Lately I’ve had lots of resistance to doing some things I want to do.

Resistance is a bitch!

I realized that when we make a decision, it needs to be final.

If we let ourselves go back to our comfort zone again, it’s easy to give up on challenging things – or even things that aren’t so challenging.

Lately writing on the blog is a challenge for me because lots of doubts rise up:

  • What will i talk about?
  • Is it worth writing about this?
  • Is this what I want?
  • Who am I to write a blog?

and all these thoughts that come up when we try to do anything outside our comfort zone.

Although I have already decided that yes, I want to continue with the blog and writing, many times, when I’m going to write a post, I get this!

And it would be easy to give in to my doubts, give up and do nothing…

So much easier than hearing the same (lame) thoughts again and ignore them or try to understand where they came from, and then keep going on.

I also have more resistance around what’s out of my comfort zone. When things are easier it’s also easier to keep to the planned path.

But when we’re going for stuff that brings our fears to the surface … that’s when our decision has to be stronger than everything else – excuses, fears and resistance.

For example, I decided to do the architecture course and I have lots of fears. but now I’m more aware of them, so I see that I can overcome them, ignore them or whatever, so I’m able to continue on my way.

Many times, it’s not easy to do what we really want. The path to our dreams isn’t full of rose petals and cushioned. It’s often challenging and crazy and that’s why you need all your strength not to give up.

Sometimes I feel like giving up, stop fighting, I think I’ve fought enough, that it’s enough.

But this is only temporary ;)

Soon I get back on my horse and continue my journey forward because there’s no better way.

I know I won’t give up on my dreams, my ideas, my way of seeing the world.

I’m learning slowly or quickly, with several people who inspire me and help me to overcome myself, at every step.

And I keep acting, step by step. Sometimes with steps that are so small, they’re super easy.

So to keep going, no matter what…

Don’t look to the end goal, unless you’re defining it (or visualizing).

Then look at each day, each week and nothing else. Because that’s what you have – this day and this week. It’s in the present moment that we can act and change our lives.

I have also learned not to think ;). Thinking doesn’t help much really, when we keep obsessing over the same thoughts that lead us nowhere … the difference is in acting and the more we act, the faster things change.

So keep acting, step by step :)

Ignore or overcome doubts, fearts, etc.

And learn from people who inspire you.

I hope this post helped you!


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