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Today I’m writing about Alexandra’s makeover. She gained some weight because she had two kids in a row. Her body changed so she didn’t know what to wear anymore. She was also feeling a little outdated – she did not know how to use some of the trends she saw other women using. And she had a common doubt: how to look chicer and less sporty / casual (she has to be practical and comfortable during the day but also look sophisticated for meetings during the day).

I gave her some tips to favor her body right now. And to be able to use the new trends easily, and also create casual-chic outfits, I showed her my app that solves both situations. You can see more here.

The looks we chose for the makeover have to do with lengthening Alexandra’s figure so she feels more elegant, and also wearing the pieces she likes the most and make her feel more confident.

You can see the video with the makeover below (it’s in Portuguese):

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Some of the (many) photos

makeover 2

makeover 1

makeover 4

makeover 5

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