Do you like the new cropped wide leg pants?

Lately I’ve been obsessed with those pants! It seems that I don’t see anything else because it’s what I notice the most. I’ve seen lots of outfits that I loved, here are the two favorites:

  • Pants in white with vertical stripes in earthy tones, with a loose black t-shirt tucked inside and black high-heeled sandals.
  • Copper pleated pants, also with a black t-shirt (this one was a cropped t-shirt) and silver brinkenstock sandals.

I don’t know if that’s enough to explain it, but it’s worth a try ;)

How to Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

Here are some tips:

  • They can make you look shorter, so it’s easier to wear them with cropped or tucked-inside tops You can wear them with all kinds of tops: t-shirts, tanks, blouses, shirts, sweaters, etc.
  • They make you look larger below, so wear something more fitted on top.
  • They look good with all types of shoes: sandals, pumps, ballet flats, ankle boots, … – the ankle boots can also make you look shorter.

Here are some outfits so you get inspired:

I already bought some pants I love at Zara. They are green/blue + pleated. I’ll share an outfit on the blog soon!

What do you think of these pants and trend?



P.S. I’m working on a new, quick style program! It also helps you to find what trends to wear this Fall / Winter. I’ll have more news soon!!! xxx

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