Today I’m talking about my most recent experience with my style.

And it has to do with visibility.

I heard a lot about this topic, both in business courses and in business or self-development coaching.

And what does this have to do with you, you ask ;)?

Well, if you don’t want to be visible for some reason, it will absolutely influence your style. Being visible is about not being afraid to show who you are. It’s about being YOU.

What I’ve noticed lately is that I’ve spent most of my life hiding, trying to go unnoticed, for several reasons. One of them is the fear of being judged, criticized. It’s a very common fear.

Of course, I’ve heard about being visible more than a thousand times, and though I understood very well the idea, it never really sunk in… maybe because I wasn’t ready to listen yet, or maybe because I wasn’t interested in changing, or any other reason.

But lately, this message has been very present in my life. I look to one side and there it is, I look at the other and it’s there: Be yourself. The answer is inside. Don’t be afraid to show who you are. Be authentic. BE AUTHENTIC.

Maybe a few months ago, I would edit this post after I wrote it and I would change several things: “Look at this sentence here, it might be too much, this may be misunderstood, this thing here doesn’t sound that interesting.” – and I thought I was being authentic. But I wasn’t because I was editing what I really thought so it “sounded better”, so I didn’t offend anyone, to look good for everyone…

Lately, I realized the value of being authentic. And I can tell you that it feels great, it’s a feeling of freedom. It’s a feeling that you can finally be yourself and you don’t care what other people think. Why? Because then, those who resonate with you will find you faster and those who don’t will go away faster too. Then you’ll be with the people who really get you.

So, what does authenticity as to do with your style?

The problem is that when you’re not authentic, when you’re afraid to show who you are to the world, your style will also reflect that. Now I’m wearing a lot more things that I like, I’m taking more risks and each time with less fear. Wanna know why? Because, before I created my outfits the same way I created my articles for the blog: “I feel like wearing these shorts, but maybe they don’t look so good, these work for sure… today I want to wear this dress – ah, no, it’s too different and I’ll draw attention, what will people think of me? I’m going to wear skinny jeans and a t-shirt, that always works.”

But just because I still looked good and liked my style, it doesn’t mean I was being myself. I was hiding again. To stay invisible.

And now I’m much happier with my style and myself. Because I’m finally getting out of this need to be invisible so I don’t offend anyone. Of saying “what’s right” so I don’t upset anyone. Of wearing what is safe so I don’t have negative comments about my style.

I feel good about myself because I express myself as I am.

In the comments tell me: where are you being invisible? Where are you being inauthentic?



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