Today I want to tell you about having the life you desire.

I wish I had learned this sooner, but better late than never… ;)

Now I know there are 5 simple steps:

  1. knowing what you want/desire (or long for)
  2. remembering it every day (through writing, visualizing, a vision board, etc.)
  3. asking yourself: what inspired action should I take now, that will help me reach my goal quickly?
  4. act
  5. surrender

Here’s how to do it:

1. Knowing what you want/desire (or long for)

I think the hardest part (at least for some stuff) is figuring out what you really want. That’s why you can also use “long for”: it can lead to deeper answers. Because you also need to discover the difference between what you really want and what you think you want (influenced by society, parents, friends, etc.)

For me, it’s terrible because I’m super indecisive. So I’ve been trying to be quicker and quicker with it. I also tried to teach my kids to make quick decisions.

For example, since they were little, when we go shopping and they choose something they want to wear, I usually don’t question it and I don’t come up with alternatives. The truth is that, now that they’re teenagers, they usually know exactly what they want.

And I support them with whatever they want to do with their lives. Like choosing their careers. It might be hard to let them make their own choices, especially if it’s something a bit different, but I know how hard it was for me when I didn’t choose the course I wanted. And I think that one of the most important things to be happy is to work on something we love. And for that we need to choose what we love.

But I’m digressing ;)

Moving on, a good way to know what you really desire is writing your ideal day (or life), lots of times. You can do it every day for some time, once a week, etc.

The exercise is describing your ideal day, since you wake up until you go to bed. Or you can make a list of things that would happen in your ideal day. Talk about all areas of your life (ex: body, relationships, love relationship, work, money, spirituality, lifestyle/house/environment, creativity/having fun, and other things that matter to you) because everything is related.

As you write, you’ll notice there are some things that you keep repeating on different days. And those things are the ones you desire the most.

Note: write in the present tense (ex: I live in a beautiful sunny house with a great view, etc.)

2. Remembering it every day

When you know what you most want, you can start remembering it every day. You can do it by doing a list of your goals, writing down your ideal day, visualizing or making a vision board that you see every day. I like writing because it’s a good way of memorizing things.

3. Ask yourself: what inspired action should I take today, to reach my goal sooner?

This is pretty clear: ask the question and then write a list of actions. Choose the one you believe will give you the best results and that you’re going to do today. Or write down just one action to do today.

For better results, write down also who would you be if you already had reached your desires. And then what action would you take, if you already had your desires?

4. Act

This is pretty obvious too – after deciding on the action, you must act, or you won’t get results!

5. Surrender

This one looks like a contradiction but it has to do with surrendering to what’s happening now in your life (instead of resisting it) and also letting go of what you most desire. That means, not having a negative needy energy like “I need to have this, or I can’t be happy, be well, etc.”

So, knowing that you’ll have what you desire (because you decided you will), and on the other hand being completely ok if you don’t get it. And if you don’t it’s because it’s the best for you, and you’ll get something better for you.

How to Have the Style You Desire

In relation to your style, it’s the same thing. Here are the 5 steps:

1. If it’s one area you want to change, use it for your idea day and write down how is your ideal style day.

How would it be exactly? Do you wake up and choose an amazing outfit? Do you have time to put on makeup really well? Do you go to a hairstylist once or twice per week? How much time do you have to get ready? Is it super quick or do you have all the time in the world? How is your closet? Etc.

2. Remember your goal every day

Write it down or see a vision board, use images of women that have the style you’d like to wear, etc.

3. Ask yourself what is the action you can take today to reach your goal quickly

Write down your action.

4. Act

Always, even if you don’t feel like it later (and sometimes, especially if you don’t feel like it) ;))

5. Surrender

Accept yourself and your current image and style, 100%. And relax. Know that you’ll have the style you want, of course, and also that, if you don’t get the image and style you’re looking for, it’s because you’re meant to have something even better.


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