Today I wanted to talk about noticing the good stuff.

Because noticing the bad stuff is easy. Too easy.

Sometimes I have to fight this feeling that pulls me down. The feeling that everything’s wrong and I can do nothing about it.

You know… when you’re feeling down, and it seems you have a dark cloud above your head, that follows you, wherever you go?

And suddenly something happens – you drink your favorite drink, or notice a beautiful image, or remember a good memory – and a ray of sunshine enters that cloud. And suddenly, just for one second, the world seems great again, and full of possibilities.

But the cloud is big and dense, and it quickly covers the ray of sunshine. And in an instant, you’re feeling miserable again. But now you remember the sunshine, and you know it’s there, so close… so close, but even so, you don’t know how to reach it, again.

Lately, I try to keep the cloud at bay. Because I know that when I let it be with me, it starts to become denser and denser, until its impossible to catch any sun at all. So I push it away as fast as I can. As soon as I feel it coming.

Today I did just that. As soon as I started noticing things weren’t well, I changed what I was doing and acted right away. I did some errands, left the house even though I didn’t feel like it, to take a walk. I did a quick plan for the next hours and the truth is it worked, at least a bit :)

How to Feel Better in Your Body

I’m writing this because I think that maybe you also feel this way, once in a while. And maybe next time, you’ll remember the cloud and you won’t let it get too close ;) Keep it at bay, the farther away from you, the better!

That doesn’t mean avoiding our feelings or putting them under the rug. I definitely know that isn’t the solution and things keep showing up until we look at them. And each time they do, they’re more “in your face” ;).

But feeling bad isn’t the same thing as letting the usual negative thoughts take over. The feeling is one thing, the thoughts another ;) The problem is that negative feelings usually bring negative thoughts. And those usually don’t matter, not even a bit.

As for feelings, they’re meant to be felt. As John Green writes in the book “The Fault in our Stars”:

“That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.”

But we can feel it without thinking a lot about it ;) One way is to search for the feeling in your body and simply feel it. Notice what’s going on and feeling the feeling.

If you’re feeling down, it’s good to have a list of things you love to do and do some of those things so you feel better. It can be walking, getting a massage, going to the hairdresser, the beach, a coffee shop, reading something inspiring, etc.

It also helps to do a bit of journaling and writing about what’s going on. Everything that comes to your head, without thinking.

And then you can write a list of at least 10 things you’re grateful for. Gratitude is a very strong feeling that helps us see everything in a better way (but you can’t just write it, you also have to feel it ;))

So, I hope you feel a lot of sunshine rays today (and the following days). And that you’re able to send the clouds far, far away :)


P.S. Finally the weather is improving here in Portugal, and Spring is near… it always seems that there are more clouds near me, with bad, cold weather ;)

Photo: Francisco Moreno

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