Do you know how things can feel hard?

I do, that’s why my new hashtag is #letitbeeasy ;)

If you’re like me, you may feel that your life so far has been a struggle.

Fight to be in control of everything.

Fight for the perfect life, to achieve your goals, to be happy, to be able to buy and do what you want, fight for everything.

I’ve only recently realized that my life has been a constant struggle. The struggle to be better, to know more, to achieve, to get there.

And of course the problem of fighting non-stop, it comes a point when we don’t have more energy.

And then we start to realize that sometimes, we fought so hard and we did it and in the end we ruined everything anyway: for example, when I searched and searched and I tried to have that house that I wanted. But in the end, I didn’t believe in myself and I let it go, right under my eyes – this already happened to me twice, by the way ;)

So, fighting worked, but then what I believed wasn’t at the level it needed to be. So I fought and stayed the same … I doubted myself and it all went downhill.

That’s why I decided to stop fighting. Now I don’t fight anymore. Now I let things come to me because I’m tired. Tired of running, of making it happen, of working endlessly for a purpose and realizing that because of that I left behind so many other important things.

What I want now is balance, in everything. I want things to be easy for me. And already they’re becoming much easier!

If you believe in the law of attraction, here’s a great exercise, from the book “Ask and it’s Given – Esther and Jerry Hicks”: on your list of things to do, separate aside those things you want the Universe to do for you, and expect it to happen.

I did it the other day and it went perfectly. I was going out for the weekend and I usually have to pack my two kids bags or at least help them (my daughter, bless her, always packs by herself ;)). I didn’t feel like making my suitcase either. When I was organizing the day I thought – this is for the Universe. When we went to pack, my husband told my kids to do it and I don’t know why, no one asked me for help. When I went to make my bag, a task that I usually don’t feel like doing at all, I wasn’t feeling stressed at all. I thought – how can this be easy? I realised right away that it could be very is, it was I who made it hard all these years… So I packed the suitcase in an instant without effort. All I needed was: 1 pajamas, an outfit for the next day, underwear, toothbrush and things for my contact lenses. Easy!

What about you, do you feel like you’re always fighting? How can you make it easier? Share your thoughts in the comments below and give us some ideas ;)


P.S. One thing that has been quite easy for me is my style, because I know what I like to wear and what makes me feel good (or not). And because I also found a method that answers all the doubts I have and gives me inspiration when I need it: the Choose Your Outfit style app. See more here. xxx

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