How’s your closet these days?

A little messy?

Don’t worry, in no time at all it can get really better!

In this post you’ll find easy ways to organize your closet, once and for all.

You see, organizing your closet is just like organizing anything else.

You just need the right method and some time to put everything where it belongs.

So, let’s begin!

Tips for Organizing

Start by putting everything you can on hangers, because you can see your clothes more easily and browse through them quicker. You can hang dresses, tops, skirts, trousers. Just don’t hang fabrics that tend to lose their shape like some cottons – instead, stack them on shelves. (Note: invest on wooden hangers to give your closet a more clean look)

Organize your clothes by type of garment (tops, dresses, …), style and colors. For example, put all your long sleeved dresses together, short sleeved dresses, and so on, then subdivide buy colors and patterns – all blacks together, all patterns together. It’s much easier to find what you are looking for.

Organize closet by color

Shelves are great for knits, t-shirts and anything that doesn’t wrinkle easily. You can also stack jeans and shorts on shelves. Divide by style and also by color – large knits together, dark colors together.

On the top shelf you can store your clutches, hats and other items you don’t wear much (like out of season clothes or special occasion shoes – more on that latter).

What should you keep in drawers? Panties, bras, pijamas, workout clothes, belts, acessories, everything that is little or has many parts.

As for shoes, you can put them in drawers or shelves, depending on your closet space. That way you can see them more easily. But if you don’t have much space, buy Ikea shoe boxes – they are transparent so you can see the shoes inside the box.

shoes organization closet

Tips for Accessories

Clutches and Hats
Store your clutches and hats on the top shelves

You can hang belts or store them in a drawer

You can buy a scarf rack (check Ikea), or you can organize scarfs on hangers

You can store accessories on a drawer: organize by type (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings), and by color (gold, silver, other). Or, put them on display over your chest of drawers or dressing table, on plates, boxes, and so on.

jewerly organization

Out of Season Items

If you have space you can keep fall/winter and spring/summer clothes all together, if not keep in your wardrobe only the current season and keep the other out of sight. You can store all the items that are out of season in boxes (check Ikea) and put them on the top shelves of your closet.

It’s also a good exercise to choose and organize your wardrobe each season – you have an opportunity to get rid of what you’re not wearing.

Ikea Organizers

Ikea closet organizers

What do you think?

Did this help you? Did you learn something new?

How do you organize your closet?

Leave your feedback, I would love to hear from you!


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  1. Lisa Marie Reply

    Oh, goodness. I have a lot of work to do. That bit about out of season clothing storage spoke to me. I have 2 of 1950s sized closets that are a bit too full. I think it’s ’cause I store all of my clothing upstairs, including out of season. Oops :) I think I need to hire someone to help me with this :) Thanks for the inspiration and information.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Lisa,
      You’re welcome :). It’s better if you store out of season clothes especially if your closet is too full – or you can’t see clearly what you have to wear and end up wearing always the same clothes! Good luck with your closets ;)

  2. I organise my clothes as mentioned, by colour and type of clothing. It makes life so much easier! My friends find it highly amusing that my wardrobe is so organised :)

    • admin Reply

      Hi Kama,
      Thanks for sharing! It really helps with getting dressed right? Besides it looks much better, I think you’re friends should learn from you ;)

  3. Lynn Dorman Reply

    My 1st thought was wow! closets? I have 1 small closet in my small floating home but many of these ideas will work to use other spaces for storing things as you have shown…Thanks


    • admin Reply

      Hi Lynn,
      You’re absolutely right, and in small places it’s even more important to have everything organized so you make the best use of your space!

  4. I so needed this post. Thank you very much. My closet in my condo is spacious but the former owner put in this completely inaccessible wire rack at the very top. Time to dive in and remove it and start over.

  5. Forgot to mention that I have a fabulous designer/organizer/wardrobe consultant where I live. Time to call Julie!

    • admin Reply

      Hi Arwen,
      I’m glad I could help! I think that’s a great idea – an organized closet makes you feel better about dressing yourself and that in turn helps you have calmer and happier mornings ;)

  6. Oh! This is just what I need, I just moved and my closet is an absolute mess! Thank you!

  7. Hi Rita,
    Congratulations on your new house! This is a perfect time to organize your closet, I’m glad I could help :)

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  10. Michelle Mahoney Reply

    Love this post. Back when I had an actual closet I would organize everything like this. When we moved into our current home I had to hang a few racks in one of the rooms, and everything has been a mess since. I can’t wait to move – just a few short months! Our new home will have lots of closet space and a big kitchen, or I’m not moving there. :-)

  11. Great post! I definitely need to organize my closet like this! It would make my life much easier if I always knew where to find things. I love the idea of the clear shoe boxes from Ikea; great for me because I don’t have too much space :)


  12. Great tips! It was so easy to read too – very organized ;)

    When our stuff is organized it just makes the day less stressful doesn’t it. Yay!


    Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
    Soul Collaboration Guide
    Inward Oasis

    I offer you my free gift:
    Quick Start Guide to Recover YOU

  13. Kristy Schnabel Reply

    Hi Lena — thanks for your post. My closet has “organization envy” after seeing your beautiful pictures. You’re an inspiration to the disorganized!

    Kristy via List-a-Palooza
    Kristy Schnabel
    Virtual Assistant
    It’s Virtually Done, LLC

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  14. Thank you for the closet tips, Lena… I’ve been putting off going through my closet until I stop losing weight, but I’m started to have problems working around the clothes that don’t fit any more. (I just weeded out about half of my pants a couple of weeks ago, to find a pair of jeans that would fit…) I think I need some really pretty closet pictures, like the ones you have, for posting to my Dream Board.. :)

    Peggy Lusk, CPA
    Abundance by Design
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  15. Totally helpful post with great, inspiring photos. I have some closet work to do this weekend!
    Let’s stay in touch on wordpress! My blog is

  16. D. Takara Shelor Reply

    Wow, I LOVE an organized closet. I’ve had my organized as you describe for as long as I can remember. It does make things so very easy. I use those little hooks with holes so you can hang 5 or 6 things and then they drop down so more fits in the closet. I put all the short sleeve tops on one and all the skirts on another, etc. Well there are actually several of short sleeve tops and several with skirts. I LOVE clothes. The one addition I’ll make is getting the largest tackle box you can find and using that for your jewelry. It is already designed to have little slots that you can arrange and make smaller or larger. It opens up and spreads out so you can see everything. The one I use is giant. Great post.

    D. Takara Shelor
    Get your free copy of Life Works When You Are Happy, It Sucks When You Are Not by visiting

  17. Lorii Abela Reply

    Hi Lena,

    Truly love this post. Lots of information and very helpful, indeed. I do arrange my clothes by color. But I think I still need a lot of things to do. Thanks.


  18. Lisa MacDonald | Transcribble Virtual Assistance Reply

    I need to go through my closet and get rid of the clothes I haven’t worn in… probably 10 years, LOL! It’s so crowded. Then maybe I can invest in those nice-looking wooden hangers and get rid of the ugly, colorful plastic ones. ;)

    Lisa MacDonald
    Transcribble Virtual Assistance

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  20. I just had a little aha-moment: You can organize your clothes by type and by color. Until now I always thought that it was either or. Doh… Well, now I’m a little wiser :)

    I’ll definitely organize my jewelry in a drawer from now on, everything else is just too messy or impractical.

    I’m curious, how often do you organize your closet? Do you do it whenever the seasons change, once a year or just when you feel like it? Would love to know.

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