Wearing short shorts?

Short shorts can look great but they can also look vulgar…

Here’s the secret to make them work:

1. Choose flat sandals or shoes.
2. Wear a top that doesn’t show too much cleavage
3. Wear a flowing or large top, avoid tight tops

Remember, you’re already showing your legs so avoid wearing other sexy pieces that show too much of other parts of your body!

Long sleeve striped T-shirt Net-a-Porter
Silver sandals Net-a-Porter
White Shorts Jades24
Short sleeve striped T-shirt Farfetch.com
Blue sandals Calypso

What about you? Do you wear short shorts?
How do you wear them?

Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I live mostly in a warm climate so shorts are a must. I always feel scruffy in shorts though. I am quite short so I find it difficult to find a shape that looks good on short legs. I would love some more shorts tips if you have some :)

    • Hi Kama,
      If you have short legs you can make them look longer by choosing straight shorts that end on the mid-tight. Your shoes are also important: choose shoes that are open at the top of the foot (like ballet flats). Better yet if they’re skin color – it creates a seamless line between the leg and foot and the leg seems longer. You can also tuck your top into the shorts for a even longer leg effect!
      I hope this helps, but you gave me a great idea for another post about shorts :)

  2. Michelle Mahoney Reply

    I think you forgot the most important part: pick shorts that fit! Too many women try to squeeze into a smaller size and end up with the dreaded massive muffin top. NOT flattering.

  3. But to be honest, seeing we are talking about short shorts here, you really do have to have the legs and butt that will actually suit….I have seen people who are my size (and yes I am a large lady) wearing short shorts….and yes they are following the “rules” but the problem is they are just way to big to be able to wear that style and look nice at the same time…..there are certain times and certain body shapes that need to look for a different type of shorts to wear

    • admin Reply

      Hi Katrina,
      I agree with you, especially if the shorts are very short like the ones in the post… this size is for good looking legs. There are other type of shorts that every women can wear, like knee-lenght shorts.
      Thanks for the feedback, I’m going to make a longer post about shorts during this month, maybe next week!

  4. Hi Lena,
    Helpful and timely post, it’s short short time here in Italy, the heat is crazy.

    I like to wear shorts with a belt, sometimes heels and always a nice white top if I can.

    Love the farfetched blue/short sleeve tshirt above!

    • admin Reply

      Hi Grace,

      Thanks for sharing, I’m glad you loved the tshirt :)!


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