Sometimes it’s hard to accept where we’re at.

And for me it became harder after my 40th birthday. Because – “Hello! I’m 40, ain’t I supposed to be at my destination by now?”

My vague idea of what I wanted to happen in my life, didn’t get me to where I thought I wanted to be now. The truth is I’m not even sure that what I want is the best for me, because somethings I realized I didn’t really want some of my goals.

The other day I read about how, when we reach a certain age and we still don’t have our dreams of having this or that (the ideal house, car, and all the things), maybe it’s better to try to understand what we REALLY want. Because maybe that’s not that.

I didn’t like that idea, like I had to give up my dreams after a certain age, to be average. And because of the age, on top of it all. I really hate that idea!

But I like thinking that, if I want something and it doesn’t appear, maybe subconsciously I don’t really want it. Because if I really did, with nothing in the way, I would have it.

Sometimes the problem is that there’s something stopping us from getting there and that something is what we’re afraid will happen if our dreams come true. It’s when our conscious and unconscious have different goals, and of course, the unconscious tends to win. Because we don’t even realize it’s there, and it keeps sabotaging our best intentions, but silently… ;)

Now I’m drinking a new Starbucks drink, a pink smoothie (beetroot), with soy milk. It tastes great but it’s practically frozen. That annyoed me a bit because I really felt like drinking my drink and now I can’t because… it’s super cold outside, I have a bit of a cold and I don’t want to freeze!!! ;)


This year I decided to stop with the urgent stuff and be patient. It’s another important word for me this year. I kept seeing it everywhere – patience, patience, patience.

I was never patient. I always was quite impatient. Maybe it’s one advantage of aging – lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of them ;) – being more patient. Because as the years go by, we see that it’s the best solution. In my case, because a friend also talked to me about that and… have you noticed how, when someone tells us something, sometimes we notice it with another strength? Because it was in a conversation with another person and it becomes that much more important.

So, patience… it’s so good and it feels life freedom, to be able to be patient. So good to think that I can wait, there’s no hurry, I’m not wasting time if I wait, and everything happens at the absolute right time.

I got tired of chasing after things and feeling anxious for them to begin. I prefer to be patient and let things unfold naturally, calmly and when they’re supposed to happen.

And all this to tell you that…

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. The path you traveled was needed because now you’re much stronger. And each thing that happens is the right thing for your life.

I also love the 4 laws of Indian Spirituality, which give the same idea, and they’re this, more or less:

  1. The person that comes is the right person
  2. What happened had to happen
  3. It started when it was supposed to start
  4. What ended is done

So, if you feel that you’re not where you want to be:

  • be patient
  • keep following your path, calmly
  • find what you really want
  • act regularly to get there (every day is the best ;))
  • and above all things, don’t forget to enjoy the journey ;)


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