Bomber Jacket or Aviator Jacket: Definition

bomber-jacket-definition-and-why-classic8A Bomber jacket (or aviator jacket) is traditionally made of leather and has a fitted or elastic waist, a zippered front, and sometimes a fleece collar.

It’s a piece originally created for pilots.

It became part of the popular culture and fashion.

3 Tips for Styling a Bomber or Aviator Jacket

  1. A bomber/aviator jacket is a masculine piece so wear it with feminine pieces and details for contrast.
  2. It’s a casual piece so try it with chicer ones, for a casual-chic look.
  3. Choose a neutral color (like olive green or black) for your first jacket, to wear it with everything. It’s a great basic for your wardrobe

Nowadays, the bomber and aviator models are different, see how in the photos below:

Bomber Jackets




Aviator Jackets




History of the Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is a classic masculine piece.

It has been around for 100 years.

The bomber jacket (also called flight, bombardier or aviator jacket) was originally created for pilots.

First Version

At the time of the World War I, pilots needed to stay warm at higher altitudes, so the US army established the Aviation Clothing Board, that began manufacturing the first flight jackets.


Sheepskin Version

During World War II the professional parachutist Leslie Irvin (the first person to free-fall parachute jump in 1919) changed the design of the flight jacket. Technology allowed aircrafts to fly at higher altitudes and to keep pilots warm, he designed the classic RAF sheepskin flying jacket.

Knit Collar Version

Between 1949 to 1950 there were a few changes to the bomber jacket. Most notably, the fur collar was replaced with a knit collar, primarily because the fur collar got in the way of the parachute harness.


The bomber jacket is a great classic piece to have in your wardrobe.

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