Hair Trends: Should You Get Bangs?

11441680524_d81859bf92_oWant to change the way you look in a second?

Easy! Just get bangs ;)

That’s what I did and now I have to say, I like them although I’m still thinking “Why did I do it?” ;)

But I already know the answer… it was because I wanted to change (I was REALLY tired of my hair) and because I’m loving to see this trend on other women.

Now I’m not completely crazy about them, but it sure feels good to change. Why I’m not crazy about them? Because I already noticed that they’ll give me a lot of work. ;)

I’ll have to go to the hairdresser a lot more times because my hair is very wavy so I probably won’t be able to style it at home and look good.

But I will try ;)

It would be much easier if I had straight hair!

If you want to try bangs, ask for the opinion of a good hairstylist. They make a long face look smaller and they also help to disguise a big forehead. Straight hair is ideal. If you have curly hair, you’ll probably regret getting bangs because you’ll have to straighten them constantly!

Here are some women rocking this trend (to get this look the bangs should end below the eyebrows):

Image: Lovely Pepa
bangs 2
Image: Kourtney Kardashian
bangs 3
Image: Kourtney Kardashian
bangs 4
Image: Frankie Sandford

What about you?

Are you going to try bangs?
Have you tried it? How was it?


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  1. Linda Ursin

    I’ve had bangs before, and I doubt I’ll be going back to that. For many reasons:

    I have three swirls at the front, making it impossible to get it to stay where I want it to.
    I have a lot of hair, so it would be hard to manage
    I find them annoying when they get that little bit too long
    If they’re shorter than my chin, I get blemishes because they bend inward.
    and so on.

    Right now, all my hair is about the same length. I think I’ll change my up-do instead of getting bangs again :)

    1. Lena

      Yeah, my hair has a lot of volume so I know exactly what you mean, it’s very hard to manage ;)
      But it feels good to have a different haircut :).

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