How to Wear the Camo Print: Look of the Week

what to wear with camo pants

This season we’re seeing camouflage everywhere! It’s the new way to wear the military style, one of the key trends this season. My favorite piece is camo pants but there are lots of options: jackets, shoes, bags, scarfs, skirts, …

3 Quick Tips for Camo Prints

  1. Camouflage prints look edgy and masculine so balance them with very feminine, pretty pieces: think lace, pleats, sequins, gold jewelry, high heels, …
  2. Camouflage prints stand out so let them be the main focus of your outfit. Wear camo prints with simple pieces in neutral colors. Nude is a great option!
  3. If you like this print but you’re not ready to invest in pants or a jacket go for a camo scarf or bag.

Who Can Wear Camo Prints?

Every woman can wear them. Just choose pieces that you like and adapt them to your body. There are lots of camouflage pieces available this year and the most trendy are camo pants and jackets.

If you have large legs wear camo skinny pants with a long top that hits around your mid-thight, where your legs begin to look smaller. Then add some high-heels for a leg-lengthening effect. Or choose a camo jacket or accessory instead.

Where to Wear Camo Prints?

Camo prints are casual and are fantastic for creating casual-chic outfits. They can also look great at an informal event (pair them with other chic, sophisticated pieces) and you can even wear them to the office (just choose a muted pallete and classic cut).

More Camo Looks

Photo: That’s Not My Age

camo print how to wear
Photo: Fab Sugar

what to wear with camo
Photo: Who What Wear

Get This Look

You can find similar items at Zara, Forever 21, Asos, H&M, Topshop, Net-a-Porter, …

Skinny Camouflage Military Trousers: Chiara Fashion UK

Floral brocade and silk-chiffon top: Antonio Berardi

Edie gold-tone hinged collar necklace: Chloé

Cosmic patent-leather pumps: Jimmy Choo

Embellished Shoulder Bag: Moschino Cheap & Chic

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  1. Suburban Style Challenge

    I love camouflage and am so glad it’s back in vogue! Love the idea of flirting it up with lacy, light pieces.

    1. Lena

      I also love camouflage and it looks great with feminine pieces :)

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