Today I wanted to tell you about succeeding in your own way.

I realized some time ago that I can learn how to succeed in different areas of my life, if I look at an area where I already have success.

I’m going to give the example of fitness, because it’s an important area for me and where i know how to have results.

so what can I learn from working to be fit, for other life areas?

  1. I tried different ways to get where I wanted, until I found what worked for me. And often it’s a combination of some of the things I learned and others I discovered myself.
  2. be consistent and know that success isn’t a temporary thing, we must keep going so we have good results
  3. I needed to make it a priority, put it on my calendar like any other important task that I need to do
  4. Stop listening to excuses (my own), or reasons to stop going to the gym
  5. Keep in mind an image of my goal
  6. Have several goals – for example, be stronger, healthier, have a more beautiful body, feel more confident, etc.

How can I apply this to another area, for example to my image and style?

  1. Try several ways to improve my image and style and choose the things that work best for me because I like them or they’re easy and give good results, etc.
  2. be consistent and continue to do what I know is good for my image and style
  3. make my image and style a priority: put in my calendar what i need to do like going to the hairdresser, schedule time to get dressed, etc.
  4. Stop listening to excuses or reasons for not taking care of my image and my style
  5. have an image of my goal
  6. have several goals: to love my image, to feel more beautiful and confident, etc.

Now it’s your turn!

Think of an area of your life that is going well and use what you know from this area to get results in others.



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P.P.S. Yesterday my mother told me a phrase that I loved, about the way we see our lives:

“Enjoy the present and hope for a better future.”

I loved it because I think it’s one of the most important things to feel well.

For a long time, I gave up hope for the future and complained about the present. Now I work to do the opposite: accept the present, see the good things, be grateful and at the same time have hope and feel that the future will be better than the present.

My mother is an optimistic person and now I understood better why;) With this philosophy, she had to be!

We all have a time in our lives where this is our reality: we like the present and hope for a better future. And I think the first step to improving our lives is figuring out how to get back there again, every day !!! xxx

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