Today I want to tell you how to follow your intuition!

It isn’t easy sometimes … because for years we have ignored or even went against what we felt (or knew) was the truth for us.

And then the voice of your intuition gets very low and you almost can’t hear it.

So we only get inspiring ideas in a moment of inspiration or when our defenses are down. And we feel that things are easy and simple after all. And the solutions seem obvious.

As with the house I now want to buy.

Some time ago we almost bought one house, but we ended up not getting it. At the time I was completely devastated…

I had already made plans to buy the house.

I had already changed the house plan and decided where each wardrobe and bed would be… the windows, the stairs, everything.

But throughout the process of trying to buy the house, I thought several that I shouldn’t go ahead with the business. Whether it was the attitude of the owner of the house, a feeling that something wasn’t right, or the feeling of anxiety I constantly had.

Even so, I didn’t follow my intuition and went forward, till the end.

With all this I lost time, calm and energy.

Now, looking backwards, I can see I learned a lot: I’m no longer available to do business in conditions that aren’t calm and well defined. Or to enter into agreements where I don’t feel 100% well. I’m also expecting the purchase process to be clear, without fears or strange stuff happening. And I’m also not available to be pressured.

I also learned more about following my intuition. Now, while I keep searching for a house, I can see much better what’s going good or bad. What makes me feel good (and it’s a sign to move forward) or what makes me feel bad (and it’s a sign to stop).

It’s true that we teach people how to treat us, and we also show life how to treat us.

When we let people treat us in a certain way and we continue there, as if nothing’s happening, we’ll continue to get more of the same.

When certain things happen to for us in life, that we don’t like, and we continue to accept similar situations, we’ll continue to receive more of the same.

Another thing I’ve been doing is not getting attached to the house. Until I buy it, it’s going to be just another house. I don’t make plans before I have the key, basically. So I don’t get anxious or disappointed if I can’t get a house.

In conclusion, here’s How To Follow Your Intuition:

Be aware of the various situations in your life: what you feel, what you think, and how it works out. That way you can better understand what your intuition has to say.

How To Have More Style by Following Your Intuition:

Regarding your style, notice the situations that have to do with your image and style …

For example: what makes you feel good? What kind of pieces make you feel at ease and which ones do you want to use more? What makes you feel bad, like it’s not you?

Wear what makes you feel good and at ease. Avoid what makes you feel someone else or uncomfortable.

Your ideal style will make you feel, not only who you are, 100%, but also super comfortable in any situation!


P.S. Here’s a way to follow your intuition: choose environments in which you feel good and comfortable ;) I love restaurantes with great design, like the one in the photo below. The more you follow your intuition, the better you’ll be able to listen to it! xxx

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