Where do you like to be? What do you like to do?

Last week I went to work at the beach for a few days.

Lately I realized that the most important thing is for you to know what you like, what makes you feel happy and do it every day. Because that’s what will make every day happy. And it’s often the little decisions that make one day happy, or not.

Some say that our only goal should be to feel joy. And each time I agree more.

The truth is that it’s impossible to feel good about ourselves and others when we don’t feel well inside. When we don’t take care of ourselves in a deeper way. Take the time to do what really makes us feel super good.

When I go to the beach, all my problems disappear, it seems that I’m on vacation and that everything is fine. That’s probably the best part about being on a vacation – you live in the present and don’t have problems. You’re relaxing and that’s why the problems stay for later, you’ll solve them when you return to the “real” everyday life.

But the holidays are also real, aren’t they? What if your reality started to be a vacation?

Once my eldest son told me this, “But mother, I’m always on vacation.”

I told him I was going to start doing it too: creating days when I feel like I’m always on vacation.

You create your life. Each of us creates our own life. With every thought, that leads to a feeling, which leads to an action. And each of these actions will take you closer to what you want (or farther away).

When I decided to go the beach, I started having second thoughts. I’m not used to it and so I started making excuses: “It’s too far away, it will be too hot, and so on”

But since I decided in the morning that I was going to do it and that it was going to make my day special, I decided to go for it.

In the end, the trip was great because I listened to music, it wasn’t hot at all, and the view was amazing. As soon as I got to the beach I felt that I was on vacation and that I was lucky because I could work there.

Of course in the ideal idea that had to work for me, I always imagined myself working on the beach;). Then the good weather would come, he could go to the beach, but he would not go, only very often.

This year I decided it was going to be different, that I’d go to the beach every weekend during summer. I went for a few days but nothing of what I had thought… with 3 teenage children sometimes it’s hard to make plans: one has a different program, the other doesn’t feel like going, etc.

Our habits end up stopping us from doing what we really like.

What changed everything for me was that, in that morning, I made a list of things that I was excited about for that day, with 10 things.

One of them was going to work at the beach. That’s why I didn’t give up, even with all the resistance.

If you start going to the beach every day, it will be the easiest path. You just need to overcome that natural and initial resistance to changing your life. With small actions every day, to do what’s really important and good for you.

In relation to your image and style, you can write in the “Things I’m excited for today” list:

  • Choose a super cool outfit
  • Relax in the hairdresser and go out feeling amazing
  • Take a one-hour walk in a garden or near the sea
  • etc.

So here’s a challenge for you: start writing (in the morning or at night) a list of the things you’re excited to do. This helps you notice more of the good things in your day, and also puts the things you want as a priority. And that way you won’t forget or give up easily.

Always include something that you like to do for yourself and that improves your image and your style.

It’s not easy to overcome the initial resistance, to accept that level of discomfort and fear that comes whenever we decide to do something different or new … but it’s good to get used to this discomfort, to make it almost a part of our daily lives.

We can begin to see this feeling as a friend who, at each step, pulls our arm and says in our ear: “Good, you’re doing something new and creating the life that makes you happy. Congrats.”

In the comments tell me: how can you make every day a holiday? What can you do every day to have this feeling?



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