For the next 5 days I’m talking about how style can (and should) be easy!

Today I want to tell you that you don’t need to have lots of pieces or the latest trends to look amazing.

The truth is that you can have lots of pieces, buy all the trends and still hate your outfit.


Because looking great and having style isn’t about the pieces you have but about having the right pieces for you.

And what are the right pieces for you?

These are the pieces that:

  • make you look great
  • you love to wear
  • make you feel  beautiful, comfortable and at ease

There are lots of pieces like that! But today we’re going to focus on the few key basic items that make the difference in your wardrobe. And they make the difference because these are simple pieces you can combine in different ways, to create amazing looks.

For example:

  1. grey, white or black t-shirt or simple blouse
  2. skinny or straight-leg jeans
  3. slim or straight-leg pants
  4. simple sweater (grey, white or black)
  5. shorts or skirt (denim or black)
  6. etc.

These simple pieces, with simple cuts and neutral tones, are the most important pieces in your closet. Because you will get tired and/or stop liking that pattern and that asymmetric cut but you won’t get tired and stop liking your grey t-shirt or your skinny jeans. And you can create lots of outfits with them.

Less is more. Simplicity is stylish. And you can add accessories to these simple pieces and instantly transform your look like:

  1. a colorful bag
  2. a scarf
  3. your grandma’s necklace
  4. etc.

Here are some examples of Easy Outfits

See how you can look amazing with a few key pieces.

Grey, White or Black Tee/Blouse

Skinny/Slim/Straight-leg Jeans or Pants

Simple Neutral Tone Sweater

Neutral Shorts or Straight Skirt

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