Today I want to talk to you about getting what you want or desire. In this case, having style!

Look, for me to having style wasn’t easy.

When I went to school, I loved clothes and I liked to think about what to wear. But my mother didn’t care as much about clothes, she liked decoration more. She’d buy lots of stuff for the house (and I loved her decorations ;)).

I admired some friends of mine, who went with their mothers to buy what I thought were “the cute clothes”, and I was sorry I couldn’t buy them either. I remember going to my parent’s friend house and there was their daughter who was always super cute and well dressed. She had some plaid pants that I loved, and I wanted to have them too…

Now I think it may seem superficial, do some pants really matter? For me, at the time, those pants were amazing. They were cool, they made her look awesome, and I felt just like everybody else, with nothing interesting or different about me, in my usual clothes.

My clothes bring me different memories, a skirt that I loved and had to wear almost every day, a favorite sweater when I lived in Macao, my wedding dress that, to be frank, I think was the most beautiful in the world ;) – I’ll share a photo someday.

I also remember outfits I wore for important things, like the pants I wore when I went home for the first time with my eldest son. And they accompanied me that day, when I entered the house full of fear and I just wanted to cry – and I cried – because I didn’t know what to do at that moment. How would I take care of him? How could I? Perhaps clothes have no meaning for some people… For me those pants made me feel comfortable and they were a bit of a real, down to earth thing, that accompanied me, in a moment when life seemed a bit unreal to me – to arrive at my old house with my new child in my arms.

The skirts I used in my pregnancy, which my sister-in-law Teresa told me about because they were super comfortable. I went to Zara and bought some skits, knee length and with an elastic band at the belly. I adored those skirts, especially a red one. They were so comfortable and gorgeous. They were fresh for summer and I felt beautiful even with my giant belly ;) (I can’t wear pants in Summer, by the way!)

Clothes are something that I love to see, that I love to choose, to buy, to have, to try. They make me feel happy, inspired and beautiful.

Then they’re memories, moments that stay with me when I’m wearing one piece or another and I won’t forget. Like the day I said goodbye to someone special and I was wearing that t-shirt. Or the dress I wore at my grandmother’s funeral, and then I gave it away, because I realised I never wanted to wear it again.

I think clothes are part of our history, they’re part of our life. Objects may be only objects in a way. The statue of a mother with a son, that I see on my right, and reminds me of my love for my children. The statue that I have on my left, a gift from my sister, an angel with a butterfly about to fly in her hand, and reminds me to keep believing in my dreams.

The t-shirt I’m wearing now that says “Whatever you do, being yourself at last. Trust your instincts and inspire others. ” – couldn’t be more certain right now ;)

With all this I wanted to tell you that although objects are only objects, many have a special place in our hearts. And clothes, clothes also have a special place in your heart, especially if you like fashion and style.

“Clothes will not change the world, but the people who wear it will.” – For a long time I didn’t quite get this phrase, but now I finally understood it.

It’s that clothes are important because they’re worn by people, and they can make people feel confident, happy, joyful, beautiful, grounded. And that will help people change the world. Because no one changes the world if they’re feeling down depressed and unmotivated, don’t  you agree?

So today (and on other days), invest in you and your clothes!

The way we get what we want is to know what we want, to believe we can, and to act.

So here is…

A Simple Way to Improve Your Style

  1. Own that you want to have style, 100%
  2. Believe that you can
  3. Take small actions in that direction, such as buying a piece that you love with the certainty that it’s an investment in your well being and happiness.


Photo: Jessica Moore

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