Learning about your style can be quite easy.

Basically it’s about learning more about yourself.

At the same time it’s an ever evolving process as you keep changing and keep discovering more and more.

Having style isn’t just about knowing yourself, but that’s what makes it effortless.

The other part is about what you need to know and do. Like knowing the theory (some key rules and ideas that will help you navigate through the start).

The theory part helps you know what works and doesn’t to the human eye, what favors your body, how to show and disguise certain parts of your body, etc.

9f191f1735d187a00ecde5042ed0e0cdFor example: If you’re struggling with postpartum weight or your body shape, wearing the right pieces for you, that flatter your body, makes you feel fabulous and super confident.

The theory part is relatively easy, it’s not rocket science and you can learn it pretty quickly.

The harder part is practicing because you need to keep at it, but it won’t be that hard if you have the CYOU app.

It’s the application I created to help you get dressed in an amazing outfit easily and while you learn about your style.

The system I implemented in the app is the one that taught me how to have style, back then when I didn’t know how to look the way I wanted.

Remembered what I told you in the last post about my struggle to be stylish?

Style theory in the CYOU app

6edc00edd7e4ea7e21c712e669ea3d1dThe app will also help you with the theory because there are certain ways of creating outfits that work, and you can see the women who already know how to look stylish and learn from them.

The app made all the difference for me and it can make all the difference for you.

Because the truth is that, when you don’t know what to wear with your leggings, wouldn’t it make all the difference to have 100+ outfits (each chosen by me) from the best fashion bloggers in the world, to tell you how you can and should wear them?

In the CYOU app you can choose any piece you want and see how to wear it in a lot of different ways, to look stylish.

4c6a22148445909b93206304a6d3ce97As you learn how to style your piece, you also learn more about the kind of pieces you love.

You learn the styling part + more about your personal style, and ultimately, you.

In the app you have the most important part of what I learned in the last 9 years.

Just by using it you’ll discover key fashion concepts like: what are the most used pieces (so the best investments)? what are the most usual prints? how to wear them? and the number of questions you can answer is BIG :).

I use the app to choose outfits for every day and any occasion. And answer all my fashion questions!

If you’re here, you want to learn more about your style! To change it next year check out the app below.

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More about the CYOU app

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