Have you noticed what you REALLY desire?

Yesterday I was telling my kids about how now I’m listening much more to my intuion and desires.

I noticed this because now I’m taking surf lessons (as you probably already know, because I’ve been talking about it ;)), and what’s funny is that I remember that I always loved surf things. I loved surf swimsuits, the boards, wallets and everything related to surf. The colors, the prints. But it never crossed my mind to surf, until now. Now that I listen better to myself and that I’m starting to know better what’s important to me.

Knowing what we want and desire is one of the most important things to be happy. But it isn’t always easy to see this, because we are too distracted.

There’s a quote I like a lot, which is:

“I dare you to spend one hour with yourself”

It may sound strange, but the truth is that, a lot of the time, even when we’re alone, we’re distracting ourselves with other things: the TV, phone, reading, going shopping, a movie, food, etc. But if you stop and stay in silence, just by yourself… that’s when you’ll start listening to you. And that’s when you can start to know what are your desires and needs.

Discover What You Desire, Change Your Life and Style

A good way of finding out your desires and listening to yourself is meditation. But you can also just stay in silence without doing anything, seated or lying down.

And if you start having negative thoughts, don’t let yourself go on a downward spiral that won’t take you anywhere. It’s good to feel our negative thoughts, so we can let them go, but it’s no use thinking about it (unless you’re trying to find a solution).

In relation to your style and image, if you let yourself be guided by your intuition and desires, you’ll love your choices. Because they’re just about you. And it’s much easier to personalize your outfits and image that way.

Today try to be in silence for 20 minutes and then share what you find about you in the comments below, I’d love to know ;)

Lots of love,


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