Today I wanted to talk about what’s stopping you from having the style you desire.

It’s easy to stay trapped and hidden in the limitations that the world gives us (and that you give yourself).

For example, these types of thoughts:

  • Style is easy for some people, but I’m not one of them
  • Having style is difficult and it takes a lot of money to always look good
  • I’ve tried and failed, it’s difficult for me, why is this time going to be different?
  • That girl is skinny / young / cute, so it’s easy for her.
  • Etc.

What if I told you that it is possible, that it can be very easy and that anyone can have style?

What if I told you that style has nothing to do with your age, your body, your weight or your idea of your beauty?

Can you believe that?

I wanted to tell you that I know that everything is possible for you, and that in particular the style that you want to have is 100% possible for you.

In fact, if you desire it, its meant to come to you. It already belongs to you. And if you just let it, if you receive what comes to you, if you forget all your limitations and believe that it’s possible for you, you’ll begin to create the style you desire.

So, here are the …

Two Steps to Having the Style You Desire

  1. The first step, after you know what you want, is to believe. It’s knowing it’s done. That is completely possible for you.
  2. The second is acting to get what you want. Without acting, nothing will change, even if you believe.

To believe, forget your limitations. Better yet, write a list of all of them and next to each one write at least three reasons why they are complete lies. That way you’ll get past them.

I also believed in several of these limitations, including that I wasn’t born with style. That style was really easy for some special stylish women, and that’s why I couldn’t do it.

But after making the definite decision that I was going to change my style, I started discovering solutions that changed everything. And now I love my style!



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