I want to ask you: Do you REALLY like your life?

Do you feel that it’s the life you had imagined?

Today I want to tell you about the formula to get everything you desire in your life :)

And it’s pretty simple … here it is:

How to Get Everything You Desire in Your Life

  1. Decide what you desire, exactly
  2. Be the person who already has what you desire
  3. Act to have what you desire (with small aligned steps)

For example in relation to your style this would look like this:

  1. DECIDING WHAT YOU DESIRE: Affirm and set your intention / goal relating to style. For example you can say that your goal is that on July 30, 2017 you love your style and feel 100% comfortable in it.
  2. BEING WHO ALREADY HAS WHAT YOU DESIRE: Be the person who already has the style you desire. This means to become that person now. You can answer these questions: “If I already had the style I desire, how would I dress? How would I walk? What would I do? What would I think?”
  3. ACT TO HAVE WHAT YOU DESIRE: After you enter the version that already has the style you desire, ask yourself, “What aligned action can I do today, to have the style I want?” Aligned action is an action that makes you feel good, that comes from your intuition, isn’t forced and is fun. For example it could be to buy a fashion magazine to get inspired, or to get ideas from Lena’s blog ;)

For the part of being your stylish version, here are some things I now do or believe, and that are different from what I did or believed when I didn’t like my style:

  • Before I thought that I needed to buy lots of new clothes to be able to have style. Now I know that I can use all the pieces in my wardrobe because I can adapt them to any outfit (except for those rare exceptions that shouldn’t be in my wardrobe – the pieces I no longer like ;)).
  • Before I thought that having style was difficult and only for people who had a natural ability for it. Now having style is super easy, I just go to my wardrobe and choose an outfit that I feel like wearing and makes me feel good, cute and comfortable.
  • Before I felt that getting dressed was another to do from my to do list, that I wanted to end quickly. It was hard because I didn’t feel like wearing another boring piece and I spent a lot of time feeling bad about the outfits I made.  Now choosing an outfit feels great and it’s super easy and a good part of my day. I always find things to wear in my wardrobe, even if I don’t buy new clothes.
  • Before I thought that to have style I had to spend a lot of money on new clothes so why bother? Now I know that having style has nothing to do with buying new pieces and I have the same style weather I wear clothes that I bought 5 years ago, or clothes that I bought yesterday.
  • Etc.

So today do this exercise, to start creating the style you desire:

  1. Write your goal / intention – what you desire around your style
  2. Write how your stylish version would think and act, what she would wear, etc.
  3. Ask yourself what aligned action you can take today, to have more style.

If you do this every day, you will change your style very quickly … and you can also use it for other areas of your life. If you feel like sharing, do it now and share in the comments below, I’d love to know more about you and give you some tips!



P.S. Do you want help with creating your ideal style and your ideal life? And changing your mindset and thoughts so you feel high-vibe most of the time?

I’m doing a new one-on-one coaching program, to support you in creating the life and style you desire. It’s about being in the right mindset and thinking the right thoughts so you feel high-vibe and good most of the time. And then acting from that place. That’s the best and fastest way to create what you want in your life ;)

We’ll talk about defining and creating your ideal life and your ideal style. And about having the right mindset to get you there. We’ll also decide on the right steps to take, that are aligned with who you are, so you feel in flow and at ease all the time. You are the creator of your life and I’ll be there supporting you along the way.

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Photo: Rachael Crowe

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