What do you want to wear today?

Something warm, something fresh, something else ;)?

This weather is quite anoying because we never know what to wear…

It’s not hot enough for the marvellous spring clothes you have waiting in your closet and it’s not cold enough for a complete winter outfit.

Plus you’re probably sick and tired of winter outfits (at least I am…).

But you don’t need to feel bad about what you wear, because there are easy solutions to create an outfit that:

  • you can change as the temperature changes,
  • feels like spring,
  • looks awesome and stylish,
  • makes you feel comfortable and happy about how you look (again)!

And there’s an upside to this unpredictable weather: you can create some creative looks combining Spring and Winter pieces.

So, without further ado here are…

5 Easy Ways to Create Fabulous Winter to Spring Outfits

1. Layer on Top

First things first. Let’s start with layers because they are the key to transition from winter to spring comfortably and in style. The weather is unpredictable but if you layer light and warm clothes you’ll have a look that you can change as the temperature rises (or falls).

So you can forget about heavy knits and other very warm pieces. Choose a light top, dress or knit instead and combine with warm pieces that you can take off when the temperature rises during the day (and put on when it falls again).

Here are the layers:

  1. Start with a thermal tee or basic top.
  2. Add a light top (t-shirt, blouse) + a light cardigan (or a light sweater or sweatshirt).
  3. Optional: A light jacket (blazer, leather jacket, denim jacket, …)
  4. If you’re still cold, wear a winter coat on top.

This way you will never feel too hot or cold during the day!

transition from winter to spring winter coat

transition from winter to spring layers

transition from winter to spring layering denim jacket

2. Wear Boots or Ankle Boots + a Dress, Skirt or Shorts

This creates a cool outfit, especially if it’s not too cold and you don’t need to wear tights. You can also wear socks or high socks (but to make it work you need to be absolutely confident about it)!

Taylor waves

transition from winter to spring boots and tights 2

transition from winter to spring shorts and boots

transition from winter to spring skirt

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 12.17.55 PM


3. Change the Colors or Prints

In winter we usually wear darker colors, and in Spring / Summer, pastels, lighter colors or bright colors.

White bottoms are also more common on Spring and Summer.

And there are some typical Spring prints like flowers.

To create a lighter look wear a piece with a light or bright color or a Spring print and you’ll feel more Summer-ish.

transition from winter to spring rolled up pants and color

transition from winter to spring color

transition from winter to spring layering

transition from winter to spring layering 3

transition from winter to spring

transition from winter to spring sweatshirt

4. Try Cropped (or Rolled Up Pants) + Ballet flats, Pumps or Ankle Boots

Show some ankle skin, it’s on trend and a great look for Spring. You can wear sheer tights or socks to feel warmer.

transition from winter to spring cropped pants

transition from winter to spring cropped pants

transition from winter to spring show ankles

transition from winter to spring show your ankles

5. Wear scarfs

They keep your neck warm, add style and you can take them off easily in the afternoon when the temperature goes up (and put them in your bag).

transition from winter to spring scarfs winter coat


transition from winter to spring show ankles 3

transition from winter to spring layering 2

5 Key Basic Pieces for Fabulous Winter to Spring Outfits

If you don’t have the basics for layering, here is a quick list. You can find all these basics at Zara, Mango, Top Shop, …

  1. Light cardigans in many colors, short and/or long (at least beige, black, grey, navy blue)
  2. Light Jacket like a Black Blazer, Leather jacket (in camel or black) or Denim Jacket
  3. A Trench coat (or army green parka)
  4. Ankle boots and Ballet flats
  5. Scarfs

What Do You Think?

In the comments below I’d love to hear from you.

Did you learn something new on this post?

How do you make the transition from Winter to Spring? Do you have some style tips to share with other women?



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  1. Ronja Venus Andersson Reply

    Girl, you read my mind! ;)

    Don’t know if this blog post is relevant all over the world, but the weather is EXACTLY like that over here in Holland. And yes I’m tired of winter outfits.

    My favorite outfit for this time of spring is ankle boots with tight jeans or short skirt + short jacket + big fluffy scarf.

    I left my ankle boots at a beach cafe in Thailand a month ago (too warm), but now I’m back in cold Europe…
    … and I’d love to switch from my winter coat to a nice little jacket…

    … so on my shopping list now is ankle boots and spring jacket!

    Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    • Lena Reply

      Hi Ronja,
      You’re welcome!
      I love your favorite outfit, sometimes it’s exactly what I wear :)
      Thailand, that’s awesome, I love Phuket!
      Can’t wait for the good weather here in Europe too, it’s coming ;)

  2. I did learn something new; in fact, I changed what I was going to wear to school today after reading your article. I did the short jacket over long cardigan over basic top with jeans look. Felt much more stylish than what I was wearing before. Thanks for the ideas!

    • Lena Reply

      You’re welcome Hannah,
      That’s a great option and I’m so glad you felt more stylish :)

  3. Great ideas. Love that you gave lots of examples, that way I’m more likely to find a look I could go with. Except the rolled or cropped pants with heels, sorry, I know they’re fashionable, it’s just not a look for me. Never has been. That’s ok, there are enough different looks, everyone can be happy with their choices. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Lena Reply

      Thanks Nita :)
      That’s absolutely right, we should only wear what we love and makes us feel comfortable!

  4. Lena, this was delightful. You really put a lot of effort into this post. I’ve always been conservative in my mode of dress. You’ve given me some ideas how I can punch it up a little bit.

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