

Bonus 2: Future You Visualisation  

You'll step into your future you and see how it feels to be her. And ask her your questions!

Bonus 3: Tools & Techniques to Create Your Vision

I'll share in this training the best tools and techniques (besides journaling), that I'm using to bring my vision into reality

Bonus 4: My own Personal Journaling

I'll share my own journaling exercises as I'm following along with you!


When you invest in the new journaling course, "Live the Life You've Imagined", you receive:  

* The 21-day journaling course 

* More 7 days of follow-up by email/voxer/FB group, at the end of 21 days: Ask me all your questions so you have better results

* All the bonuses (including my own personal journaling)  

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Value: $97  

Value: $35/month x 3  


Here's what you'll learn...

Week 1: Days 1 to 7  

Define your ideal life and decide the next steps to take to manifest it.  

Let's start with the basics and deciding where you want to go, and how to get there, in your specific case. I'll also talk about a method for manifesting what you want in your life.

Week 2: Days 8 to 14  

How to maintain motivation and positive energy  

You'll learn how to maintain a positive energy, change your perspective and regain your power in all situations.  

Our energy influences everything in our life. When it gets better, things start to change very quickly.

Week 3: Days 15 to 21  

Get to know your intuition, connect to your higher-self / Universe, and receive more.  

How to have a better connection with your intuition, so you get the ideal steps for you (that help you reach your goals while you enjoy the way there).  

By focusing more on your feminine side you also learn to receive more and more easily.

Week 4: Days 22 to 28  

Personal Support!  

Not sure what to do? Having doubts? You can count on me to help you during these 7 days. 

Ask me anything.


When you invest in the new journaling course, "Create Your Big Dreams: How to Create the Life You've Imagined", you receive:  

* The 21-day journaling course  

* More 7 days of follow-up by email at the end of 21 days: Ask me all your questions so you have better results

* The 3 bonuses  

Click the pink button below and start the pre-work for the journaling course now!

 Value: $97  

 Value: $35/month x 3