8742861There are lots of ways to learn how to have beautiful skin.

The last time I went to the dermatologist, he told me:

“- Your skin looks very dull, let’s start by taking care of your skin.”

He gave me a lot of very good creams and I noticed the difference.

This time I was going to go there again but instead I decided to follow Sofia Vergara’s advice. She’s an actress in the “Modern Family” series, that I love to see with my kids. She’s my age and has great skin (at least it looks like she has ;))!

She says that she always used Creme de La Mer (and started many years ago) so I decided to give it a try.


You probably already heard about it because the cream is pretty famous. Because it’s expensive and because it makes a difference ;)

I only started using it now and I don’t know the final results yet. But I’m enjoying the experience, at least now that I bought it I have to use it (at night), so I finally started using cream at night which I never did. I only used day cream always but I “forgot” many times at night.

Well, there comes a time (for me it’s this one ;)) when we need to be more careful and night time is a great time to use good creams because the skin regenerates more. It’s also important to go to bed early (before 11 pm).


I also bought a cream for the eyes contour, from Clinique. I chose it because it’s one of my favourite brands for eye contour, along with Estée Lauder, only because I already tried a lot and these have the textures I like the most. They’re very good to apply and leave the skin really soft.

I was lucky because in El Corte Ingles (in Lisbon) they’re doing a promotion: the cream I wanted was part of a package with free mascara, eye make up remover and a little makeup bag. If you’re in Lisbon you can maybe find this promotion. You can see the package on the photo above.

In conclusion, here’s how to have beautiful skin:

  1. Use good creams: in the morning one with uv protection (30+ in Winter and 50+ in Summer) and at night one that helps the skin to regenerate.
  2. Invest in a good eye contour cream. They last a lot of time so they’re not that expensive.
  3. Clean the skin before applying any cream, to prepare the skin.
  4. And apart from this, another very important thing is eating well, sleeping well and every rule of a healthy life :)

In the comments below tell me: Which is your favourite skin routine? What are your favourite products? Why?


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