Do you wanna know how to create gorgeous, original outfits?

It’s pretty simple!

You can transform an outfit completely, just by adding accessories:

  • from simple to tottaly different and eye catching
  • from casual to casual-chic or chic
  • and so on

You probably already heard that accessories make the difference and that’s because they do ;)

So here are….

10 Ways to Create Gorgeous, Different Outfits

Wear a Belt

This is really simple, but a belt can completely change an outfit or piece. For example, if you have a straight knee-length dress, and you wear it with a thin belt on the waist, you get a defined waist dress. If you wear it with a belt on the hips and pull a bit of the dress up, you get a mini dress. If you add an embelished belt to a simple outfit, it looks chicer, etc.


Wear a statement necklace

Just one statement necklace transforms your outfit. There are beautiful necklaces that make us feel amazing and create a different outfit.

Wear lots of pendant necklaces

This is a simple way to create a more interesting outfit. This type of necklaces also creates a more personal outfit, because you can choose pendants with a special meaning to you.

Change Your Shoes

There are lots of shoes that make the difference.  Because they’re colorful, or have laces, or the type of fabric. All of these will make your outfit look different.

Wear a Statement Clutch

You can wear a clutch as a day to day bag, and you have lots of different eye catching options. For the same reasons of the shoes on the point before.

Choose a Good Bag

A good quality or stylish bag is essential for a great outfit.

Wear Simple Pieces that look good on you and then add a statement accessory

The pieces in the outfit should favor your body and you, so that everything else works, including accessories. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a statement accessory, it looks better with a simpler outfit (usually).

Wear bracelets

Even better in Summer, because you can see them better ;) You can create a collection as you buy them from different places. Bracelets can also be really personal.

Add a scarf

Scarfs are great, specially during the mid-season and Winter. Since I discovered scarves, it’s really hard for me to feel cold, because there are warmer and less warm scarves. You can add them to change your outfit and feel super comfy.

There’s a rule: to create a gorgeous outfit, choose gorgeous accessories ;)

Sometimes this isn’t as easy as it looks, because you have so much to choose from. You can start by looking at beautiful accessories, that will get you inspired, so you know what to choose and wear, or what to buy when you go shopping.

Would you like to know more about accessories? Still having doubts?

For example: how to wear lots of necklaces or bracelets so it looks amazing? What accessories to choose for your body and face? How to combine different accessories? How to know what’s worth it? What to wear in a more chic or casual situation? What are the different accessories styles and how that changes your outfit? Etc.

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Photo by Lovely Pepa

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