Today I wanna tell you about a method that:

  • helps you accomplish what you want
  • inspires you
  • makes you feel energetic and capable of anything

I also want to tell you about a way to focus. A way to know what you really want and desire. A way of having more and more clarity in your life.

And finally a method to know exactly what to do each day, to achieve your goals.

The thing that most helps me change my life is journaling.


Because first of all, in order to reach your destination, you need to know what your destination is. And that’s often not very clear in our minds. The clearer it is, the faster and easier you get there, because your brain knows what to focus on, every day.

It’s as simple as letting opportunities (which come to you every day) slip by, just because you don’t even notice them. Because you’re not focused on what you really want.

On the other hand, when you know what you want, you often don’t know how to get there.

Journaling helps you define what you want AND know what actions to take.

Two things happen when you know what you want:

  1. you’ll become more aware and you’ll see more opportunities that help you achieve your goals, easier and quicker.
  2. you can take action to achieve your goals (impossible if you don’t know what they are; )). The more you act, the faster you’ll get results.

When you decide what you want, it seems that things come to you, the answers come out of nowhere and you’ll also have more ideas to get there.

An important part of the journaling course is defining your ideal life and starting to create it. That’s the theme of the first week.

We start tomorrow!

You can join here.

Remember: You are beautiful and powerful. You can do anything.

I love you,

P.S. When you don’t know where you’re going, you’re going nowhere. Define your life with my help, in the journaling course: Create What You Desire. xxx

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