I’ve been a bit MIA… I blame the Winter because I literally go into hibernation, and also this phase in my life (that seems to never end) where I’m making decisions about my life. And also because I realized that I need some time alone to figure out what I’ll decide: What I REALLY want!

It’s not easy to figure out what we want and I’ve seen that it’s the most important thing. Because when we really decide (without a doubt) what we want, that’s when we make things happen.

One thing I’ve decided is that I’m going to continue remodeling houses and also I’m moving definitely to Lisbon. And that’s why I’ve decided to buy a new house that needs some remodeling and has potential to look really cute. The plan is to move in September. I’ll give more details later.

I also decided to continue blogging because I love to write and to share my stories, trying to help you through them. That is the blog format that makes the most sense to me. I’m still planning on writing about fashion and style, which I’ll always love, but I don’t want to be limited to that and I want to write about whatever I want, also ;)

Still about the blog, I have 2 old photoshoots in my photo camera. And I didn’t post them yet for many reasons: sometimes I have the camera but I don’t have the computer, others I don’t have the cable to connect both, and so on. I’m really not a very organized person. The only place I’m organized is in my closet ;) I’ll share those photos soon!

Another thing I want to do is a photography course and more creative things like painting. Lately I’ve been thiking about creativity and how it could be more present in my life. I think it’s essential for us to feel complete. And it’s a new experience I’m doing bit by bit.

Finally about my style. During winter I usually come to a phase where I only wear skinny jeans (denim, black or grey) with sweaters. It’s my cold uniform ;) Sometimes I use my CYOU app to choose different outfits too, when I feel like it. But it looks like the good weather is here to stay so I’ll change that soon!

Lately I don’t do much shopping, I want to have less things and only the ones I really love, and those are harder to find. I’m looking for a top I’ve seen on the Love series from Netflix. And those are the cool styles I’m talking about. The two main characters (Mickey e Bertie) always have really great outfits.

Get Inspired with These Styles

Here are photos of the top I’m looking for and of Mickey and Bertie’s style. They have lots of great ideas that you can use for inspiration. Let me know if you find a similar top ;)


Mickey’s Style

To recreate this style, wear bombers or denim jackets, skinny jeans with original sweaters and tops, t-shirts, mini skirts and overalls.

Bertie’s Style

To recreate this style wear overalls, full skirts, original sweaters (color or print), different dresses.

As Duas


P.S. I have more news about the blog coming soon!!! xxx

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