Choosing bracelets can be hard!

There are so many styles and designs and it’s so easy to buy something that simply doesn’t work for you…

Some women love a chunky look, while others prefer something delicate or with intricate work.

Here are a few tips on how to accentuate your look with the right bracelet.

Smart or Casual?

We all tend to come into one of these two categories.

If you love denim and like to wear your hair long, you are typically the casual girl.

If, on the other hand, you are a career woman who likes to look crisp, then you are a smart dresser.

Of course, we can be both at times, but your general sense of style defines you as one or the other.

Silver is a great option: it goes well with anything and everything!

If you’re looking for silver pieces, choose silver jewellery from Silver by Mail, you’ll find silver bracelets in many styles.

Internet Inspiration

A simple Google image search will bring you hundreds of bracelet styles and designs, but keep in mind your own style and personality.

Ask yourself: “Will this bracelet work for me?”

You can find great outfit images online and by shopping at an online jewellery store, you can also save some money.

The online jeweller does not have the huge outgoings of a traditional jeweller, and many times their prices reflect this.

There’s no compromise on quality if you buy from an established website and they can have a much wider selection of jewellery items for every occasion.

Sterling Silver

This is a great material for bracelets! Here are a few tips on how to clean sterling silver jewellery, so you make sure that your collection always looks like new.

If you are into delicate and intricate work, online jewellers have some amazing bracelets, all handcrafted by experts.

If solid, chunky is your thing, there are designs to suit your taste.

Trust Your Inner Self

Your intuition knows better! If you have a special feeling when you see a particular bracelet, that’s a strong indication that it works for you.

Sometimes we should be less concerned about what others think.

If you listen to you inner self more, you’ll set your own style. And if you feel good wearing something, why not?

When you’re thinking about your outfit for any event, you shouldn’t be looking to meet any standards, but rather making a fashion statement about yourself as a person.

Charm Bracelets

Many women own at least one charm bracelet.

They’re great because you can simply add charms and mix and match to blend with various outfits. Snd with online jewellers, there’s no limit to what is available.

If you feel attracted to a particular bracelet, you don’t need a second opinion. Trust your intuition and go ahead with the purchase!

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