Today I wanted to tell you about creativity.

I went to an arts school and noticed that some of the people who are artists have one thing in common: they dress as they want, they have a radically different image, they defy conventions … they are DIFFERENT!

One of the things we often want to do with our style is to be different in some way. We admire people who dress differently, who go further with their style. We admire from afar, but then we don’t do it for ourselves. We don’t go to that level.

It’s true that simple looks are often the most stylish ones. Simplicity is attractive, as long as you wear beautiful pieces that look good on you!

But it’s also true that being different is cool, calls for attention, and gives you a sense of newness that is both desired and needed.

Tony Robbins talks about the 6 basic human needs. One is variety. Another one is certainty.

On the one hand we need certainty in our lives – routines, things that we know will be some way. Like our usual style, that makes us feel 100% at ease.

On the other hand we need novelty, adventure, different things. Like different outfits, new pieces, trends or things we don’t usually wear.

For me now, there’s a different piece that I’ve been longing to wear: wide and cropped pants. And I’m looking for ones that I love to see on me ;). I did a post about those pants here.

So today I have a challenge for you:

What’s the piece you’ve been wanting to wear? What’s the piece that you love to see in other people? What could you wear today or tomorrow, that inspires you?

Answer these questions just by thinking or in a journal. And you’ll have more ideas to be different.

Then share them in the comments or by email, I’d love to know !!!

And I bet the other women in this community would love to know too :) You can share in the facebook group Stylish EveryDay, enter by clicking here.

Lots of love,

P.S. One of the ways to get more ideas about different pieces and outfits is the Choose Your Outfit style app (my favorite one, by the way ;)). In this app I have more than 8000 different looks from people with a lot of style, catalogued by the main styles, type of pieces, colors (and more). You can search for different looks and also see how to wear any piece.

You get ideas, you see how to create different outfits, and at the same time you learn how to be stylish.

I’ll have more news about the app soon! xxx

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