Do you know how to listen to your intuition, soul or higher-self?

For a long time I only wrote fashion posts but I started to feel like writing about deeper things.  On the one hand I got tired of always explaining the same thing about fashion. And on the other, I wanted to have a bigger impact on people’s lives.

To help someone lead a better life, I think it’s necessary to change the way one thinks.

Our thoughts control our life. And also our beliefs, which control our thoughts.

So today I want to tell you about listening to our Higher Self, soul, intuition or whatever name you want to use. That part of us that’s spiritual. That part of us that’s calmer, that feels that everything is well. That thinks better or doesn’t even think because it already knows everything that is inside us.

For a long time I tried to listen to this part of myself, without really being able to. I didn’t know if it was my higher-self or my lower-self (or ego) speaking. Because I wasn’t really aware of what I told myself, so I didn’t know if my past decisions were guided by the Higher Self or by the ego.

For the higher self, or for your soul, what matters is you and your well being. And if you follow it, things will happen according to your own inner path. So, when you follow your higher self, you’ll follow the best path for you. While the ego will try to manipulate you and is influenced by various negative things – fears, negative beliefs that don’t help you, etc.

Of course there is a part of us that is also called ego, from the psychology field, and that’s positive because it helps us to think about things and to understand situations. Thinking is also important ;).

But if we can hear our intuition, it will guide us better to our path, and we don’t have to think so much. We’ll feel certain, we’ll know the truth. And we’ll feel it’s the right thing for us.

How You Listen to Your Intuition, Soul or Higher-Self

1. Your intuition isn’t desperate.

One difference between your intuition and your ego, it’s when you feel desperate for something and when it seems like it has to happen and NOW. When you’re needy.

This comes from the ego, from lack, an idea of ​​now or never, of lost opportunities that will never return. From an idea not enough. This isn’t a message from our higher self.

For the higher-self everything is OK NOW. We are complete now. Nothing is missing now. We can be perfectly fine now. Everything is within us now and we can access whatever feeling we want now. So there is no hurry, there are no ultimatums, there’s never a lack of opportunity.

When we hear our higher self, our lives become much easier. We can see things more clearly.

I just remembered a phrase I love, from Erin Stutland, about not being anxious about things:

“What is for me, cannot pass me. What is meant for me arrives. Perfect blessings, perfect time. “

Of course that thinking that way can be scary. At least if you’re like me… usually I don’t like to waste any time so I get stressed and star thinking: “If I wait, it will never arrive, I have to do something, etc.”

But this phrase doesn’t mean that you won’t act to make the things you desire happen. It means that while you do, you won’t be stressed, feeling fear that you can never have them. And you won’t focus on what you don’t have now.

Because you get what you focus on. So you don’t want to focus on what is lacking but rather on what you want for yourself. And you’ll calmly call these things for yourself.

2. The messages from your intuition won’t appear in the middle of negative feelings

Another thing is when we’re full of negative feelings. When we’re listening to our higher self, the feelings are positive and calm. There’s no anxiety or fear. At least right away. There may be fear when we think of what has to happen to create something that comes from the higher-self, but these fears don’t come from your intuition.

3. Your intuition doesn’t stay in an infinite cycle of thoughts

Finally a third way is when we’re thinking too much about a thing, an infinite cycle that doesn’t end. When we’re trying to find a solution by thinking about it, and we just stay in the same place. Or when we’re obsessed with a certain theme and we’re always coming back to it.

If something gives us anxiety, it doesn’t come from the higher-self, it comes from the ego.

One thing I’ve done is giving up thinking about a subject when I keep going around without finding a solution. I let go and wait for the answer to come, one way or another, naturally.

How can you act?

From now on, notice how you feel throughout the day, and where your thoughts come from. If they come from anxiety and fear, they are from the lower-self. If they come from a quiet place, from love and trust, they come from the higher-self.

Over time, you’ll start to notice your intuition better.

And this is it, I hope you liked it !!!



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