Casual-Chic Style: Two Steps to Look More Chic

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This is one of those questions I get asked a lot:

“I always wear jeans and sneakers. How can I change my style and look more sophisticated?”

Many women have a very casual, sporty style in their teens (they usually wear jeans, t-shirts and sneakers) – simple and comfortable.

When they’re no longer teenagers and/or start to work, they want to change the way they dress, but they don’t identify with the classic style (straight leg pants, shirts, pencil skirts, blazers, …)

Is this you?

If it is, don’t worry, help is on the way ;)

It’s really easy to have a more chic, sophisticated, elegant style, and keep wearing the casual pieces you love so much (and that’s great because I also LOOOOVE casual pieces).

The problem is that jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, cargo pants, and so on, are sporty/casual pieces and when you only wear those kind of pieces you get a style that is… too casual!

It’s great for teenagers or a weekend but it’s not appropriate for all occasions or for the office.

What’s the solution?

Very simple. You like casual pieces. You want to look more chic. You need the casual chic style.

To recreate it have to combine your casual pieces with other classic or sophisticated items.

How to Recreate a Casual-Chic Look

Follow two steps:

1. Choose 1 or 2 casual (or sporty) pieces to wear
  • Sporty Pieces: sneakers, t-shirts, striped pieces, any piece associated with sports, etc.
  • Casual Pieces: jeans, any denim piece, leggings, cargo pants, large and relaxed pieces (tops, knits, dresses), flowing dresses or in a casual fabric like cotton, flat boots or ankle boots, etc.
2. Combine with sophisticated or classic pieces / accessories
  • Classic Pieces: blazer, chanel jacket, pencil skirt, straight classic pants, shirts, classic dresses (like a shirt dress), classic shoes (ballet flats, pumps, closed-toe shoes), etc.
  • Sophisticated Pieces: any piece in a more chic fabric (silk, leather, fur, …), pieces with a sophisticated or fashionable style (asymmetric, peplum), sophisticated shoes (high-heels, stilletos or embelished sandals), structured pieces (jackets), feminine pieces.
  • Accessories: handbags, earrings, stacked rings or bracelets, a big cocktail ring, bib necklace or statement necklace, sunglasses, leather belts, etc.

Casual-Chic Looks

Casual + Classic Pieces

Combine your casual pieces with a fur coat or jacket, blazer, cardigan, chanel style jacket, ballet flats, straight skirt, feminine shirt, pumps, trench coat, knee-high boots, classic trousers.

Fur jacket

casual chic style classic lovely pepa

Blazers & Other classic style jackets

casual chic style classic blazer 2

casual chic style classic blazer cameron

jessica alba 2 010812

casual chic style classic jacket nicky hilton


jessica_alba_printed_dress casual chic style


casual chic style classic kate bosworth

casual chic style shirt plus size

Trench Coat

casual chic style classic plus size

Straight Skirts

Kate Bosworth goes shopping with Fiance Michael Polish

casual chic style KateBosworth

Classic Trousers

casual chic style classic pants

Casual + Sophisticated Pieces

Combine your casual pieces with leather pants or leggings, beautiful tops, asymmetric tops, a maxi skirt, high-heels, embellished flats, leather jackets.

Leather pants

casual chic style sophisticated

casual chic style leathr leggings

Beautiful & Chic Tops

casual chic style blouse

casual chic style kate-bosworth 2

jessica alba 310812

casual chic style large blouse

casual chic style sophisticated plus size

Asymmetric Tops

Jessica Alba texts on her iPhone and carries a binder as she makes her way into a building on Hollywood Blvd

Maxi Skirt

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren take their daughters Honor and Haven out for lunch at Newsroom in Los Angeles

 High-Heels & Embellished Flats

casual chic style jessica alba

casual chic style flat sandals

Leather Jackets or Vests

casual chic style classic leather jacket

casual chic style leayher vest

Casual + Accessories

Handbags, Sunglasses, Scarfs, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Belts, Hats

casual chic style accessories lovely pepa

ashley tisdale 250712

Heidi Klum leaves The Grove with her daughters Lou and Leni after going to see the film "Rio" together

casual chic style accessories jessica 5

casual chic style accessories jessica alba

casual chic style accessories jessica alba 2

casual chic style accessories jessica alba 4

casual chic style accessories kate walsh 2

casual chic style accessories Kate-Bosworth-Style

casual chic style accessories plus size

casual chic style accessories plus size 2

What about you?

Do you like the casual chic style? How will you wear it?



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  1. Amethyst Mahoney

    I think this is great look for most women. Not too casual, but not too overdone, either. There were many pictures in this post that I liked, and several I really didn’t, haha. :-D

    I’m still trying to find my style, and thankfully I now live in a place where there are actually stores with great clothes to choose from! I’ve noticed that I do go for a more casual look, but I also like a skirt with my knee-high boots on the weekend. And HUGE jewelry. Not too many pieces, you know. One giant necklace is enough. Next up – giant ear rings (without the necklace, of course!). :-)

    1. Lena

      haha, I’m glad you liked many ;)
      I also love this style and I tend to go for a more casual look. Huge jewelry is great because it really makes the difference in a simple outfit and I agree, just one big piece is enough, and looks better!

  2. Lianne-carla Savage (@LianneCarlaS)

    Great post and selection of pics. I’m sure I’ll be back to browse through these a few times.

  3. Kristina @CorporateFashionista

    I’m all for a casual look that’s got some chic elements to it. Thanks for showcasing so many different outfit options and highlighting the style science behind each look. Nobody does casual chic like Cameron Diaz, but I do have to say Jessica Alba is starting to win me over too. I’m drooling over that first look too…neutrals paired with a red shoe…yes, please! ;)

    1. Lena

      You’re welcome Kristina,
      I also love the first look, it’s from the blog Lovely Pepa, she has awesome casual chic looks :)

  4. Linda Ursin

    I don’t do casual chic myself. Some days I’m overly casual, others I’m closer to a domina or a witch than chic :)

    1. Lena

      You should try it Linda, it’s a style that is very easy to wear, comfortable and looks great!

  5. Leanne Chesser

    Ooh, I love all the gorgeous pictures and the shoes in the second pic are amazing! Yes, I like the casual chic style. Shoes and blazers work for me to add a bit more sophistication to the casual things I enjoy.

    1. Lena

      Thanks Leanne :)
      Shoes and Blazers are great options to make a more sophisticated look!

  6. Jan

    I’ve never really thought about “style”. Browsing those pics I love the cable knit baggy jumper with the maroon leggings – I could see myself wearing that, perhaps in a darker colour!

    1. Lena

      You should try that look then Jan, it’s a great way to learn about our style!

  7. Emily

    I actually really like the casual chic style and think I will be wearing the looks a lot more frequently now that I now I can safely pair my business attire, fashionable pieces, and casual clothes in a way that will work for everything!

    1. Lena

      That’s great Emily! You’re right, it’s a very versatile style and you can mix a lot of different pieces together! You’ll find a lot more outfits in your closet ;)

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