Want to look great at the beach?

It’s easy!

Choose clothes you love, cute accessories and you’re ready to go.


There are lots of options so choose what feels most comfortable to you. If possible wear light colors and light fabrics.

See-through Tops, Tunics or Dresses
See-through clothes look great with your swimsuit or bikini underneath.

Going to the beach or pool is a great opportunity to wear all those see-through clothes you have on your wardrobe that you usually don’t wear. It can be a tunic, top or dress.

cute beach outfits sheer

Cute summer dresses are also a great option. For a fashionable look go for flowing or large dresses, mini dresses and maxi dresses.

cute beach outfits

cute beach outfits dresses

Tunics or Long Shirts
You can also wear tunics or long shirts. Choose loose styles.

cute beach outfits tunics

Playsuits or Jumpsuits
This is a great option for the beach. Jumpsuits can give you a chic look and playsuits are cute and fun.

cute beach outfits playsuits

Tops with shorts or skirts
Very easy to wear. Choose some cute shorts or a skirt with a short or medium top. For a casual look go for a t-shirt or tank. For a chic look choose a blouse or a more sophisticated bottom like lace shorts or a maxi skirt.

cute beach outfits shorts

cute beach outfits tops and bottoms

They always look great and are very practical! You can wear them in many different ways.

cute beach outfits sarong


You need a big hat or scarf to protect your face and hair, a big tote to carry all your stuff  and sunglasses!

Two Tone Hat: JCrew

beach straw hat
Straw Hat: Neiman Marcus

beach hat
Pink Hat: The North Face

beach scarf gap
Scarf: Piperlime.gap.com

Beach tote marc by marc jacobs
Beach Tote: Marc by Marc Jacobs

What do you think?

Would you wear these outfits and accessories to the beach?

Tell us in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Suburban Style Challenge Reply

    I love dressing for the beach. Some people might think I’m crazy, but I like looking fashionable, even at the beach. Love sarongs and long tops with big hats, cute flat sandals, and big sunnies!

    • Lena Reply

      I agree, I also like looking fashionable at the beach, why not? :)
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michelle Mahoney Reply

    I love that you included shorts and pants. I am not a dress girl by any means. I tried some on the past couple of weeks and I just go, “blech.” Shorts and pants with cute tops, though – awesome!

    • Lena Reply

      Shorts or pants also look great at the beach and they’re much more versatile than dresses – you can mix them with many different tops!

  3. I loved your examples of dresses for the beach… I’ll have to find something like the examples you gave; I wouldn’t have known where to wear them before..

    • Lena Reply

      Thanks Peggy. Dresses are great for the beach, they’re very practical and fresh!

  4. Cherie Lawrence Reply

    Cute outfits. I love the summer dresses and surprisingly the long shirts. Thanks for the cute ideas. =)

  5. I really like the clothing choices you have made and the accessories. They all seem perfect for summer days, especially at the beach. I am a sucker for long flowing dresses, so they are my favorite!

  6. Gypsy ~ Kimberly Reply

    These photos are great ideas ;) Thanks Lena! I love the the tank style dresses that a long and I love long flowy “Gypsy Bohemian” style clothes LOL I am finding a lot of what I like and what I would consider “my style” at Holy Clothing (http://holyclothing.com/) — I like that they carry larger sizes too.

    Mainly I am a shorts (just above the knee) or capris (both calf and just below the knee styles) and what I call “baby doll” tanks — you know the ones that flow out just below the bustline :) and of course teeshirts and sneakers.

    • You’re Welcome! I’m going to check out holyclothing.com, it sounds great, I also love bohemian style clothes ;)

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