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Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 16.51.32Some of my clients believe they can’t wear certain clothes!


There are many reasons: It might be because of their legs, or of their neck, or of their age, or …

They believe their legs are too thin or too fat, they think they have too much cellulite, or a huge belly, and the list goes on and on.

The sad part is I can’t see what they’re trying to show me, because for me their legs look great, I almost can’t see any cellulite and the huge belly, well, it’s not huge at all!!!

So, what’s the real problem?

Why are women so critical of their own bodies, to the point that they see huge flaws where other people don’t?

One of the reasons is that our style role models are mostly thin women we see on fashion magazines, TV commercials, movies, and so on.

Women that don’t have these perfect bodies (that sometimes are “photoshoped” to perfection) criticize themselves and feel they can’t show certain parts of their bodies, like their legs or arms.

This has influence on the way they dress because now they only can wear pants that hide their legs (no short skirts, dresses or shorts) or long sleeves that hide their arms.

And they also think they can’t wear certain clothes because they don’t have the right body shape to wear them.

For example, you may think:
“I have large hips so I can’t wear skinny pants”

But this really means:
“I have larger hips than the women I see wearing skinny pants in magazines and so on, so I can’t wear skinny pants”

Thin women are good role models for other thin women, but what about women that aren’t that thin?

I’d love that you also had other role models for fashion, and thanks to the Internet and style bloggers there are other options.

Unfortunately there aren’t that many yet, but I hope they continue to grow as more women understand they can wear whatever they like regardless of their weight or the shape of their bodies, and Look Great!

To prove that you can wear anything you want (you just need to find the right style for your body) I’m posting some photos of the French blog Saks In The City, written by Sakina.

She’s a plus-size fashion blogger that doesn’t let her weight interfere with what she wants to wear! And she has great Style!

Plus size style leggings

plus size style boyfriend jeans

plus size style chic dress

plus size style large top boyfriend jeans

plus size style leopard pumps

plus size style sarouel pants

plus style size black tunic

plus size style sarouel pants pink scarf

plus size style straight pants

plus size style slim pants

plus size style short dress

plus size style denim shorts

What do you think?

Do you feel like there are certain items you can’t wear? Why?

Let us know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


P.S. If you want to know how to pick the right size for your body, you can learn how with my 5 style secrets. Just enter your details in the pink header bar at the top of the page or in the form below. They’re yours free.

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  1. Suburban Style Challenge

    I know there are certain silhouettes that don’t suit my pear-shaped frame, but I think knowing what works on your bodytype and being afraid to wear shorts because you think your cellulite will show are a little different. And yes, I used to be that girl who was afraid to wear shorts because of cellulite.

    We’re all over-critical of our own bodies, and see things “wrong” with them that other people don’t even notice. Like that scene in Mean Girls (which I posted on the blog I wrote about thin hate).

    I tink you can wear anything as long as you know it’s right for your bodytype and that it fits properly. Proper fit is really what’s most important, I think.

    1. Lena

      It’s true, we’re all over critical, and it seems like we’re never happy with our own bodies! I also have some issues with my body like saddlebags and cellulite, although now I think I can see myself more objectively and don’t worry about it :)

      That’s right! If it fits properly, you’ll look great for sure :). Our bodies shouldn’t have so much influence on what we wear or don’t wear. There’s always a way to make a piece work for each body!


  2. Jeanine @ Seasonal Color Analysis

    Thank you so much for that inspiration! She looks fabulous and is a good reminder not to use thin models as your guide if you are not thin.

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  4. Cassie

    where can I find the clothes that are shown above Lena has on ?

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