Today I wanna tell you about some accessories you can wear, besides the more usual ones, that I talked about before.

So here are more…

6 Ways to Transform Your Look

  1. Hats: they’re less used so they’ll make you look more original instantly ;)
  2. Nail polish: the advantage is that you can change colors and personalize to your mood, season colors, etc.
  3. Hair accessories: cute scarves, headbands, flower crowns, etc. They also look really good and transform your look.
  4. Makeup: makeup can also be used as an accessory. You can look more sexy/original with red lips, more bohemian with colorful eye shadowns and more punk/rock with smokey eyes.
  5. Tattos: I love tattos because they’re an accessory that just stays there always ;) Choose something related to what’s going on in your life, or that is a part of you, and you can’t go wrong! Start in a discreet zone like your wrist.
  6. Hairdos: they also change your style – braids give a more bohemian, casual look, straight hair looks more sophisticated, etc.

Try to use these accessories and personalize your outfit even more!


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