What to Wear If You Work From Home or If You’re a Stay at Home Mom (or How to Wear Leggings)

what to wear to work at home
This may seem counter intuitive but …

It’s when you work from home (or you’re a stay at home mom) that you need to be more careful about the way you look.


Because when you spend most of your time at home and you don’t have a formal job to go to, you can wear anything at all.

Nobody will see you anyway and there are lots of good reasons to stop caring about the way you look – like:

  • you’ll have more time to work (or for your kids),
  • you’ll save your clothes for important occasions,
  • and you won’t have to decide what to wear every day.

fotoBesides, you have a business to run (or you need to take care of your kids) so you have a lot on your plate already, right?

The only problem is that if you don’t like the way you look, you don’t feel good. And that means you don’t perform as well, in your business or taking care of your kids.

On the other side, when you take care of your image you feel good about yourself and also more professional.

I spend most of my days at home, and I realised that having a morning routine where self-care is my top priority, is the key to starting my day the right way and being much more productive. It really makes all the difference.

Not too long ago I had a “wear at home clothes” drawer, full of leggings and t-shirts that were too old or baggy to wear outside. And that was when I didn’t spend most of my morning in my pajamas.

But now I always get dressed in my regular clothes before I start working. I’ve learned that I need to take care of myself first, because if I don’t feel good, nothing else works. There’s no way around it :).

Choosing a nice outfit every day, that makes you feel stylish and comfortable, should be an essencial part of your self-care routine.

Of course this doesn’t mean that I wear a complete suit to work at home ;). I also like to keep things simple and I have an “uniform” I usually wear. And the basis is one special piece that I recommend whether you work from home or spend your time chasing your kids: Leggings.

Leggings are great because they’re so comfortable, easy to wear and stylish. And they’re one of those trendy pieces that will be around for a lot more time.

You may think that leggings are kind of like sweat pants and that they won’t make you look stylish at all. Well, they can be as comfortable as sweat pants, for sure, but if you know how to wear them, they can look pretty pretty stylish ;)

    Easy Styling for Leggings

    1. Always wear leggings with a long top to cover your butt. The easiest way to style them in Winter is with a large, long sweater (but not too long, or you look shorter). Another option is wearing a regular t-shirt or sweatshirt with a long cardigan (mixing different fabrics looks great).
    2. Leggings look great with most types of shoes: boots, ankle boots, ballet flats, sandals, and so on. When I’m working from home I love to wear my “ugg” style boots. Primark is a great place to buy them for a great price (and they have all the basic colours.)
    3. And on those days you don’t want to think at all, throw on black leggings with a large black sweater – it always looks cool.

    Who Can Wear Leggings

    Everyone can wear them. If you have large legs choose dark leggings – black, brown or blue are great options.

    Where to Wear Them

    At home of course, and everywhere, except for formal occasions. For parties or events choose leather leggings or jeggings that look like skinny jeans.

    Choose The Right Leggings

    • It’s important to choose the right leggings. I’m not talking about thin cotton leggings, like those you wear for the gym or sleeping. The fabric should be flexible but strong. Leather leggings are also comfortable. Zara has lots of models.
    • Leggings should be tight but to work from home I like to choose a comfortable size that isn’t too tight.
    • Another great option is jeggings – they’re denim leggings. Zara has lots of models and if you want to buy a softer fabric (and if you’re not very tall), try the kids section. The only problem is that they tend to lose their shape so buy them really tight.

    Get Inspired!

    what to wear at home 2

    what to wear at home 3

    what to wear at home


    what to wear at home 4

    what to wear at home 5

    what to wear at home 6

    what to wear at home 7

    what to wear at home 8

    what to wear at home 9

    In the comments below I’d love to know:

    Do you like leggings? What do you usually wear at home?



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  1. Maria Kayumi

    Love this, Lena! A pair of black leggings for the first thing I bought after using the CYOU app and going through the Style Basics course, and I love them! Definitely going to invest in a few more pairs to wear around the house and get a bit more adventurous (time to ditch that “wear at home clothes” drawer!) Thank you xx

    1. Lena

      Thanks so much Maria :) It’s great to know that you’re ditching that drawer and that the app and course gave you that insight right away! I also have lots of leggings, they’re a great investment :)

  2. Ali

    Love this post! I live in my leggings but don’t look near this chic or hot with my outfits! I’d love to find some of these pieces!! GORGE!!!! Xo, Ali

    1. Lena

      Hi Ali, you can try H&M, Zara, Mango, Primark, they have great pieces and reasonable prices ;)

  3. Jennifer S

    Such a great post! I love leggings, but am always terrified to wear them in public. Your suggestions actually make them look chic and classy; makes me want to break out a pair and actually wear them out instead of under my jeans!

    1. Lena

      Jennifer, I’m glad to hear that. You should definitely go for it, they can look very chic if you combine them with more sophisticated pieces!

  4. Kendra

    Love this! I totally agree that it is important to “dress” while working from home. Sure you look better but you absolutely feel better as well.

    Have really been wanting to try leggings and you have given me the inspiration to do so. Guess I need to go shopping today!

    1. Lena

      Yes, that’s so true, we really feel better! It’s great to know I inspired you Kendra, you won’t regret buying them, they’re a great investment :)

  5. Jenny

    Love this!! I wear leggings often. As a yoga teacher it’s the best transition from working from home to working in the studio. I call it my everyday yogi style. I always wear a cute top over them and look out together. Thanks for this fun fashion article!

    1. Lena

      You’re welcome Jenny! I love that expression “yogi style” ;), I love yoga too!

  6. Jo Ebisujima

    Great post! So easy for us WAHM/SAHM to fall into the trap of just chucking any old crap on! I basically live in leggings/yoga pants at home :)

  7. Leanne Chesser

    I don’t like leggings because of how close-fitting they are. I don’t like skinny jeans for the same reason. For comfort, they’d be awesome at home, though . . . certainly much better than my jammy pants or sweat pants :).

    1. Lena

      You need to give it a try Leanne, once you get used to them they become addictive ;) Start with yoga pants!

  8. Jennifer Gabiola

    I totally agree, Lena! Feeling good is number one to honoring yourself and your self-care. I love wearing things I adore because it’s my own way to express who I truly am on the inside. I feel like it’s my way to celebrate my inner spirit. :)

    1. Lena

      Jennifer, I totally agree with you too! With style we can express who we truly are (and learn more about ourselves), I love your words ;)

  9. Carlaquarius

    Guilty of wearing PJ’s to work on my couch! ;) Love this post – even when creativity has struck and you’re drawn right to the laptop, there’s a quick bathroom or snack break where, if your closet’s prepped with the items you mentioned, you can easily get yourself “ready” for the day and ditch the jammies! :) Thanks for the insights, Lena!

    1. Lena

      :D, Thanks Carla! And you’re welcome. That’s so true, you can dress very quickly and easily when you’re wearing leggings!

  10. Medal Hangers

    Great article! My friends constantly ask why I don’t just wear pyjamas but I really feel more productive when I’m dressed well. At the same time it’s good to have a routine so you don’t waste too much time picking an outfit in the morning. All about finding a balance I guess.

    1. Lena

      Yes it’s true, we feel more productive and professional :) xoxo

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