Wanna know how to create a more personal style?

Then you’ll like to know that following your intuition is the fastest way to create and find YOUR style. It’s THE key ;)

Something interesting happened to me today, more or less. I was walking down the street when I noticed a girl with a look that I loved. Similar to the one in the photo of the post (more or less because her pants were more beautiful and I added the bag and earrings ;)).

So far nothing new, I’m always noticing what people wear, to take ideas ;). The difference was that I remembered that, a few days ago, I loved to see the same kind of pants, in another girl. Some time ago this probably wouldn’t change anything for me, because I wasn’t aware of my intuition, the ideas I got through the day. Now, when I notice something more than once, I start to pay more attention ;) So I thought: “These pants are a piece that will make me happy.”

The funniest thing is that I never really notice printed pants, I’ve had ones some time but ago, but now they’re all in one tone. So if I didn’t notice what makes me feel good – in this case, inspired by these pants – the next time I went shopping I’d look for more of the same. And now I have a different idea.

So, the more you pay attention to yourself, your feelings, thoughts and tastes, the more your style will reflect who you are. And often it will also show you new things about yourself ;)

Now when something “pops” to me more than once, it’s a sign that it may have some meaning to me. And just as you use your intuition to create your style, you can also use it to create your life in general.

On the other hand, I also looked for bags online, to add to this set. When this one appeared I thought (and felt): “YES”! And then I thought to myself, “Maybe it won’t look good, the pants already have a print and it may look too confusing.” I tried it anyway because my first reaction was “yes”. Usually, the first answer we get is the right one, because it comes from our intuition. The next thoughts are already influenced by fears and limitations. I liked to see how it looked. Even though I still tried a black bag (the safe option), I didn’t like it as much …;)

In conclusion, here are …

Two Ways to Use Your Intuition to Create Your Style

Notice what “shows up” more than once. The more times that thing shows up, the more it’s a sign they’re right for you.

Go with your first idea, it’s usually what works best because it comes from your heart and not from your thoughts.

In the comments tell me: What has your intuition been telling you?



P.S. I’m launching a new program called “Stylist in Your Pocket” (because you can take your phone in your pocket ;))

The idea is to advise you on your purchases but in a very simple way. It may be for a special occasion, season shopping, a photo shoot, your kids, etc. Whenever you have a question you send me a message or email. I can help you with several things like:

  • Knowing if a piece is worth it,
  • How to combine a piece that you like with others,
  • If you try on an outfit and you don’t know what isn’t working: what to change and how you could improve.
  • Or any other questions you may have regarding your purchases.

You can send me a message (by messenger, what’s up) or an email. We can also do this with the pieces of your wardrobe. In this case, it’s a shopping session in your own wardrobe ;)

One of the advantages of this system is that I can make a much more economic price than an in-person personal shopping. Another is that I can do it anywhere in the world ;)

I also have a special bonus for the first 5 people who invest in the program: an online evaluation of what you have now in the wardrobe, with advice on the essential pieces to buy/modify to create looks in your personal style, very easily (this bonus is for the VIP option and I still have 2 openings).

If you want to know more about this program send a message to lena@lenapenteado.com with the subject “Stylist in Your Pocket” and I’ll send you all the details and the link to buy.


P.P.S. This program will be on sale until 31 May and only for 10 people, if you’d like to use it, do it now. xxx


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