How to Wear Cargo Pants: Wardrobe Basics

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Do you like Cargo Pants?

I love them, because they give a sporty vibe :)

In the past few seasons, the most used cargo pants are olive skinny cargo pants,
which are a great choice!


Because olive is a pretty neutral colour and skinny pants always look stylish!

Easy Styling

1. As I said, cargo pants are a sporty, kind of masculine piece, so they look great with chic and more feminine pieces. Try them with a lux knit or cute feminine blouse
(ex: a cashmere beige sweater, a nude lace blouse or a sweatshirt with a feminine print like flowers).

2. Olive works with almost any colour because it’s a neutral tone, but some classic combinations are white (or beige), red, pink and black.

3. Wear it with a stylish jacket (denim, leather, blazer), a cardigan or a classic coat.

4. Finally the shoes: it looks great with feminine shoes like ballet flats, pumps or sandals but you can also wear them with ankle boots.

Who Can Wear Cargo Pants?

Everybody! Just look for the right placement of the pocket, especially if you have large legs: it shouldn’t hit mid hip because it adds bulk.

It’s great if it’s a bit above the knee, where your thigh starts to narrow down.

Where to Wear Them?

They’re too sporty for a formal work or party, but they look great in casual-chic and casual looks.

Get This Look

Cotton Cargo Trousers Philip Lim @Browns
Cotton-blend Sweater IRO @Net-a-porter
Classic Bailey brushed suede boots UGG
Varsity appliquéd suede pouch Charlotte Olympia @Net-a-porter
Oxidized silver-plated Swarovski crystal ear cuff Ryan Storer @Net-a-porter

More Looks

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how to wear cargo pants lena penteado 5
Image: Keyko Model

how to wear cargo pants lena penteado 4

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Image: Fashion Avenue
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Image: My Fashion Mirror

What do you think?

Do you have cargo pants? Are they on your shopping list? How do you wear them?

Let us know in the comments below.

I’d love to hear from you!


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