Today I realized I don’t have any knee-length Summer pieces. All my Summer clothes are “too” short (almost). Because my work isn’t formal. I can wear whatever I want so I chose short shorts, short skirts and short dresses ;) I love warm weather but I need to feel fresh so, the less clothes, the better… ;)

So I noticed I don’t have these kind of pieces. More formal, knee-length pieces. Dresses, skirts, shorts. In the Summer, I can’t wear pants. I’m addicted to jeans, specially skinny jeans, and they’re too hot for summer ;)

So I decided to look for knee-length skirts and dresses. They’re nice for more formal situations too ;)

So, the pieces you need to buy have a lot to do with you.

We hear a lot about basics, but the basics a lawyer needs, aren’t the same basics a stylist needs ;) There are a lot of things that influence what you have in your wardrobe, like your personality, tastes, profession, what you do in your down time, etc.

And you’re the one who knows what you need the most.

Sure there are some pieces that usually work for everyone, but even those, can be wrong for some people.

So here are…

4 Ways to Know What Pieces to Buy

  1. When you’re choosing your outfits, write down what you notice you need. For example, you want to make an outfit and you notice that you need a white blouse. Write it down so you don’t forget ;)
  2. Notice what other women wear. If you really like it, write it down in your shopping list.
  3. Do a quick tour of a shop. If you see a piece you really like, that you feel you have to buy, it’s probably a good piece for you.
  4. Use my Choose Your Outfit app. The app has lots of looks and you can choose what you want to add to your “shopping bag”. Then you just need to see what you have there, when you’re shopping.

Good shopping!



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  1. Thanks for sharing! I wear such basic clothing items all the time and sometimes it gets really frustrating. I need to pay a little bit more attention to what I am wearing!

    • Lena Reply

      You’re welcome Jessica :) Yes, we feel better about ourselves when we make that effort! xxx

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