Do you want to feel powerful and capable of creating a magical life?

If you’re a Harry Potter fan (like me), you probably already know what I’m about to tell you. If you aren’t, you’ll learn about it now ;)

In the last Harry Potter book (which is the best one, by the way ;)) there’s an awesome part, where Harry Potter drinks a magic potion.

This potion makes him able to know exactly what to do in each situation, to get the result he wants.

I don’t remember the goal, but at every step he tells himself what’s the next thing to do.

As soon as he takes the potion, he has the first idea of ​​what to do next. And, as he acts, he gets new ideas / decisions / steps to take.

In the end he solves a very complicated situation, super easily.

I loved this part of the book because it’s such a spectacular feeling, to see how certain he is that he’s making the right decision, even though at times it’s strange, it doesn’t make sense and people around him don’t get it… (neither do we ;)).

Have you been there?

When you feel inspired to do something but the people around you think it’s a bad idea, or you start doubting your ideas and you then proceed to KILL the inspiration?

In the book and in the movie, people also think that Harry’s next move doesn’t make sense at all, and he can’t figure out why that’s the right move. But he’s so sure, inside of him, that that’s the right step, that he just keeps moving forward.

I like to think that our intuition is like Harry Potter’s magic potion.

We also have a system that guides us, a blueprint if you will, that can tell us the next steps to take to achieve any goal.

These steps may seem strange at the time, but they keep appearing in our minds and often they appear non-stop, until we take action. And when that voice keeps insisting, we act even if it’s not what’s expected.

Other times, the steps appear only once (quickly and quietly) and if we don’t hear them, we lose opportunities and delay our progress.

I’ve been talking about intuition a lot because I believe it’s a really powerful part of us, that can lead us to achieve everything we desire much more quickly and easily. So the ideal is to hear it well.

For me it’s been a process, being able to hear my intuition better. And gradually I’m discovering how to listen.

I’m more aware of my ego (fear, confusion, anxiety) talking (which often attacks intuition as soon as it appears and doesn’t let us move forward), and I’m more aware of my intuition or higher-self speaking.

I’m also paying more attention and following my intuition more, and that works out well, of course.

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In Conclusion: How to Feel Powerful and Create a Magical Life

Start listening to your intuition, follow it (even if it doesn’t make sense) and become as powerful as Harry Potter and his magic potion:)))

In the comments below tell me: If you had total confidence in your intuition, and you knew that it’s just like a magic potion that help you create the life of your dreams, the life you really want to have, what would you do today?

Share your action with us so you won’t forget to do it today!


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