Today I want to tell you about a simple way to choose the best pieces for you. And how you can you have a Stylist – in this case, me – in your pocket ;)

Sounds weird? Here’s what I mean…

The other day a friend of mine who lives in New York, Cristina, wanted to buy some outfits to wear to some interviews. Since I couldn’t go with her (I live in Portugal), we did a Personal Shopping with messenger/email: Cristina sent me messages and emails with the pieces she found and the outfits she was thinking of doing, and we made the ideal looks for the interviews.

Now on the Easter Holidays, a similar situation happened: Cristina wanted to buy a gift for my daughter Catarina, but we couldn’t be together at the time. So she sent me pictures of the pieces/looks she liked and I have her feedback on what Catarina likes and needed at the time.

It was after this “shopping session” that Cristina told me that this might be a good product for my clients because she felt that with my help, it was much easier to decide what to buy and wear to the interviews. And also to choose the gift.

I also do something like that when I buy clothes for my kids: I use facetime or messages. Now they are practically all teenagers (my youngest is  12 and my eldest 16) so they already know very well what they want. When I see something I like I show it with facetime or send a pic, and they say whether they want it or not. It works out very well. The other day I was in doubt between two Star Wars sweaters for my eldest son, for me they were similar and equally good. Of course, he told me: I like the white one very much, I don’t like the black though ;)

In conclusion, I decided to launch a new program called … “Stylist in Your Pocket” because you can take your phone in your pocket ;)

The idea is to advise you on your purchases but in a very simple way. It may be for a special occasion, season shopping, a photo shoot, your kids, etc. Whenever you have a question you send me a message or email. I can help you with several things like:

  • If a piece is worth it,
  • How to combine a piece that you like with others,
  • If you try on an outfit and you don’t know what isn’t working: what to change and how you could improve.
  • Or any other questions you may have regarding your purchases.

You can send me a message (by messenger, what’s up) or an email.  We can also do this with the pieces of your wardrobe. In this case, it’s a shopping session in your own wardrobe ;)

One of the advantages of this system is that I can make a much more economic price than an in-person personal shopping. Another is that I can do it anywhere in the world ;)

I also have a special bonus for the first 5 people who invest in the program: an online evaluation of what you have now in the wardrobe, with advice on the essential pieces to buy/modify to create looks in your personal style, very easily.

If you want to know more about this program send a message to with the subject “Stylist in Your Pocket” and I’ll send you all the details and the link to buy.


P.S. This program will be on sale until 31 May and only for 10 people, if you’d like to use it, do it now. xxx

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