Today I wanna tell you about how to know what you want.

Doing what you want and so, creating YOUR ideal life.

You’ve got to start (of course) by knowing what you want ;)

And sometimes this is a bit difficult, because a big part of what we think we want is influenced by our childhood, our parents, by things that we picked up on television or from friends, etc.

So how to know what you want?

Start by asking yourself, “What do I want?” – and answer without thinking. It seems obvious but it’s really needed ;)

Then you can ask, “What do I REALLY want or deeply want?” – to get a deeper answer.

Write in a journal (or you can also meditate on this and see what comes out for you).

Then you can add more questions, because you’ll have different answers by asking in different ways.

For example: “If I already knew exactly what I wanted, what was it? If I had 10 million in the bank, what would I want? If I had … what would I want? ”

You can also get more answers by writing affirmations, for example: “Now that I know exactly what I want …” – and you add the feelings, beliefs or actions you had if you already knew. It helps you gain clarity.

But sometimes, even after writing all of this, you still have doubts.

That happens to me a lot, because sometimes I’m indecisive, so I’m stuck with some options, instead of a clear answer.

In one situation, I decided to follow all the options.

And by acting, we get more information and we can decide more easily. Thinking often leads us nowhere, because we keep getting the same thoughts, over and over again. But if you start acting in the direction of each of your goals, you’ll have more answers.

Here’s an example about my career: Now I’m doing three things – working in computers (my original degree), applying for an architecture degree and writing this blog/selling coaching and fashion products. It may seem like a lot but it’s great for me because I’m following three things that make sense to me now. And as I take action, the time I want to spend on each thing becomes clearer, as the next steps to take.

You can also notice “signs”:

If something calls your attention, it has to do with you. For example, when I was thinking about the architecture degree, I was always seeing architectural stuff.

On the other hand, notice what you envy. It can also show you something you want for yourself (the more triggered you feel, the more it’s a sign that you want it :)).

So, to know what you want:

  • write or meditate on it
  • when you can’t decide, follow all the options and / or act instead of thinking, until you reach your decisions
  • notice the signs and the way they show you

Finally, don’t be afraid to change your mind.

Sometimes you think that you want one thing but then you realize that you want another. Or that what you didn’t want at all becomes what you’ve always wanted. But you’re not sure unless you go after something. So choose something now, and change it latter if you must.

How to Know What You Want in Your Image and Style

You can do it the same way!

  • write or meditate on it: visualize yourself with the style you like or describe what you’d like to feel about your style in a journal.
  • when in doubt, follow all the options and/or act instead of thinking, until you reach your decisions: try some pieces on and leave what you don’t like or doesn’t work for you.
  • notice the signs and the path they tell you: if a piece catches your eye, that may be the right one. if you love someone’s style, some part of what she wears will have to do with you. etc.

Good choices!!!

Lots of Love,

P.S. Here’s another example of how acting helps you know what you want. I tried the smoothie on the photo at the top of the post. It’s a bubblegum smoothie and it was my daughter’s idea. I didn’t know if it would taste well, but I decided to try something new. Conclusion: it was nice to try something new but I realized that I prefer healthier things, with actual fruit :)

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